"Qing Qing, how could you misunderstand me?" Qiu Chenxi's eyes turned red and she looked at Shi Qing as if she had been wronged.

"Misunderstood you? Then, what did those phone calls you gave me back then mean?" Shi Qing was interested to know what ridiculous reasons Qiu Chenxi was going to come up with to explain her past deeds.

"I, I just wanted to share my happiness with you. Qing Qing, I have never thought of building my happiness on your misfortunes. I feel that since we are sisters, you must feel happy for me. I am sorry. Now, I realize that what I did in the past hurt you." Since it pained Shi Qing to listen to those updates about her relationship, she had not wasted her money making those phone calls. The money was well-spent.

Shi Qing wrapped her arms about her chest. "Fine, let's say what you did in the past was unintentional. Now that you know, what are you going to do? Do you intend for me to continue to help you, or are you going to help me so as to compensate me for the hurt that you made me go through?"

Qiao Nan, who had finished her meal, put down the chopsticks and looked at Shi Qing, feeling bored. Why must she seek trouble for herself? No matter what Qiu Chenxi said, it would not be the answer Shi Qing wanted to hear.

"Qing Qing, can't we talk nicely?" Qiu Chenxi could not stand it anymore. She did not have a mild temper. If she did not have a favor to ask of Shi Qing, she would never speak humbly to Shi Qing in her whole life.

"Hey, if you say so, then there's no way that we can talk it over nicely. Qiao Nan, let's go." In the past, Qiu Chenxi took delights in her pains. Now, the table had been turned on her. Today, she would have a free meal from Qiu Chenxi and she would get to see her being upset. It was a good deal.

"Sure." Qiao Nan, who had eaten to her heart's content and had been silently sitting by the side, stood up. It was no wonder that Shi Qing insisted that she came along. It turned out that Qiu Chenxi was here for Brother Zhai.

"Don't go!" Qiao Nan and Shi Qing had finished most of the dishes on the table. It cost her a huge amount of money, yet Shi Qing did not agree to help her. Qiu Chenxi could not take it lying down. "Qing Qing, what can I do to make you help me? You can state your conditions. Aside from Brother Zhai, I will agree to everything that you say. Qing Qing, don't blame me for being selfish. Yes, I know that you also like Brother Zhai. Now that I am separated from Brother Zhai, I finally realize that back when I shared with you everything about Brother Zhai, I must have caused you great heartache and pain. But you can't compare to my many years of relationship with Brother Zhai. I promise you that I will take good care of Brother Zhai in the future. I will never let you down. Qing Qing, please help me. Tell me who that woman is!!"

As long as she knew who that woman was, she would not need Shi Qing's help anymore. Shi Qing could no longer act high up in the air like how she did today.

What Qiu Chenxi said might sound nice, but she did not say anything concrete and she still dared to make empty promises. Shi Qing was amused. She enunciated each and every word. "I—have—no—idea."

Since Qiu Chenxi wanted an answer, this was her answer.

"Qing Qing, with that attitude of yours, aren't you afraid that we can no longer be relatives?" Qiu Chenxi did not understand. She had been acting humbly and begging Shi Qing to help her. She gave her all due respect, yet she was so firm in her attitude.

If not for Brother Zhai, she would not have acted so meekly and humbly in front of Shi Qing today.

"You were the reason why my dad had to leave the army. Do you think our families can still be relatives?" Shi Qing was amused by Qiu Chenxi's shameless remarks. "It has only been a few days. Have you forgotten what you did in the camp? To tell you the truth, I knew the reason why you asked me here today. However, I am going to make it clear that, yes, I know who Brother Zhai's girlfriend is, but I am not going to tell you. I came today so that I could see how you behaved like a clown in front of me and the miserable antics that you are capable of. I am merely teasing the monkey."

She had been fooled by Qiu Chenxi for so many years. It was time to let Qiu Chenxi have a taste of her own medicine. If not, how could they be considered relatives?

"Shi Qing, bear in mind that you forced me into it!" Qiu Chenxi dropped her pretenses and shot a fierce look at Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan was puzzled. Shi Qing was supposed to be Qiu Chenxi's target, but why did it seem like Qiu Chenxi's real target was her instead?

Shi Qing's expression turned cold and she pulled Qiao Nan to her side. "If you dare, show me what you have got."

She had long known that Qiu Chenxi was up to no good.

There was a cup that had been placed in front of Qiu Chenxi but was untouched. Qiu Chenxi took it and slammed it on the floor, making a loud crashing sound.

This sound seemed like a signal. A group of ferocious-looking men dashed out of the adjacent room and surrounded Qiao Nan and Shi Qing.

"Really?" Shi Qing was amused. "Fine, it's rare that you have such interest. I will play along with your lackeys. Let's see if these people are qualified to be your henchmen."

"You must be courting death!" The group of men was furious that they were looked down upon by a young lady. Even without Qiu Chenxi's instructions, they could no longer hold back their anger and wanted to show Shi Qing what they were capable of, to warn her not to talk nonsense if she did not want to be beaten to a pulp.

Qiao Nan turned pale. She did not know how to fight and she seldom encountered such situations.

She remembered that the first time she encountered such a situation was to save Zhu Baoguo from a group of hooligans. Back then, she called someone for help and did not resolve it by herself.

Looking at the situation right now, Qiao Nan had the feeling that she would experience something new again.

Qiao Nan was not worried that it was something she had never encountered before. However, she was in a panic as she did not know how to fight.

She was unable to find a piece of wood or cardboard to defend herself. She did not want to hinder Shi Qing.

At the sight of the pale-looking Qiao Nan, Shi Qing smiled instead. "Qiao Nan, don't be afraid. Today, I will show you what I am capable of. Back then, I was able to defeat Zhu Baoguo not because he was too weak. It was because I am too strong an opponent."

Shi Qing looked down upon the people that Qiu Chenxi hired. In fact, she seemed to be provoking them.

"Now! Remember, don't cause any deaths. Minor injuries are alright, but don't make them sustained major injuries." Since Shi Qing refused a toast only to drink a forfeit, she could not blame her for being ruthless. She asked for it.



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