After all, they were relatives. She would not allow her men to beat Shi Qing so badly that she had to go to the hospital.

"Miss, what about the other lady?" Several men leered at Qiao Nan and sized her up.

Shi Qing was better-dressed than Qiao Nan and Qiu Chenxi kept on saying that they were relatives. They knew they could not give it their all when they fought with Shi Qing.

But Qiao Nan was not the same. She was not well-dressed. She looked as if she was there for a free meal.

The young lady had fair and smooth skin. She looked tender like the scallion that would ooze water at the slightest squeeze.

As a man, they would definitely harbor evil thoughts at the sight of such a tender-looking young lady.

Besides, in order to ensure that her goal would be achieved, Qiu Chenxi had only one requirement for the people that she hired, and that was to be skilled in fighting. She did not care if they had a good moral character or not.

They only had to fulfill one condition, and since they were paid, they would do the dirty job for Qiu Chenxi.

"Don't cause any deaths. As for the rest, I don't care." If Qiao Nan thought she would treat her in the same way as she did Shi Qing, and that she could do nothing to her, she was in for a big mistake.

Originally, she had other plans for Qiao Nan. She did not expect that Shi Qing would be such a busybody and bring Qiao Nan with her, causing both of her plans to fail.

But it did not matter. She still managed to trap them.

Qiao Nan curled the corners of her lips. It turned out that relatives and outsiders would have different treatment.

Qiao Nan hid behind Shi Qing and grabbed a bowl. "Let me warn you. You brought me here. If I have the slightest injury, you should know what will happen."

Shi Qing was the one who brought her here. Qiao Nan was not upset with Shi Qing that they ended up in such a situation, but she felt that since she was of no help to her, she should not have brought her along.

"Don't worry. You can hide behind me. Let me show you how I deal with this group of people." Shi Qing narrowed her eyes. It seemed that Qiu Chenxi had gone all out.

"Come on!" Shi Qing looked as if she would protect Qiao Nan from danger. Qiu Chenxi sneered at her. She was interested to know how she was going to accomplish that today.

Since she refused to help her when she talked to her nicely, she would have to use force on them.

If she did not get an answer from Shi Qing and Qiao Nan today, she would not be Qiu Chenxi anymore.

"Brothers, now!" As long as they completed the task today, with the money they earned, they could rest for half a month, eating, drinking, and having all the women they wanted.

In order to enjoy life for half a month, they had to succeed in today's mission.

The room was covered with sounds of cracking plates and shattering bowls.

Though Qiao Nan did not know how to fight, she was sharp and observant. She hid behind Shi Qing while avoiding those hooligans who were trying to pull her to them, or rather, to touch her hands. She tried her best not to be a burden to Shi Qing.

Strictly speaking, since there was a fight in the private room, the people outside should be able to hear the loud sounds coming from the room.

The diners in the restaurant and the owner should have heard the sounds and checked out the situation in the room, or stopped such brawls in public places.

The strange thing was that they had shattered all the plates and bowls in the room, but nobody came to check on them. There was not even a single person who was a busybody and came to see the fun.

Qiao Nan noticed that Qiu Chenxi deliberately chose to stand right in front of the window. She had also closed the window tightly while they were not looking.

There was no way that Qiao Nan could throw the plates downstairs to get other people's attention.

Qiu Chenxi looked at Qiao Nan and Shi Qing with a slight lift of her chin, certainly a look of arrogance. She was well-prepared today.

Since both Qiao Nan and Shi Qing refused to tell her who Zhai Sheng's girlfriend was, she would no longer go easy on them. She would show them what she was capable of.

Shi Qing might be well-versed in martial arts, but Qiao Nan would not be able to withstand these blows.

Qiao Nan was pretty. The group of hooligans leered at Qiao Nan and harbored evil intentions toward her. If Qiao Nan did not want to suffer, she had to wise up and do what she should do.

Everything that happened today was arranged by Qiu Chenxi, so she had already taken the best spot in the room, which was at the window. As for the door, she had already arranged for her men to block them. There was no way that Shi Qing and Qiao Nan could escape.

Therefore, she would not possibly let Qiao Nan find a chance to escape.

Though the hooligans were grown-ups, they did not have any advantage over Shi Qing, who was merely a student. Speaking of it, Shi Qing had to deal with all of them. At times, she was not in time to protect Qiao Nan and the hooligans would find a chance to grab her.

Shi Qing noticed it and narrowed her eyes. There was a malicious look in her eyes. She threw out more and more vicious punches at them.

If she was not ruthless enough, after being knocked down by Shi Qing, the hooligans would be able to stand up and come at her again. This would spell trouble for her.

When Shi Qing was in the army, Shi Peng was the one who trained her, and she had spent time training with Zhai Hua as well. Hence, she knew what she should do in order to knock down the opponent once and for all.

Shi Qing held back the anger in her eyes, and all her punches turned to be ruthless and lethal. She gave a 1.78-meter tall man a strong kick, sending him flying to the floor and throwing up on the ground. He could no longer stand up to fight.


Qiao Nan darted to the side and heard a peal of creepy laughter. Her expression darkened. The hooligan must be crazy.

A black, ugly-looking hand was about to grab hold of Qiao Nan when she smashed a plate at the hand.

The plate shattered into pieces and the hooligan howled in pain, ranting and yelling at Qiao Nan. Though Qiao Nan seemed to be an easier opponent than Shi Qing, he dared not go at her again.

Half an hour had passed when Shi Qing took down everyone that Qiu Chenxi hired.

Shi Qing sneered at the floor of men who were knocked down by her. "Qiu Chenxi, what other tricks do you have up your sleeves? If not, I shan't play with you. It's really boring." These people were just hooligans. How dared they fight with her? Unless they had weapons with them, they must be courting death fighting with her.

Qiu Chenxi glanced at the people who had fallen to the ground, but she was not in the least alarmed. "I already knew that you are difficult to deal with, so right from the beginning, I have never thought of dealing with you."

"Then, did you bring these people here for me to practice with?" Shi Qing smirked. It was too late to find an excuse for her behavior.

"Of course they are not here for you to practice with. They are here to hold you down, but it's a pity." Qiu Chenxi sighed and shook her head. But she narrowed her eyes and darted a malicious look at Qiao Nan. There was a murderous gleam in her eyes.

Shi Qing moved to stand in front of Qiao Nan. "What do you want? Haven't you created enough trouble?"

Qiu Chenxi stomped her foot. "Of course I am not done. Unless you tell me what I want to know today, there will be more to come!" Her father had an affair. If she was not able to make up with Brother Zhai, she would no longer have any place in the Qiu family.



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