Was she the one who committed adultery? Was it her father? Her auntie did not look for her uncle-in-law and had to keep going after her father and her. What did she mean by that?

Qiao Nan was flipping her book and reading it. "It's not as if this is the first day you know her temperament. You should have been used to it. Now, what I'm worried about is…"

Although Shi Qing had previously managed to dismiss Qi Minlan when the latter inquired about Brother Zhai and Qiao Nan's relationship, at this juncture, Qi Minlan seemed to have been cornered to desperation. She would have no rationality to speak of and would hold on to anyone that she could.

"There won't be any problem," Shi Qing said confidently. "When I helped you shake her off previously, I've tested her. Even though she saw with her own eyes that you were shopping with Brother Zhai, she was not entirely sure that the woman with Brother Zhai was you. You don't know where they gathered such a theory from. They think you're definitely not involved in a romantic relationship because your grades are still good." Hence, when her auntie tried to find out about the relationship between Brother Zhai and Qiao Nan, the first question she asked was whether there had been any changes to Qiao Nan's grades recently.

After knowing that Qiao Nan was still the top scorer in the cohort and the top in the humanities course, her auntie had already dispelled her initial suspicion on Qiao Nan before she could tell her about what happened to the Zhai family.

Qiao Nan stopped writing for a while. "Could it be that when Qiu Chenxi was with Brother Zhai in the past, her grades dropped because of Brother Zhai?"

As a student, once in love, nine out of ten of them would suffer a drop in their grades.

Qi Minlan had been using Qiu Chenxi as a benchmark. That could only mean that they had gone through that situation before. "Moreover, perhaps your auntie had also encountered the same situation while she was still studying."

"I'm not too sure about this. Have to ask my dad." Since she disliked Qi Minlan, this auntie of hers, why should she be willing to understand Qi Minlan so thoroughly? "I'm not pleased that she's coming after me now. Why did she?"

"She's couldn't find your dad, so she came after you." This was called a daughter paying for her father's debts.

"There's no use looking for me!"

"Looking for your dad is no use either." Qiao Nan was amused. "This matter was not caused by your dad. At most, your dad and you discovered it."

"Don't tell me she's going to continue pestering me if she can't find my dad? Does she not want to resolve the issue regarding my uncle-in-law anymore? I heard that my uncle-in-law has not broken up with that woman. Most importantly, the attitude of the elderly couple in the Qiu family is very strange."

Although their son had a mistress behind their daughter-in-law's back, the elderly couple of the Qiu family was not angry with their son. At most, they only chided him slightly and did not punish him at all. Shi Qing thus could not understand their thoughts.

"They're acting smart and also want to test what Qi Minlan's status in the Shi family is now." The Qiu family and the Shi family became in-laws on the pretext of self-interests. They could be considered united by marriage.

Shi Peng had resigned from the army. The power of the Shi family had been greatly reduced to almost nothing.

Without Shi Peng, the Shi family was only left with an empty shell.

In the face of such an in-law family, of course, the Qiu family had to consider carefully whether they would continue to acknowledge the Shi family in the future. Additionally, if they disallowed Qi Minlan to leave, what was the appropriate distance they should maintain with the Shi family?

The state of Qi Minlan's status in the Qiu family would now depend on the value that she could bring to the Qiu family and whether the Shi family was willing to bother about Qi Minlan, this daughter.

The attitude of the Shi family would be the determining factor for all these.

"Since that's the case, she still dared to create troubles for me and my dad?" Shi Qing was glaring. "Is she brainless?"

Her auntie did not have any status in the Qiu family now. She had to rely on the Shi family.

As long as the Shi family was doing well, her auntie would then be well.

"Some people are born to be muddleheaded. You can't do anything about it." Qiao Nan was amused. Obviously, Qi Minlan belonged to the category of people who were as such.

If she was clear-minded, not to mention that she would already have been married to Chief Zhai long ago, at the very least, it was impossible that she would kick up such a fuss and force Shi Peng to submit his resignation earlier.

"Just like your mother and sister?" Thinking about the information she gathered about Qiao Nan, Shi Qing said something that was akin to piercing Qiao Nan's lungs.

"Yes." Qiao Nan gave Shi Qing a glance. "Why? Are you hoping to find peace from my end?"

Shi Qing laughed at herself. "I'm being quite annoying, right? I have never thought that there'd come a day I would be this annoying. But whenever I see my auntie, I really feel troubled. Then, when I think of my grandpa, I nearly feel that there's no meaning in life."

First, he relied on his comrade. Then, his son. Now, he had to rely on his married daughter and his granddaughter.

As a man, her grandfather was only thinking about depending, depending, depending, and depending on others. Could he not rely on himself for once?

Qiao Nan held her head with one hand. "It's good that you know that you're being annoying. The most annoying people are those that don't have any self-awareness."

"Thanks." Shi Qing never expected that she would say countless 'thank you' to Qiao Nan during the past few months.

She had lost her temper just now. There was, in fact, no need for Qiao Nan to tolerate it. She was the one who was too willful and had overreacted.

At the thought that Shi Peng was staying in the hospital within the army compound and Shi Qing was the only one that Qi Minlan could get a hold of, Qiao Nan frowned. "I say, will Qi Minlan go and seek trouble with my dad?" Shi Qing was hiding in the school and Qi Minlan could not meet Shi Peng. As such, Qi Minlan could only vent all her anger on the Qiao family since they were the ones who allowed Shi Qing to stay in their house.

"I, uh, don't think so?" Shi Qing jumped in shock. "Your family and mine are not related in any way. The ones who discovered her husband's adultery were my dad and me. It doesn't have anything to do with you all. Why will she look for your dad?"

"Firstly, you're staying at my house. Secondly, they can't find you. Therefore, they will definitely look for someone they can find." Moreover, her father was someone Qi Minlan could easily find.

"Crap, that's really possible!" Shi Qing was so agitated that she forgot that she was in the library. She slammed one of her palms on the table with a loud bang. "This won't do. I'll call my dad now and ask him to keep a tighter watch."

Qiao Nan tugged the corners of her lips. She was only afraid that it would be too late now.

It was true that only bad things came true. Qi Minlan had the door slammed in her face a few times. This was something that had never happened before.

Her husband, who had been as obedient as a dog all this while, had not only reared a mistress but also got another house outside. The reason he did not come home often was to keep that mistress company. At the thought that that woman was not comparable to her in any way, yet Qiu Qin treated that mistress better than her, Qi Minlan's lungs were filled with fury and pain.

When she saw the face of that woman, she simply asked Qiu Qin, "Are you blind? She's prettier than me? In what ways is she better than me? You don't stay at home and go out to embarrass me?"

The most terrible thing was that this matter was discovered by her maternal family.

It was fine that her family discovered it. However, they intended to dump the problem on her and then wash their hands off this matter.



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