All the troubles of her husband's family and her family occurred at the same time. Unfortunately, the matter between Zhai Sheng and her daughter had no progress at all. These matters combined made Qi Minlan have a feeling that she would simply lose her mind one of these days when she woke up.

Qi Minlan was stomaching her anger. She was unhappy that she could not find anyone to vent her frustration on. She could not find Shi Peng and Shi Qing was hiding in the school. How would Qiao Dongliang not become Qi Minlan's target?

If there was someone to blame, Qiao Dongliang could only blame himself. Shi Qing had relatives in Ping Cheng and yet he still took Shi Qing in. Who else could she look for if she did not look for him?

When Qiao Dongliang saw Qi Minlan knocking at his door and asking for her niece, he was simply confused. "Who is your niece?"

"Whoever is staying at your house is my niece." Qi Minlan snorted coldly. Her eyes were full of disdain when she looked at Qiao Dongliang.

Qiao Dongliang was not frightened by Qi Minlan. Instead, he was amused by her words. "There's not only one person staying at my house. Are all of them your nieces?" Was she acknowledging relatives haphazardly?

"My niece is called Shi Qing!" Qi Minlan's chest was heaving up and down heavily. "I can't be bothered to waste my breath with you. Quickly hand over my niece. Otherwise, I'll call the police and sue you for illegal imprisonment!"

At the mention of a lawsuit, there would be some who would stand by his side and others who would distance themselves away from him.

Toward this, Qiao Dongliang had observed and remembered these in his heart. "So you're Shi Qing's auntie. Before you call the police, do you want to contact your brother first? Shi Qing's guardianship rights are with her father. She's staying at my house because her father called us personally about it. He put Shi Qing at my house, yet you, the auntie, want to sue me for illegal imprisonment. When the time comes, you have to consider carefully what to tell the police comrades."

Qiao Dongliang was not frightened at all by her threat of calling the police.

What should he be afraid of?

Shi Qing's biological father allowed her to stay with him. Did he need to be afraid when he met the police officer?

"What evidence do you have to prove that my brother put Shi Qing in your care? You're not even thinking of how old you are and how there's no woman at home. Would my brother be willing to allow her grown-up daughter to stay at your house? What a joke!" Qi Minlan said this with implied negative meaning, as if Qiao Dongliang had some disgusting ulterior motives for taking in Shi Qing, that the relationship between the two was abnormal.

"The way this woman speaks is too much. Old Qiao has a daughter at home. Do you think we're not aware of this? Your niece and Nan Nan are classmates. The two ladies eat, stay, and learn together. You think we don't know anything and deliberately came here to lie to us? You're the biological auntie of that young lady. She's staying at a classmate's house instead of yours. Who's the bad guy and who's the good guy? You're just talking nonsense with that mouth of yours. Wow, this has really widened my horizons."

Old Yang immediately stood out to support Qiao Dongliang.

"It looks like I, and not you, should be the one calling the police. Do you know what you're doing now? You're defaming me!" Qiao Dongliang was truly angered. If Qi Minlan was truly concerned about Shi Qing, Qiao Dongliang's temper could be better. However, it was not so.

Initially, Qiao Dongliang found it strange that, although Shi Qing could stay at her biological auntie's house, she came to stay at his house. It was not logical.

However, after he saw Qi Minlan today, Qiao Dongliang expressed that this was the most logical thing to do. If Shi Qing could continue to stay at her biological auntie's house, that would be illogical.

She said such words to smear the reputation of her own biological niece. What kind of person was this?

No, this was not something a human being would do.

"If you're capable, you can call then!" Qi Minlan was not afraid. Furthermore, given the connections of the Qiu family in Ping Cheng, who would dare to touch her? She was the daughter-in-law of the Qiu family!

"I can't be bothered to waste my breath with you." Qiao Dongliang cast Qi Minlan a cold look. "If you think there's a problem, you can call the police directly. I don't believe that there's such nonsense in this world, that you can wrong someone without any basis. Shi Qing is doing well and studying at Ping Cheng High School now. You ran here and behaved atrociously. It looks like you, as an auntie, really did not fulfill your duty. Your biological niece refused to see you, so you're targeting me, right?"

Qiao Dongliang was not stupid. Judging from Qi Minlan's temper and the fact that Shi Qing had been staying at his house, Qiao Dongliang could, of course, guess that Qi Minlan certainly had not been a good auntie. Shi Qing would rather stay at her classmate's house than that of her auntie. Shi Qing was forced to do that due to Qi Minlan.

Since Shi Qing refused to stay with such a person, she would certainly refuse to meet the latter as well.

As such, although Qi Minlan was not afraid of calling the police, there was no need for Qiao Dongliang to be afraid.

"Yes, didn't you say that you will call the police? You can try it first. I've not seen an auntie like you. No wonder she'd rather stay at her classmate's house than that of her relatives. You don't know how to reflect on yourself and still want to look for trouble. My horizons have really widened." Old Yang could tell that Qi Minlan was from a wealthy family. Nevertheless, although she was wealthy, she should not be unreasonable and malign others. "Old Qiao, don't bother about her. We're off work. Come to my house and have a drink."

Old Qiao was aware that there was no one to keep Qiao Dongliang company when Qiao Nan was in school. Hence, he often pulled Qiao Dongliang along to his house to have a few drinks.

Qiao Dongliang had good manners in drinking. Besides marrying a wife that was not that good, he did not have any other shortcomings.

Even if he frequented Old Yang's house for meals, he would often bring along dishes and alcohol. He was not covetous of small gains and would not always let Old Yang pay for all the dishes and drinks.

As such, the other family members of the Yang family were very receptive to Old Yang's friendship with Qiao Dongliang.

"Let's see who can leave if I don't agree!" Qi Minlan pulled a long face. It was really a bumpkin who sprang out of nowhere, yet he dared to act viciously in front of her.

As long as she extended a little finger of hers, she could easily make these people die like she was killing ants.

At the sound of Qi Minlan's order, a few strong-built and muscular men surrounded the entrance of the factory.

Today, Qi Minlan was determined to lay her hands on Qiao Dongliang and force Shi Qing to come out. Although she could not control Shi Peng, she did not believe that she could not catch Shi Qing, this little niece of hers!

The people in the factory saw that there was an emergency situation. "Hurry! Hurry and call the security officers in the factory."

"Call 110, call the police!" Qiao Dongliang's face turned black and red intermittently. What was illegal imprisonment? This was illegal imprisonment!

"No need to call the police. What's the matter? Speak." Upon receiving Shi Qing's phone call, Shi Peng, who rushed out from the army, looked pale as he brought a few soldiers and alighted from a green army vehicle. When he saw the unreasonable Qi Minlan, he felt embarrassed.

"Have you seen that? The People's Liberation Army is here. We'll see how unreasonable you can get. Each of you acts like you're from a secret society!" The people in the factory immediately let down their worries. The People's Liberation Army, the envoy of justice. They could drive away these baddies who bullied ordinary citizens.

"Yo, brother, you're finally willing to come out and meet me?" Qi Minlan said with a fake smile. She was looking at Shi Peng with her arms crossed.



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