Some habits, once developed, would stay for life.

The house looked plain and simple, and there were only the three of them in the house. However, Qiao Dongliang felt such days were particularly blessed and warm.

Everyone said that daughters were sweet and caring.

Qiao Dongliang, who did not have any sons, would often comfort himself that he had two sweet and caring daughters.

It was until this moment that Qiao Dongliang really understood what it meant to have two caring daughters. It was a brand new feeling. There were no quarrels, only harmony and peace.

When Nan Nan and Shi Qing were together, the atmosphere was very harmonious, but when Zijin was with her, it would be a different situation. Was the problem with Nan Nan or Zijin?

After asking himself this question, Qiao Dongliang looked at himself in the mirror. He could not say anything that was against his heart. The problem was with Zijin. Nan Nan was a well-behaved child.

"Dad, have your dinner. Don't be in a hurry. I will do my reading now. You can immerse the cutlery into the water basin after your meal. I will wash them tomorrow."

"Okay, you can go with Shi Qing to do your reading. You don't have to help around here." Qiao Dongliang was in a good mood. After his meal, Qiao Dongliang washed the dishes right away. He could not possibly leave them for Qiao Nan to wash tomorrow.

Listening to the two children who were reading and doing their work quietly in the room, Qiao Dongliang felt calm and relaxed. He spent some time watching the evening news before switching off the television. He stretched himself, feeling tired. "Nan Nan, don't stay up too late with Shi Qing. Both of you should go to bed early."

"Oh, okay. We will sleep at nine o'clock today."

"Okay, I will sleep now." Qiao Dongliang went to sleep after getting an answer from Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan made good on her words and went to bed at nine o'clock sharp.

Shi Qing and Qiao Nan shared the same room, and her daily routines were the same as the latter's. Those who did not know might have thought that Shi Qing was Qiao Dongliang's other daughter, and that she was Qiao Nan's sister.

During the weekend, Qiao Nan worked to make a dress for herself. When it was about ten o'clock, Qiao Nan made a phone call to the Zhai family. "Hello, Sister Zhai Hua?"

"Nan Nan, you must be calling to look for my blockheaded brother. But unfortunately, he is not at home today."

"Has he gone back to the army camp?" Brother Zhai did not mention it to her.

"No. Something regarding the previous mission cropped up. Zhai Sheng had to report to the higher-ups personally. He will be back tonight. But today is the weekend. You will need to go to school in the evening. It is such a coincidence." Zhai Hua snickered. "When he comes back, I will tell him that you're looking for him."

"No need." Qiao Nan waved her hand. She put down her hand after realizing that Zhai Hua could not see her at all. "Sister Zhai Hua, are you free now? Or can you come to my house? I have something to give you."

"Sure." Zhai Hua agreed right away. She drove the car and reached the Qiao family's residence in fifteen minutes' time. "Nan Nan, I have reached your home. What is it that you want to give me?"

Before Qiao Nan could answer, Shi Qing came out in the dress that she fell in love with yesterday and showed off in front of Zhai Hua. "Sister Zhai Hua, what do you think about my dress?"

Zhai Hua looked carefully at Shi Qing. "Although I don't really like to wear a dress, this dress looks fine. I would like to wear as well. Where did you buy it from?"

"It's indeed pretty, right? There's no way that you can buy it!" Shi Qing was excited that she finally had a chance to show it off to others. "This dress has been ironed. It looks very sophisticated, but in fact, it is very cheap. It's only about ten yuan. Do you believe it?"

"I don't believe you." How could the beautiful dress with such sophisticated style cost ten yuan? Even if she did not like to wear dresses, she could hang them at home and it would be pleasing to the eye. She wanted ten pieces of them!

"Haha, have a sniff." Shi Qing stood close to Zhai Hua, and Zhai Hua bent down to smell the dress. "There's a fragrant smell. But it's Florida Water, not perfume."

"There's only Florida Water at Qiao Nan's house. But look at this flower. It is so realistic. With the Florida Water, don't you think it looks like a real flower? Don't you find it difficult to tell the real from the fake?"

Zhai Hua stretched out her hand and touched Shi Qing's forehead. "You're not running a fever. Have you been agitated?" The flower was beautiful, but she could tell that it was not real. With her perfect eyesight, she could easily tell fake flowers from real flowers. Shi Qing must be kidding.

"Asking me whether it looks like a real flower is useless. Let's find a hornets' nest and have you stand under the nest. We shall see if the hornets will chase after you. If so, it can pass off as a genuine flower."

"Sister Zhai Hua, I can understand that you are envious and jealous. I won't take issue with you." Shi Qing snorted with a look of indifference.

When Shi Qing was in the army, she would always run into Zhai Hua and they would go for training together. They were on close terms with each other.

After Shi Qing started to like Zhai Sheng, she would learn about his updates through Zhai Hua. Hence, they were close and could chat easily like friends.

"The little girl must be asking for punches." Zhai Hua narrowed her eyes. Shi Qing knew her temper very well. Such a young girl like her was not likable.

"Don't be upset. There are some for you." After showing off her dress, Shi Qing stood aside. "Today, Qiao Nan said that she has something to give you, so she asked you to come here. What's the hurry? You will definitely have a share of the good stuff."

There was a flicker in Zhai Hua's eyes. She tried to probe to get an answer. "I suppose the dress isn't cheap? Is it that the Qiao family doesn't have that much money?" She would not assume the worst of others but she had to protect her family's interests as well.

"Gauging the heart of a gentleman with one's own mean measure." Shi Qing immediately understood what Zhai Hua meant. "Not only is Qiao Nan giving you clothes, but she has also made new clothes for your family of four. These clothes do not cost much, but they are not cheap either. The gift in itself may be insignificant, but the goodwill is deep. You know very well what happened half a month ago when your mom had a quarrel with Zhai Sheng and she came complaining to Qiao Nan. The unlucky person is Qiao Nan! Afterward, Auntie Miao asked Brother Zhai to bring Qiao Nan to buy new clothes. Back then, you deliberately declined helping your mom and gave the task to Brother Zhai. Qiao Nan didn't buy any clothes at all. Instead, she bought a lot of fabric back. She made the dress that I am wearing as well as the clothes that she intends to give to your family!"

Shi Qing was slightly annoyed and somewhat disappointed. "Sister Zhai Hua, don't bring the bad habits in your field to the Qiao family's residence. You are too contradictory. I thought you agreed to their relationship and wanted to help Qiao Nan and Brother Zhai. But looking at your attitude today, it doesn't seem like it. Qiao Nan is a good girl. Let me tell you. In the past, I felt that Qiao Nan must have done a lot of good deeds in her previous lives to be so blessed in this life that she is able to be with Brother Zhai. Now, I don't think so at all. Sister Zhai Hua, do you know who is the one who is blessed with good fortune?"



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