Clearly, Qi Minlan was the victim that had been betrayed and hurt. However, Shi Peng could not associate the word 'sympathy' with Qi Minlan at all.

Qi Minlan was completely taken aback. Upon hearing Shi Peng's words, she then recalled that she seemed to have mentioned these to Shi Qing before.

Shi Qing suspected that Qiu Qin had a mistress with just those few words of hers. Was Shi Qing too sensitive or was she, the wife, just too slow to react? "You didn't lie to me? Qing Qing is just a child. How would she know so much?"

Shi Peng took a sip of water. "Yes, Qing Qing is just a child. She doesn't know a lot but even she suspected that there's a problem with Qiu Qin. As his wife, you knew anything. Qi Minlan, tell me where the problem lies. Since you know that Qing Qing is just a child, please don't disturb her again in the future. After she came to Ping Cheng, she had not received much help from you, her auntie. At the very least, as an elder, you should not look make trouble for Qing Qing. Now, you want to trouble me, and honestly, you've basically troubled me a lot."

Qi Minlan held the cup of coffee in her hands tightly. "Brother, you're really not going to bother about me?"

"What do you think?" Shi Peng sneered. Until this moment, Qi Minlan had yet to realize how serious he was this time?

"Brother, you only have one biological sister, and I've been bullied by others. Will you really let Qiu Qin tread on me and watch how pitiful I become?" Qi Minlan refused to believe this. Since a young age, her brother had been very good to her. Regardless of how willful and bad-tempered she was, her brother had never taken any issue with her.

Her brother had been so good to her. How could he not bother about her anymore? He did not bother about her in the previous incident and then now. He must be deliberately frightening her to make her restrain her behavior a little.

"Qi Minlan, you still don't understand my words? Now, it's not whether I wish to bother about your problems. It's because I don't have the capability to do so. I've already submitted my resignation letter. The superiors have approved my resignation in principle. Hence, I'll be leaving the army very soon. Even if I don't return to Mo Du and continue to stay in Ping Cheng, you should know that I'll be holding a retirement job at most. You've been married to the Qiu family for so many years, so you should be more aware of the temperament of the Qiu family than me. If I'm doing worse than Qiu Qin, do you think the Qiu family will give me face even if I wish to intervene in this?"

"Since you knew that it would turn out in this way, why did you have to quit! Don't tell me you wish to see me dead?!" Qi Minlan knew she was used to behaving like a tyrant in the Qiu family these last few years. In the past, the Qiu family had to give her face and show her respect. If she lost her backing, the situation would be reversed such that she would have to yield to the Qiu family.

Clearly, she had been leading such a good life. Why did her brother have to resign?

"If you want to die, can I stop you? It's your happiness. Should I be the one to promise you that? Qi Minlan, do you take it that I owe it to you?" Shi Peng gave a ridiculous laugh. So, the purpose of his existence was to provide for Qi Minlan's happiness?

"I don't know when you will change that temperament of yours. You have to see what to do yourself. After all, you're the one leading your own life. If you wish to look for someone to back you up, I can't. I can't do so in terms of both literary and military aspects. I can't help you in any way. You can look for Dad directly regarding all your future matters."

Shi Peng was also disappointed and tired of this. He had forsaken so much for his family, yet his biological father had never spared a thought for him and his sister had been taking him for granted. If he did not treat her well, she would take it that as a crime.

He had a family, wife, and daughter. The family members he really had to give more to were his wife and daughter, not his father or sister.

"I've said my piece. I'll treat you to tea this time." However, this would be the last time.

"Brother, you're not giving me any help and you told me so much nonsense. You're not afraid that I'll make trouble for the Qiao family again?"

Shi Peng stood up and paused in his steps. A complacent smile appeared on Qi Minlan's face. She was determined to manipulate her brother. In this lifetime, her brother could forget about ditching her. He had to protect her till her death.

Shi Peng turned and looked at Qi Minlan firmly. Qi Minlan lifted her chin and had the intention to go against Shi Peng.

After some time, Shi Peng laughed. His laugh was relaxed but cold. "Qing Qing likes to be with Qiao Nan. They have company when they study. After meeting Qiao Nan, Qing Qing then realized that she's not as outstanding as she thought herself to be. It had not been easy for Qing Qing to make such a good friend. For Qing Qing's sake, I'll buy a property near the house of the Qiao family. What do you think?"

Qi Minlan toppled the cup of coffee with a bang. "Are you serious or are you lying to me?"

"No hurry. You will know when the time comes. I'll be leaving the army and taking a retirement job. There's no reason for me to hoard the resources of the army. It's rare that I have spare time. Since she was a child, Qing Qing has never really been with me much. It's not good to let Qing Qing continue to stay at other people's house either. I think this idea is quite good."

"Fine, I want to see if you're really going to buy a property near the house of the Qiao family!" He wanted to frighten her. It was not as if she would be afraid of it!

After settling the bill, Shi Peng returned to the camp immediately.

Initially, when Shi Peng received a notification that his resignation had been approved, he felt empty at heart and did not know what to do next.

The army had certainly approved Shi Peng's resignation. However, in the case of someone like Shi Peng, who had great contributions to the army and country, the country would definitely not make him suffer. At the same time, they had arranged for a civil servant job for him at Ping Cheng.

Of course, prior to the final decision, the superiors had sought Shi Peng's inputs on whether he wished to return to Mo Du or continue to stay at Ping Cheng.

Shi Peng thought about it. He would rather return to the capital than Mo Du. However, after going to the capital, it was not easy to explain to the people at the Mo Du side. In the end, he simply decided to continue staying at Ping Cheng. That would be the best option.

Today, with Qi Minlan kicking up such a fuss, Shi Peng had decided on buying another property and also its location.

Shi Peng had good judgment. He knew there was potential capital appreciation in Ping Cheng's properties. He would not be shortchanged if he bought a few more properties now while the price was cheap. In the future, he could leave it to Shi Qing as dowry.

Shi Peng did not touch the property that he bought for Shi Qing previously. Instead, he spent another sum of money and bought a small courtyard house near the house of the Qiao family and moved there.

When Qiao Dongliang saw Shi Peng becoming his neighbor, he was very shocked. "Officer Shi, you, why are you staying here now?"

"My health is not too good, so I might as well retire from the army. Qing Qing had been inconveniencing you. I'm really sorry."

"No, don't say that." When he heard that Shi Peng was really going to stay there, Qiao Dongliang turned away and returned to his house. At the sight of this, Shi Peng was puzzled.

After a while, Qiao Dongliang came out, holding a huge sum of money. "Officer Shi, Shi Qing was staying at my house previously and you asked someone to send so much money here. Now that you're just staying at the house beside me, Shi Qing will definitely stay with you. Take the money back. These are the receipts of the expenses incurred for buying Shi Qing's bed, etc. Keep them as well."



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