"Don't be anxious. I'll think of a way to resolve this matter." Qi Minlan patted her daughter's head. The Qiu family had all they had today entirely because of her.

As such, everything in the Qiu family could only belong to her daughter, Qiu Chenxi. She certainly would not let other illegitimate bastards benefit from it.

"Mom, do you really have a way? Judging by the situation of grandpa and grandma, they seem to be very hard-hearted." Qiu Chenxi frowned, terribly vexed. There were so many problems at home and she had not even found out who the vixen that Zhai Sheng was hiding was. Why couldn't there be one matter that went smoothly!

"Is there a way?" Qi Minlan was amused. "There must be. The Qiu family rose because of me. I can make the Qiu family and Qiu Qin rise, and I can also make them crumble. If the Qiu family forces me to this extent, then there's nothing that I can't do!"

She would rather ruin those things that belonged to her than to let others benefit from them.

"Mom, the reason grandpa and grandma's attitude toward us is so problematic is the marriage between Brother Zhai and me. Do you have any solutions to this?"

If she could marry Brother Zhai, not to mention that his father's mistress had not even given birth to the grandchild of the Qiu family yet, even if the child was born, as long as she did not agree, she was very certain that her grandparents would not dare to bring the child into the family. They would not even dare to admit the identity of this child.

Qiu Chenxi was well aware that the reason her grandparents doted on her so much when she was young, despite her being a granddaughter, was her relationship with the Zhai family.

If she and Brother Zhai was engaged and had already fixed a marriage date, even her father would not dare to find a woman behind her mother's back, let alone her grandparents.

"It's good that you're aware of the crux of the problem. Chenxi, you've known Zhai Sheng for so many years. Does he really have no feelings for you at all?" When Qi Minlan asked about this, she could not endure her anger anymore.

Her daughter grew up with Zhai Sheng. When she was a child, she followed Zhai Sheng around, addressing him as Brother Zhai. Logically-speaking, the two of them were certainly considered young playmates and childhood sweethearts.

However, if Zhai Sheng had any feelings toward Qiu Chenxi, he would not have done what he did.

Even if Zhai Sheng did not have any feelings for Qiu Chenxi—Qi Minlan refused to admit that her daughter was such a failure—Qiu Chenxi must have had many opportunities. There were so many years of relationship, yet she could not even catch hold of a man's heart.

"Brother Zhai only has that vixen in his heart now. If we can find out who that vixen is, Brother Zhai won't be so bad toward me. Mom, tell me, what kind of person is she? It's like Brother Zhai has been drugged and bewitched. In the past, Brother Zhai was cold and nonchalant toward everyone. He only bothered about me once in a while. Why did he break up with me for the sake of a woman now?"

During this period of time, Qiu Chenxi had been thinking thoroughly over this matter. She had pondered many times, from the beginning until the current situation.

The time Zhai Sheng spent in the army was extraordinarily long. She had investigated the situation in the army. None of the women in the army, be it young or old, were close to Zhai Sheng.

As such, this vixen was definitely not from the army.

However, the time Zhai Sheng spent in Ping Cheng after leaving the army was so short. Almost every time that he was back, she would look for him.

If Zhai Sheng had looked for that vixen during those times, there was no reason that she had failed to notice it.

Brother Zhai was a soldier but that vixen was not. That being said, that vixen really could hide well.

"Mom, I've thought about it. I feel there's something strange. It's been such a long time, but besides Qiao Nan, no other women have appeared around Brother Zhai." However, Qiao Nan's grades had always been so good. She did not seem like she was in love at all.

"Do you suspect Qiao Nan?" When she recalled what she had seen before, Qi Minlan's heart wavered.

Qiu Chenxi sneered, her eyes full of disdain. "Mom, don't make me laugh. Even if I suspect someone, I can't suspect her. Yes, over these two years, Qiao Nan is the only one who appeared around Brother Zhai. The problem is that Qiao Nan and Brother Zhai grew up in the same quad. If she had the intention and Brother Zhai felt the same way, then she, and not me, would be Brother Zhai's childhood sweetheart. It's not possible that Qiao Nan would only appear in Brother Zhai's life in these two years. It doesn't make sense."

Qi Minlan knitted her brows, deep in thoughts. "Chenxi, don't underestimate this Qiao Nan. Both of us know that Qing Qing likes Zhai Sheng. Logically, since you have told Qing Qing that Qiao Nan is the girlfriend Zhai Sheng has outside, Qing Qing will definitely be at odds with Qiao Nan. However, if you look at the situation carefully, Qing Qing treats Qiao Nan better than she does you now. Qiao Nan is capable of winning over other people's hearts. Besides Qing Qing, I remember that the grandson of the Zhu family is also on good terms with her. Most importantly, I've not told you one thing yet. One month ago, I saw Zhai Sheng bringing Qiao Nan to the shopping mall to shop for clothes. Furthermore, Zhai Sheng helped Qiao Nan carry shopping bags."

Qiu Chenxi's expression changed. "Is it true? Brother Zhai has never accompanied me shopping, and neither has he helped me carry any bags. Could there be a reason behind this? Could it possibly be related to Miao Jing? Doesn't Miao Jing quite like Qiao Nan?"

"You're so certain that that woman of Zhai Sheng is definitely not Qiao Nan?" Qi Minlan was not assured. Any woman that was close to Zhai Sheng should be suspected. Furthermore, although Qiao Nan was young, she had her means and should not be underestimated.

Shi Peng even bought a house near the house of the Qiao family. After all, he did that for the sake of Shi Qing. Nevertheless, it was because Shi Qing wanted to be close to Qiao Nan.

"Of course I'm certain. Qiao Nan is young and her grades are good. Moreover, have you ever seen her pestering Brother Zhai?" She was better than Qiao Nan in every way and Qiao Nan was also within her sight. What tricks could she play? "As for the occasion that you mentioned, I'll find out more at the Zhai family. I'm sure it's not that Brother Zhai wanted to accompany Qiao Nan shopping. The greatest possibility is that this is related to Miao Jing."

When she heard her daughter being so spot-on, Qi Minlan's head ached and she said, "It may be so. Miao Jing had an argument with the other Zhai family members. Qiao Nan was the one who made them reconcile. This Qiao Nan is too detestable!"

Why was it that each time Miao Jing was muddleheaded and did something so foolish, Qiao Nan had to poke her nose into it?

She had been in a relationship with Zhai Yaohui for so long. If not for Miao Jing, she would have become the wife of the chief.

If Miao Jing continued to quarrel with Zhai Yaohui, both of them would divorce sooner or later.

If Zhai Yaohui regained singlehood, so what if Qiu Qin had a mistress outside? She could also divorce Qiu Qin and then be married to Zhai Yaohui and became the wife of a chief.

Qiu Qin had always been her second choice. The one she truly loved and wished to be married to was only Zhai Yaohui.

If that really happened, she could entirely make use of her status as a stepmother to subdue Zhai Sheng and force him to marry Chenxi.



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