At this juncture, Qiu Chenxi hated the Shi family to the core.

As the family of her mother, why couldn't they be like other families who would support and back their married daughter? To demand the father not to bully the mother and also to have a clean break with that mistress.

She was most puzzled about why the Shi family was so dysfunctional. In particular, the family of Shi Peng. They were so heartless. Clearly, they could help her, but they just chose to watch her lose her lifetime of happiness. They also constantly stabbed her behind the back.

Her mother was Shi Peng's only sister. Who else could Shi Peng be good to if he was not good to her mother?

But there seemed to be holes in the brains of this family. They would not get it despite her many conversations with them. She was thus forced to resort to such extreme ways.

Since Shi Peng's family was unkind to her in the first place, then they should not blame her for doing the same.

The Shi family refused to fulfill the happiness of her mother and her. In that case, she would fight for it herself!

"Haven't you created enough fuss? What else can you do?" Shi Qing gave Qiu Chenxi a belittling look. She had defeated everyone. Now, was Qiu Chenxi prepared to roll up her own sleeves?

Qiao Nan was having a strange feeling about Qiu Chenxi's words. She tugged at Shi Qing. "Alright, let's not talk anymore. Let's go back quickly. My dad should be waiting for us." It could be said that this was the harshest thing that Qiu Chenxi had done so far.

In the past, whether Qiu Chenxi wanted to get physical or be polite before resorting to forceful means, she did it herself.

Today, Qiu Chenxi hired hatchet men. If Qiu Chenxi really had a backup plan, even if Shi Qing's martial arts skills were not weak, the problem was that she would be a burden to her.

As the individual who was the real target of Qiu Chenxi, Qiao Nan felt very uneasy. She only hoped to leave this place as quickly as possible.

Shi Qing's mouth shriveled. The hatchet men hired by Qiu Chenxi had been defeated by her. Now, Qiu Chenxi would not be the one looking for trouble. Instead, if she was in a bad mood, she might give Qiu Chenxi a beating.

They had the upper hand. What was Qiao Nan afraid of?

It was a good thing that Shi Qing was someone who knew her boundaries. Seeing that Qiao Nan was really unhappy, she nodded and said, "Fine, we'll leave. It's not good to let Uncle Qiao wait."

"You're leaving so soon? Are you scared?" There was a flash in Qiu Chenxi's eyes and a tint of nervousness in her voice. It was obvious that she did not want Shi Qing and Qiao Nan to leave so quickly.

At this juncture, the sound of footsteps of people coming up the stairs could be heard. These footsteps sounded quick and consecutive. Obviously, there was more than one person ascending the stairs.

Shi Qing snorted. "What kind of hotel is this? I'll definitely have to tell my dad. There's so much commotion in the hotel and someone is only rushing here now. It's too lousy. If anyone comes here to create a fuss in the future, and the numbers are larger, this hotel will definitely close down. The security arrangements are too poor."

Now, Qiu Chenxi would have to cut the crap.

At the sight of a smile forming at the corners of Qiu Chenxi's mouth, Qiao Nan's expression changed greatly. She grabbed Shi Qing and ran toward the exit. "Hurry, we should leave!"

She feared that the sound of footsteps was not that of their saviors but the second batch of 'ambushing soldiers' arranged by Qiu Chenxi!

Qiu Chenxi laughed complacently. "You only realize it now. It's too late!"

She did not deny that Qiao Nan was smart. However, she had Shi Qing, who was overconfident, with her. True enough, Qiao Nan still had to yield to her clutches.

With a loud bang, before Qiao Nan and Shi Qing had the chance to leave the room, the door was pushed open and a group of people who looked similar to those whom Shi Qing had defeated earlier came in.

The difference was that this group of people was actually holding offensive weapons. Although the weapons were not those scary and gleaming choppers, they were wooden sticks the size of a baseball bat. If the sticks came hitting down, even someone as strong as Shi Qing would be beaten to the ground after a few hits.

At this juncture, Shi Qing's expression could not help changing as well. She did not expect Qiu Chenxi to have lost her mind to this extent. Qiu Chenxi had reached the point of being a lunatic.

Given the current turmoil, if the police were present, she could definitely sue Qiu Chenxi for disrupting public order and safety and request the police to bring Qiu Chenxi to the police station to 'have tea'.

If someone was hurt because of the fight, Qiu Chenxi should then be detained as a punishment.

The group of people was perspiring badly. "Miss, we didn't find… Eh, why are you here?"

The leader of the group had just wanted to update Qiu Chenxi that they did not manage to find that young lady whom she described when he expressed surprise upon seeing the young lady in the photo was already with his hirer. "Miss, are we still going ahead with this business?"

The target figure appeared in a different location. He was most concerned about whether to continue with the mission and whether his remuneration would change.

"As long as you all take her down and find out something that I want to know, I won't give you any money less than promised. It's still the same words. Just go ahead and have fun as much as you like. As long as no life is taken, I'll bear full responsibility if anything else happens." This time, Qiu Chenxi was truly vicious.

Her words obviously hinted at these men to take away Qiao Nan's virginity and destroy the latter's life.

"Qiu Chenxi, you're crazy!!!" Shi Qing's eyes widened. She regretted her overconfidence and negligence. Who would have imagined that Qiu Chenxi had lost her mind to this extent? She not only hired hatchet men but also gave such an order that would lead to crimes.

"You all cornered me into doing this. I'm giving you one last chance. As long as you tell me about that woman, I'll let you all leave the way you came here today." Qiu Chenxi smiled grimly.

She lost her mind?


The Qiu family achieved all they had today because of her mother. Without power, how could the Qiu family become wealthy?

Now, her father had a mistress outside. If he had a son with the mistress, the great fortune that the Qiu family relied on her mother to amass would eventually benefit that wretched illegitimate bastard outside.

Instead of letting outsiders spend the money that belonged to her, she would rather get herself into such trouble. Anyway, the Qiu family did not lack money. She would let the Qiu family resolve this matter with money then.

Great. She was still worried about having nothing to spend the money on as this would only make the Qiu family so rich that they would conceive so many bad ideas.

If her father could not belong to her alone, then she would not have any qualms about doing something extreme. She would let that illegitimate bastard feel shameful from birth because he had a father like Qiu Qin, such that he could not even lift up his head as a person.

A father is responsible for his child's wrongdoing, for he did not teach them well.

Regardless of the wrong she committed, Qiu Qin should bear all the responsibility in the end!

For Qiu Chenxi, Qiu Qin's adultery broke the last straw.

Now, she was working hard to regain her future with Zhai Sheng. She also wanted to make use of this matter to completely destroy the foundation of the Qiu family.

Once, the Qiu family's reputation was so good because of her mother and her. Now, she would let the reputation be ruined to an equivalent level because of her mother and her too.

She was so badly down on luck. Qiu Chenxi would drag a few people down with her even if she was going to die.

The Qiu family had power but the Qiao family was considered nothing in Ping Cheng.



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