Zhai Hua was aware that the huge change to the army was largely related to Song Yin's matter.

Even Wei De would mention Song Yin in front of Zhai Hua. He was envious of Song Yin, who received third-class merit this time.

"Hua Hua, I'm serious." In the army, besides the chief who occasionally came to the army, the only one who could lead the team to achieve greater things was Regiment Commander Zhai. If he was in Regiment Commander Zhai's team, then, like Song Yin, he would be able to achieve military merits as soon as possible and be promoted to platoon leader, or even company commander.

If he continued with what he had been doing, he could not even achieve what Song Yin did in a few decades, let alone a few years.

Regardless of whether the Zhai family took issue with his identity, the statuses of the Zhai family members were not low. He could not possibly be the only individual that was ordinary in the family after he married Hua Hua, right?

Wei De was aware that, given his situation, his wish to be compatible with Zhai Hua and let the Zhai family feel proud of having a son-in-law like him was equivalent to zero.

Nevertheless, no matter what, he had to try hard at least once and not let the gap between the Zhai family and him become too wide. He would minimize the gap as much as he could.

As the statuses of all the Zhai family members were not low in the army, Wei De was also concerned that after he married Zhai Hua, everyone would laugh at the Zhai family for having such a good-for-nothing son-in-law, that Zhai Hua was married to someone that was beneath her in terms of status and other aspects.

As such, Wei De very much longed that he could be in Zhai Sheng's team so that Zhai Sheng could lead him personally. He could then 'progress' faster.

Zhai Hua lifted her head from Wei De's shoulder and looked at Wei De. "It's not that you're not aware of Zhai Sheng's temperament. Are you hoping that I will request Zhai Sheng to especially bring you along during such important missions?"

Wei De blushed. There was a flash of shame in his eyes. "Hua Hua, you know that I certainly don't mean that."

Although Wei De certainly had this intention initially, to follow Zhai Sheng around and then pick up a military achievement so that he could establish his status in the army as soon as possible, Zhai Hua had put it too bluntly. He was thus too embarrassed to admit his own thoughts.

In fact, he could not understand. He would be family with Zhai Sheng after he married Zhai Hua. He would be Zhai Sheng's brother-in-law.

Since everyone belonged to the same family, why couldn't they support and help each other?

If he was doing well, wouldn't that benefit Zhai Hua too?

It was a win-win situation for everyone. Why would Zhai Sheng refuse to do it?

"I'm a man. If I really have any thoughts, I hope I can rely on myself to achieve everything that I wish to have. I want to let the Zhai family know that I'm someone reliable, someone you can be entrusted to for the rest of your life. If Regiment Commander Zhai deliberately guides and helps me, how will the chief and your mom look at me?"

"Boo." Zhai Hua smiled. "Look at how serious you are. I was just kidding with you earlier. Of course, I know what kind of person you are and won't misunderstand you. Look at how nervous you are. It's not impossible for you to follow Zhai Sheng by his side during his mission. But having been in the army for so long, you should know that Zhai Sheng's expectations are a little high. If you are able to meet his requirements, or if your expertise fits the requirements of his mission, then Zhai Sheng will definitely bring you along. This matter can't be rushed. You have to take it slowly."

In fact, those initial two ways that Zhai Hua suggested jokingly were not impossible.

Firstly, Wei De had sufficient merits or expertise that Zhai Sheng would appreciate.

Secondly, Zhai Hua, this biological sister, would pull the strings and put up a request to Zhai Sheng.

"Alright, take it slowly…" Wei De was not speaking from his heart.

Take it slowly? How much time did he have to do that?

He was already twenty-eight years old while Zhai Hua was twenty-seven years old. Even if he had the patience to take his time, would the Zhai family not feel anxious and try to find a marriage partner for Zhai Hua?

Wei De was aware that, actually, he did not have much time left. He not only could not take his time but also had to quickly find a way to ensure that he had the confidence to stand in front of the Zhai family and admit that he was the man who would be marrying Zhai Hua.

If he had known that it would turn out this way for Song Yin, he should not have frequented Qiu Chenxi's classes when the high school student with the surname Qiao came to the army to teach English previously. He should have attended the high school student's classes instead.

The truth had proven that despite being a high school student, that young teacher with the surname Qiao had taught much better than Qiu Chenxi.

"Do you regret it?" Zhai Hua was amused.

"I do." Wei De sighed. "If I had known earlier that your relationship with the Qiu family had long turned sour, I wouldn't have needed to give Qiu Chenxi some face for the sake of the Zhai family. I've been attending all of Qiu Chenxi's classes instead of those of Teacher Xiao Qiao. Otherwise, the one who received third-class merit could have been me and not Song Yin."

At that time, how would he know that the Qiu Chenxi, a college graduate, would be so much worse off than a high school student?

He further did not expect that learning English in the army could earn him such an opportunity.

As such, how could Wei De not keep thinking about Song Yin's example? How could he not feel anything about Song Yin's change of fortune and grieve his poor luck?

"I've already told you long ago that the relationship between the Qiu family and the Zhai family hasn't been good, that you don't need to give Qiu Chenxi's face. But you refused to listen." Zhai Hua had no choice too.

Was his pride more important than his capability?

Most of the people in the army opted to attend Qiao Nan's classes. As such, it was apparent that Qiao Nan's classes were better.

Unfortunately, Wei De had to commit such a silly mistake at that time for the sake of the connections between the Zhai family and the Qiu family. He insisted on attending Qiu Chenxi's classes.

"Forget it. It's already in the past. The more I talk about this, the angrier I feel." Wei De stopped harping on about it. If he had known that he would receive third-class merit just by learning English from that high school student for a period of time, he would have attended the class standing even if he had no place to sit. He would definitely conscientiously listen to all the contents taught by that high school student.

"Don't flare up or lose your temper. Since it didn't work this time, try again next time." Zhai Hua was very positive. She was not anxious and even consoled Wei De.

She was aware that Wei De had been working very hard in order to be with her openly.

Working hard was one matter, but Wei De was not cut out for learning English. Even if Wei De had opted to attend all of Qiao Nan's classes, he might not have performed as well as Song Yin eventually.

It was true that Song Yin had been in luck. Nevertheless, if Song Yin had no passion for English, he would not have achieved third-class merit just by attending those slightly over ten classes of Qiao Nan.

Saying the fact out loud would seem to imply that Wei De was not as good as Song Yin.

Zhai Hua had never thought of it that way. Hence, she was not willing to say something which would cause a misunderstanding and make Wei De feel unhappy.

Wei De was very confident. "Yes, since I couldn't do it this time, I'll try again next time." Next time, he would definitely not miss the opportunity again. He would certainly be able to achieve military merits and progress in his career.



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