When Qi Minlan said this, the people in the factory panicked. On the other hand, the few men brought over by Qi Minlan felt more at ease.

"Didn't you want to meet me? I'm already here. Should these few men of yours leave then? Disturbing the law and order of the society, how many days do you want these people to squat in prison? It's not difficult." Shi Peng knew Qi Minlan's temper too well.

Once Qi Minlan laid her hands on Qiao Dongliang, she would never give up if she did not force Shi Qing or him to appear.

When Miao Jing was about to get married to Zhai Yaohui, if not for the fact that Qi Minlan did not have the capability then, she would have definitely brought a group of people to stop the marriage. Even if it was something that she did not want, there was no reason to let someone else pick it up. Furthermore, Zhai Yaohui was the one who deserted her in the first place and married Miao Jing.

Now, Qi Minlan was already the daughter-in-law of the Qiu family. She had power and wealth. Hence, it was not difficult to hire a few people.

Having expected this, Shi Peng had no choice but to bring a few soldiers over. After all, it was also considered as maintaining safety and order.

Hearing Shi Peng's threat, the group hired by Qi Minlan faced one another: Why was there an internal conflict now?

Seeing that the physiques of the few soldiers in camouflage uniform were stronger than theirs, without the need for Shi Peng to repeat his words, they immediately moved aside and allowed the workers who were off work to go home quickly.

Qi Minlan snorted but did not hold them back, silently accepting their actions.

"Good day. You're Qiao Nan's father, right? I'm Shi Qing's father." His daughter had been inconveniencing other people for so long, but this was the first time Shi Peng met Qiao Dongliang in person.

Qiao Dongliang appeared quite emotional. "Officer Shi, good day. Previously, Nan Nan stayed in the army for a period of time. Fortunately, you all took good care of her."

"Good day, we've caused you inconvenience." It was not only his daughter who had disturbed others but also his younger sister.

Qiao Dongliang smiled but he did not deny it. Be it Qi Minlan or Shi Qing, they were certainly troubles to him.

"Old Qiao, you know him? Will there be any problem?" Old Yang refused to leave. The atmosphere there was very atrocious. At one point, they were at odds with each other. At another point, they were family. Old Yang was worried.

"No issue. This officer is the father of that classmate of Nan Nan. He's the one who put Shi Qing at my house for me to take care of. There won't be a problem." Qiao Dongliang trusted Shi Peng.

Anyway, as per what Qi Minlan had said, if he were to put himself in others' shoes, having such a grown-up daughter, he might not really feel at ease enough to put her under a stranger's care.

However, Officer Shi was not worried. There was a difference in the magnanimity of the hearts of people. An officer was indeed an officer.

"I see." Old Yang felt more assured as he nodded. "Then, I'll leave first?"


"Our age is almost the same. I'll call you Qiao Dongliang then."

"Officer Shi, you're too polite." In the army, he could at most be addressed with a serial number.

"I shouldn't hold you back. You can go home first. After I've settled these matters, I'll visit you at your house." When Shi Peng faced Qiao Dongliang, he was very polite. At the very least, his attitude was much more polite than when he faced Qi Minlan.

"Alright, then I'll go back first." Qiao Dongliang did not decline. After all, this was a matter of another family. It was not convenient for an outsider like him to be present.

Furthermore, Officer Shi brought with him so many people. There certainly would be no issue.

Typically, an individual from the army could fight and handle ten people!

"Alright, bye." After sending Qiao Dongliang off with his eyes, Shi Peng then looked at Qi Minlan coldly. "Let's change a place to talk."

"Fine." She was not willing to stand there like she was being punished and let others view them as a laughingstock.

The siblings found a place to sit down and talk. While drinking his water, Shi Peng just stared at Qi Minlan.

Qi Minlan laughed coldly. "Brother, isn't Longjing tea your favorite in the past? You don't need to be polite today. I'll pay for the bill. I can't treat you to more expensive things. But if it's just a cup of Longjing tea, you can have as much as you wish." Was the plight of the Shi family was so poor that her brother had to drink plain water while he was out?

Perhaps, toward her family, she certainly should not harbor any hopes. It would be a waste of her feelings.

"No need," Shi Peng said at ease as he drank his water. "When I was in the army earlier, Qiao Nan suggested that, given my health, it's better for me to drink water. The doctor also said the same thing. Thereafter, I don't drink tea anymore."

Not drinking did not mean he could not afford to drink. It was because he could not drink.

Only someone like Qi Minlan, who judged people by their wealth and status, would distort and perceive a simple changed habit of Shi Peng to something as such.

Qi Minlan smiled grimly. "Father and daughter pair knows Qiao Nan quite well now. All of you protect her so well. You seem to have forgotten who your real family members are. You're favoring an outsider instead of someone from your own side. That's not the way it should be."

"Yes, the whole family favors an outsider instead of someone from our own side. That's not the way? At the end of the day, it means we're no longer a family." Shi Peng hinted as he replied to Qi Minlan. There were two meanings in his words.

There were certainly issues but they were not with the Shi family. The problem was with Qi Minlan. "I'm already here. Tell me directly what you want to say. Since we're no longer a family, we'll meet less in the future. Of course, I'm washing my hands off your matters."

It was not bothering less, but not bothering at all anymore. Shi Peng was really not willing to intervene anymore.

If not for the fact that he wanted the old master in his family to be prepared, he would not have given the information to the old master.

Hence, not once had he thought of standing on Qi Minlan's side to help her discipline Qiu Qin.

When Shi Peng appeared openly and asked Qi Minlan clearly what she wished to do, Qi Minlan was dumbfounded instead. She did not say anything even after thinking for a long time.

What did she want to do?

What could she do!

"How did you know that Qiu Qin has an issue outside? Did you see him before but hid the truth from me because you just wanted to watch me turn into a joke?!" That woman's looks and qualification were not better than hers. Moreover, her birth status was not comparable to that of hers.

To have lost to such a woman who was beneath her in many aspects, Qi Minlan could not take it lying down. "Qiu Qin said he wishes to divorce me."

"He doesn't want his political career anymore? Once this matter spreads, if he's targeted, he will only be demoted if he's lucky. If he's unlucky and meets an opponent, it may result in disciplinary measures, including detainment and interrogation." Shi Peng was quite surprised. He only needed to confirm that Qiu Qin had done something wrong and let Qi Minlan down.

Since Qiu Qin's heart was not with Qi Minlan anymore, naturally, it was not possible that Qiu Qin would continue to sing the same tune with the Shi family.

Regarding the intricacy of the relationship between Qiu Qin and that woman, Shi Peng was not interested to know. Thus, he did not send anyone to investigate it.

However, he did not expect that a man like Qiu Qin would give up everything he had worked hard for previously for the sake of a woman. This was simply a joke to him!

"No, he doesn't. He doesn't want anything now. He only wants that vixen!" Qi Minlan could not remain stubborn anymore. Her tears poured like a heavy downpour.



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