Besides, Qiao Nan already had a very outstanding Brother Zhai as her boyfriend.

Since he insisted to walk to a dead end, nobody could stop him.

"Who is it?!" There was a murderous look in Zhu Baoguo's eyes. "Xiao Qiao is still young. She is only in her second year of high school, which is the most crucial time in her life. Who is so daring to have designs on Xiao Qiao? If he affects her future, I will beat him to a pulp and feed him to the dogs!"

"You want to beat him with your shoddy skills? Forget it. He has been kind to you on account of Qiao Nan. You can rest assured that Qiao Nan is a good judge of character. The person that she likes is definitely outstanding. They make a good match. You should wish her all the best." Shi Qing cleared her nose.

Since he was the first person who was willing to be her sandbag for such a long time, she would give such a fool a gentle reminder, but she would only do so once.

As for whether Zhu Baoguo would understand or not, it would depend on him.

"Why do you know but I don't? I don't believe that Xiao Qiao is in a relationship." Zhu Baoguo took a deep breath. "Are you lying to me?"

"It doesn't benefit me if I lie to you. Not only is Qiao Nan in a relationship, but she has also been dating for a long time. It has been about a year. In the past year, has her results been affected? This proves that the person Qiao Nan is in love with did not affect her grades. Don't you treat Qiao Nan as your sister? You should give her your blessings since she has found a good boyfriend." As expected, he was slow in such matters. Qiao Nan had been in a relationship with Brother Zhai for quite some time, and Zhu Baoguo was her deskmate last semester, yet he had not discovered anything.

Shi Qing finally understood why Qiu Chenxi and Qi Minlan were so sure that Qiao Nan could never be the lady that Zhai Sheng was dating.

People believed that students in love would not do well in their studies. Nobody would suspect that Qiao Nan was in a relationship with her good results.

"I…" Zhu Baoguo was at a loss for words. He had no reason not to give his blessings, but he felt unhappy doing so. "You have a cold. You should drink lots of water, and say no more!"

The irritable Zhu Baoguo glared at Shi Qing before walking out of the classroom unhappily, heading off to run a few laps.

"Fool, it seems like you don't understand." Shi Qing was amused. "Anyway, since you have been my sandbag for such a long time, I gave you a reminder. The sandbag is indeed filled with sand. It is without a brain."

Shi Qing had never seen such a slow person like Zhu Baoguo.

But it might be good to be slow and foolish. By the time he realized his own feelings, he might no longer have any crush on Qiao Nan and he would not feel upset anymore.

She was envious of such an innocent kid. He was simply foolish.

"What are you doing?" The lessons were over. Qiao Nan carried her schoolbag on her back and was getting ready to go back home. She had walked past the school gate when Shi Qing grabbed hold of her schoolbag, refusing to let her leave. "Let go, I have to go back home."

"It's still early. What's the hurry?" Shi Qing refused to let go.

Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. "The monthly exams were just over. It's still early. If you don't want to go home, don't tell me you want to play around? It's too early to do that." At least, during the time they stayed together, Shi Qing did not have the habit of killing time at a bar and staying up late.

"How about I treat you to a meal? We will have a sumptuous meal. You can order any amount of abalone and lobster that you want. As long as you feel like eating, I will treat you to it." Shi Qing patted her chest, flaunting her wealth.

Qiao Nan sized up Shi Qing suspiciously. "Did you win a lottery? Recently, I didn't hear that there would be a big prize."

"You don't have to care whether I struck the lottery or not. Anyway, I will not be the one who pays for the meal today. You can eat all you want." With that, she pulled Qiao Nan, not caring if she was willing or not.

Qiao Nan arched her eyebrows at the polished restaurant. "Are you sure you have the money? If you don't have enough money to pay for the bill, you will stay as a mortgage." It would cost a few hundred yuan to dine at such a restaurant.

It was the end of the twentieth century now when a piece of clothing would only cost a few yuan, and a meal that cost a few hundred yuan was equivalent to a person's monthly salary.

"Sure. Are you reassured now?" Shi Qing was indeed daring to agree to it.

Qiao Nan glanced askance at Shi Qing. "What's up with you today? Do you have nothing else to spend your money on?"

"Alright, stop making guesses. I have already said that someone will pay for the bill. I am not the one who will be paying." Shi Qing grabbed Qiao Nan's shoulder, sounding like a hooligan.

Compared to Zhai Hua, Shi Qing looked like a delicate and petite pretty girl. It looked somewhat odd that she adopted the mannerism of a hooligan. Unlike Zhai Hua, who wore a short hairstyle and was physically stronger, it was difficult to tell whether she was a boy or a girl.

"Who will be paying for the meal?"

"Qiu Chenxi!" Shi Qing curled her lips into a smile. "I have been to Ping Cheng for so long, but this is the first time Qiu Chenxi invited me to a meal. I have to eat to my heart's content today. If not, I will be ill-treating myself. If I miss this chance, the next meal may be one hundred years later."

The Qiu family had taken advantages of the Shi family. Letting Qiu Chenxi treat her to a meal was her being easy on Qiu Chenxi and the Qiu family.

Qiao Nan curled her lips. "Since Qiu Chenxi invited you to a meal, you can have the meal by yourself. Why did you bring me…"

"What's there to be afraid of? Don't worry." Shi Qing looked to be sure of herself, pulling Qiao Nan into the restaurant with her. "Alright, we have already made a reservation. Yes, this is it."

After giving her name to the service staff, Shi Qing was led into a private room. When the door opened, a few dishes were already laid on the table, and Qiu Chenxi was sitting there, waiting for them.

Qiu Chenxi, who was running out of patience, had a smile on her face at the sound of the door opening. She was about to say something when she spotted Qiao Nan, who stood next to Shi Qing, and her smile froze on her lips. "Why did you bring her along?"

Shi Qing strode forward, chose a good seat, and sat down. She pulled the chair next to her for Qiao Nan to take a seat.

Qiao Nan, who was just as unhappy as Qiu Chenxi, narrowed her eyes, intending to deal with Shi Qing later. She then took her seat beside Shi Qing reluctantly.

"It's rare for you to invite me to a meal. Can't I bring someone with me? My dad told me not to eat outside or accept other people's treats. My dad said that Qiao Nan is a good girl and he wants me to learn from her and to be like her. If you don't welcome her, then I will go back home with her. Otherwise, my dad will be worried."

Qiu Chenxi's expression changed. "Am I nobody to you? Those people uncle mentioned shouldn't include me." They were relatives!

Qiao Nan massaged her forehead. It was no wonder that Shi Qing brought her here. They were here to quarrel. Shi Qing would have a bigger chance to win given that she had Qiao Nan with her while Qiu Chenxi was by herself. "Stop quarreling. Say whatever you want to say. If not, just have a meal and leave!"

Qiu Chenxi widened her eyes. "You're an outsider! It's not your turn to speak up!"



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