"What I know is similar to what Qiao Nan knows. I confessed my love to Brother Zhai, and he told me directly that the only woman that he likes in this life is that young lady. If he is not able to marry that lady, he will stay single forever." Shi Qing bit her teeth. "Since Brother Zhai has made it so clear, and it's not that I am unworthy of him, why should I be so stubborn? I have my pride and I want to preserve my dignity. Brother Zhai may not like me, but it doesn't mean that I will be left on the shelf."

"Stop agitating me with your words." Qiu Chenxi's demeanor changed. "How dare you ridicule me right now? Are you not afraid of death? All I can say is that you may be fearless, but surely you don't want to implicate your classmate. Did Brother Zhai really say that?"

All along, Brother Zhai never acknowledged that she was his girlfriend. She did not expect that Brother Zhai would tell Shi Qing that he would marry nobody in his life except for that lady. It was too detestable!

"Of course it is true. Everyone has their pride. If Brother Zhai did not reject my feelings bluntly, would I give up on him? Back when you were with Brother Zhai, I did nothing because you are my cousin. If not, do you think I would let you have Brother Zhai? When you were with Brother Zhai, he never made his intentions clear that he only had eyes for you. If Brother Zhai said so, I wouldn't be secretly in love with him for so many years."

Qiao Nan looked sullen and pulled at Shi Qing's clothes. If Shi Qing continued to say things like that, Qiu Chenxi would really hate her to the core.

Was Shi Qing trying to get Qiu Chenxi to detest her?

Shi Qing ignored Qiao Nan. Once Qiu Chenxi knew that Qiao Nan was the woman, even without her saying anything, Qiu Chenxi would do anything to take Qiao Nan's life so that she could take her position, unless Qiao Nan broke up with Brother Zhai.

In this case, she had no qualms about saying things that would upset Qiu Chenxi.

"You shut up!" Qiu Chenxi's face turned blue in anger. Zhai Sheng was not gentle or considerate when he was with her, yet he made such promise to another woman, that he would only marry her in his life. It was too much. "Why did Brother Zhai tell you but keep it from me?!"

She was Brother Zhai's ex-girlfriend. She was the one who refused to give up her feelings for Brother Zhai and had made trouble for Qiao Nan multiple times all because of Brother Zhai. It was more logical that he told her everything to make her give up on him. "Shi Qing, are you lying to me?"

"If I lie to you, then I am a coward!" Shi Qing felt unjustified. Although Brother Zhai did not tell her the exact words, this was what he meant. She was no liar. "As to why Brother Zhai told me but not you, you shouldn't be asking me. Don't you think that it has to do with you? Brother Zhai told me his feelings and I decided to give up my feelings for him, but if Brother Zhai tells you as well, will you be able to know what's good for you and give up your feelings for him?"

Qiu Chenxi was silent, because she knew that she would never give up.

"Do you finally understand now? After all, Brother Zhai has known you for years. He knows your temper and that you won't listen to reasons, hence he did not waste his effort to talk to you for fear of agitating you. What he did was for your own good." Shi Qing was proud of herself that she had finally calmed Qiu Chenxi down. "We have already told you everything that we know. Can we leave now?"

"Leave?" Qiu Chenxi refused to give in. "You don't seem to have told me who exactly the girl is, what her name is, and where she lives, have you?"

There was no way that she would let Shi Qing go after saying a bunch of useless stuff.

"Crap, do you not understand the human language? Brother Zhai has never told anyone who his girlfriend is. Since Auntie Miao does not know, how could I have known?" Shi Qing was exasperated and she felt like swearing. Why would her auntie have such a slow-witted daughter? She was slow to catch on to things.

Had she not been clear enough?

Shi Qing thought about it and calmed herself. "Let me tell you. Auntie Miao doesn't like you at all, and she doesn't want you as her daughter-in-law. Auntie Miao should be the happiest person now that Brother Zhai has a girlfriend. If you go to look for Auntie Miao, she may just tell you who Brother Zhai's girlfriend is and that you have no hopes, telling you not to come to the Zhai family's residence again."

Qiu Chenxi sat there and pondered for a good five minutes before looking at Shi Qing and Qiao Nan. "In that case, have I thought too highly of the two of you?"

"What do you mean?!" Shi Qing stared at Qiu Chenxi and dared not lowered her vigilance. "If we had not told you what we know, you would have been kept in the dark."

"Regardless, both of you have not given me any accurate information. Sorry, I am very dissatisfied with whatever you have told me." Qiu Chenxi had an evil smile on her face. Yes, she went back on her words. What she said just now was merely to fool Shi Qing and Qiao Nan.

If the two of them would tell her who Brother Zhai's girlfriend was, she might tell the group of people to go easy on them, and not to give them too many punches.

Unfortunately, the clues Qiao Nan and Shi Qing gave her were too general and unspecific. They did not give her the details. She would need to spend a lot of time to find out. Hence, she was unwilling to accept the clues that Qiao Nan and Shi Qing gave her. They would still need to take punches. In fact, she would not be lenient to them!

"Hehehe." Shi Qing sneered. "Qiu Chenxi, let me tell you. Since you want to make us suffer for what happened to the Qiu family, you are not the only one who would resort to life and death struggles. I will do so as well!"

Qiu Chenxi had a lot of people with her. If a fight were to break out, she and Qiao Nan would be on the losing end.

Since they were bound to suffer, she could not allow Qiu Chenxi to leave unscathed. If she had to take the blows, then she would not let Qiu Chenxi leave so easily as well!

Shi Qing used her hands to push against the overturned table deftly and made a somersault to land behind Qiu Chenxi and grabbed Qiu Chenxi's neck from behind. Her movement was so quick and agile. It was way more exciting than the fighting scene in the movie. She was impressive.

Since a young age, Shi Qing underwent training that was sufficient for her to become a member of the special forces. It was a piece of cake to take down Qiu Chenxi.

"Qiao Nan, come over here."

Not waiting for Shi Qing's orders, Qiao Nan had already run over to her. She did not want to become the target.

Qiao Nan leaned against the window and opened it right away. She looked down and her heart jumped a beat. "It's too high." It was not suitable for them to escape through the window.

Shi Qing glanced down as well. She could still jump down, though she would suffer some minor scratches. But Qiao Nan definitely could not do it. If she jumped down, she might suffer serious injuries.

Qiu Chenxi had indeed planned everything right from the beginning.



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