Wei De told himself that he would immediately ask the Zhai family for Zhai Hua's hand in marriage once he received some military achievements.

He was a grown-up man. There was no issue if he got married later but Zhai Hua was not young anymore. She was already not a young lady. If he did not find a way to marry her, Zhai Hua would soon be married off to someone else.

"Okay, next time." Zhai Hua, who was contented as long as she was in love, was truly not anxious or worried at all. She trusted her sense of judgment and further believed in Wei De's ability.

If Wei De did not wish for a higher status in the army before he could hold his head up openly when facing her parents, she did not even mind all those. She loved Wei De as an individual and Wei De loved her in the same way as well.

However, Zhai Hua could not deny that what Wei De said was true.

Given the status of the Zhai family, it would certainly not do if the status of Wei De, the son-in-law, was too low.

Otherwise, Zhai Hua and Wei De would not have taken Qiao Nan's case as an experiment to assess the situation that would be acceptable to Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing.

Compared to Qiao Nan, Wei De was older.

Qiao Nan was a high school student, an outstanding student, and definitely a potential college graduate.

As for Wei De, besides being an experienced junior soldier, he did not have any qualification or other qualities to show.

Even if the Zhai family accepted Qiao Nan, Wei De would need a lot of time and effort to engineer a similar outcome to that of Qiao Nan.

"It's late. You go back first?" Wei De took a deep breath. His eyes were filled with ambitions.

Although Hua Hua was not a flexible-minded individual, she was right about something.

If he wished to be in Regiment Commander Zhai's team, he had to improve himself such that he would have areas that Regiment Commander Zhai could appreciate. Otherwise, he would not even be the third Song Yin, let alone the second.

"Okay." Zhai Hua nodded in disappointment. She had wanted to stay longer with Wei De. She had to leave the army for a mission and Wei De had to attend training sessions in the camp.

Although the time Zhai Hua spent in the camp was much longer than that at home, she did not have a lot of time to be alone with Wei De.

"Hua Hua, for the sake of our future, I'll definitely work hard and end this situation as soon as possible." Wei De gave Zhai Hua's head a rub.

"I trust you."

When he heard Zhai Hua saying 'I trust you', Wei De was filled with motivation. "Then, I'm going back. Hua Hua, take care."

"Alright, bye." Zhai Hua did not send Wei De off. A while after Wei De left, she followed suit.

This had been the habit of the two of them. After all, they were in an awkward situation. Thus, to prevent others from knowing, their preventive measures were much better than that of Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan.

When Wei De returned to the army camp, he heard another group of people discussing how lucky Song Yin was this time. Wei De's expression changed again.

Wei De could not help asking himself that if Regiment Commander Zhai knew he was with Hua Hua, would he have more opportunities, at least more than Song Yin, - in the future?

Unfortunately, he was only asking himself. Wei De did not have the courage to let Zhai Sheng know about his relationship with Zhai Hua.

Lying on his bed and resting, Wei De stared at the ceiling in a daze.

After Hua Hua was with him, she was quite good to him and was willing to share with him many things. It was just that Hua Hua did not tell him who Regiment Commander Zhai's current girlfriend was. However, he understood that her plight was almost as poor as him.

At the thought of this, Wei De felt depressed too.

He truly could not understand what Regiment Commander Zhai was thinking. Comrade Qiu was so pretty and of a compatible age to Regiment Commander Zhai. Most importantly, the status of the Qiu family was high enough.

If he married such a woman, he would truly have to pray and thank his ancestors. Hence, what was Regiment Commander Zhai thinking when he gave up such a good woman for one that had nothing.

Wouldn't Regiment Commander Zhai want to climb higher in his career and brighten the reputation of the Zhai family further?

"Wei De, what are you doing? You're lying on the bed in broad daylight. Are you able to sleep?" When the people in the army saw Wei De's sloppy demeanor, they felt that he was acting strange recently. "Wei De, what's wrong with you recently? When you're training, you're so serious and conscientious as if you're willing to give your life. Once the training ends, you look so listless and lazy. Let's not talk about others. Song Yin has been in the army for a shorter time than you, but he's now an educated person. We have to work hard too. It will be our turn sooner or later."

"Sooner or later…" It was impossible to be sooner. As for later, how late would it be?

Wei De rubbed his hair. "Alright, you all chat. I'm tired and will nap for a while."


At the sight of Wei De, the rest of his comrades smiled.

Everyone knew in their heart that Wei De's cultural standards were not high and he was also not as motivated as Song Yin toward learning.

Although Wei De had more experience than Song Yin, the lucky encounter that Song Yin met would probably be wasted on Wei De if the latter had encountered it.

Truly, this was a situation and fortune that not everyone could yearn for.

What was the use of feeling unjustified and unhappy? If they wanted to gain military achievements, they had to rely on true capability and skills!

Everyone understood in their heart, but they would not say such words that would pierce Wei De's heart.

Seeing that Song Yin, who joined later than him, was now ranked higher than him, Wei De already felt bad enough despite his comrades not saying anything.

At this juncture, Wei De's mood was awful. If he did not have a girlfriend like Zhai Hua consoling him at this moment, he would have started to suspect life and whether he was suited to remain in the army.

At this moment, Wei De was not the only one who doubted his life. There was another person: Shi Qing.

Finally, one weekend passed by quietly. Shi Qing had thought that there would not be any more issues, that Qi Minlan finally understood that she should find ways to communicate with Qiu Qin instead of wasting her time on people like her who had nothing to do with the matter.

Whether they were to remain together or go their separate ways, they had to settle the arrangement.

Who would have known that Qi Minlan was someone who had grown in age but hardly matured? When a problem arose, she would come after others instead of finding ways to resolve it herself.

"Alright, if you're angry, don't take it out on your pen. If you continue to do so, everyone in the library will stare at us. It's fine that your pen is destroyed. Do you still want this book?" Qiao Nan dug her ears as she heard the sharp scribbling sound beside them. "The school had already stopped her from entering the school. Moreover, haven't you also escaped to the library? What's there to worry?"

"I just can't accept that someone will be so stupid to this extent."



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