Qiu Chenxi bit her molars and spoke every word through the cracks of her teeth.

It was not difficult to imagine that if Qiu Chenxi really knew who Zhai Sheng's girlfriend was, that woman would definitely suffer badly in Qiu Chenxi's hands.

"The situation in her family is not quite good!" Qiao Nan nervously popped these words.

"Not quite good?" Zhai Sheng had never formally introduced this woman to the Zhai family. Although he rejected Qiu Chenxi, he had never mentioned this woman. At the thought of all these, Qiu Chenxi had already guessed that the family situation of this woman was not comparable to that of the Qiu family. "I've already guessed it. Do you have more information? Tell me something specific!"

"I can't give you anything more specific. I don't interact that much with the Zhai family. At most, Auntie Miao likes me and wishes to acknowledge me as her goddaughter. I have declined as I don't think it's appropriate. Thus, the one that I interacted with most is actually Auntie Miao!"

Shi Qing had her hands on the waist. She nudged Qiao Nan and wanted very much to ask Qiao Nan what she was trying to do by saying that.

If Qiao Nan exposed too much information and led Qiu Chenxi to guess that she was actually the woman Qiu Chenxi had been yearning to find, Qiao Nan would certainly be in dire straits. It would definitely be more than just a beating.

Qiao Nan smiled bitterly. Of course she knew. She did not wish to end up in a more miserable state, and neither did she want a beating. Now, she could only buy time.

She did not believe that no one would find the huge commotion earlier strange.

Most importantly, when the second group arrived, there were many of them and everyone had sticks in their hands. Any typical person would feel frightened at the sight of that. Would they not give a call to the police?

Qiao Nan, who had been cornered, had no choice but to take a gamble with humanity.

"I consider you knowing your limits." Fortunately, Qiu Chenxi did not notice the interactions between the two. She even agreed with Qiao Nan's words. "Qiao Nan, remember this. I don't want any god aunt springing out of nowhere and adding woes to my family."

Qiu Chenxi shunned Qiao Nan badly. If Qiao Nan became Miao Jing's goddaughter, then Qiao Nan would have to call Zhai Sheng brother. If Qiu Chenxi was married to Zhai Sheng, she would become Qiao Nan's sister-in-law.

There were so many issues in the Qiao family. What if the Qiao family constantly sought the Zhai family for help when they were in trouble? Most likely, both the Zhai family and the Qiu family would have to help the Qiao family clean up their mess in the future.

She was not even willing to have a relative related by blood, let alone one that was not.

Shi Qing pursed her lips. She looked at Qiu Chenxi in extreme disdain.

God aunt? In this lifetime, Qiu Chenxi could forget about getting married to Brother Zhai.

It was no wonder that although Qiu Chenxi and Brother Zhai were in contact for so many years, Brother Zhai never took a liking to Qiu Chenxi. If he did, then Brother Zhai would be blind. Otherwise, Brother Zhai was actually not as outstanding as she believed him to be.

"As such, Auntie Miao argued with Brother Zhai because of that woman. Auntie Miao came to chat with me. I then got to know this little piece of information. There are no new developments recently. Actually, even Auntie Miao doesn't know who that girlfriend of Brother Zhai is. She doesn't know her name, where she lives, and who's in her family. Everything that I know came from Auntie Miao. I've already told you what Auntie Miao knows. If you insist on asking me what Auntie Miao doesn't know, then I will be conjuring things."

Qiao Nan gradually calmed down. It was not that she could not give Qiu Chenxi an answer today.

Since Qiu Chenxi did not know anything, Qiu Chenxi would not be able to decipher whether she was telling the truth.

After successfully overcoming the hurdle today, she and Shi Qing would be more careful next time. They certainly would not let Qiu Chenxi have another chance to harm them.

"Really?" Qiu Chenxi asked as she knitted her brows.

"It's true."

"I heard that you managed to persuade Auntie Miao and the rest of the Zhai family to reconcile after she argued with them. Why did they argue?" Qiu Chenxi did not believe that Qiao Nan knew so little. She might as well test Qiao Nan with that information that she heard of.

Qiao Nan was stunned for a moment. She did not know for sure how much Qiu Chenxi knew about this matter.

Nevertheless, there was one thing that was very fortunate for Qiao Nan.

Regarding this matter, it was almost unrelated to the fact that she was Brother Zhai's girlfriend. There would not be any problem even if she told the entire truth. "Miao, Auntie Miao doesn't really like Brother Zhai's current girlfriend. She promised Brother Zhai that she won't object to or break them up. However, Auntie Miao has her own plans. This time, Auntie Miao arranged a blind date for Brother Zhai."

"Blind date!" Qiu Chenxi was so furious that she slammed the table. "She actually dared to arrange a blind date for Brother Zhai?!" Did she treat her as the dead?

No wonder Brother Zhai would argue with Miao Jing. She deserved it!

"This doesn't concern your family, so why are you such a busybody? Let me warn you. In the future, don't poke your nose into the matters of the Zhai family. Do you understand?!" Qiu Chenxi was hoping very much that Zhai Sheng would quarrel with Miao Jing, such that the mother-son pair would go separate ways. This was in case Miao Jing continued to come in between them and hinder her marriage with Zhai Sheng.


"What else do you know about that woman? Tell me everything at once."

"Okay." Qiao Nan looked like a wise man who understands their situation and talked about 'that woman'. "These are all that I know of."

"Fine." Qiao Nan's cooperative attitude made Qiu Chenxi feel that she had gained the upper hand. "Shi Qing, Qiao Nan had told me everything she knows. It should be your turn now? Sorry, I forgot to inform you that, as long as one of you doesn't cooperate, there's no use. I won't be softhearted when I need to be merciless!"

"You…" Shi Qing's face turned extremely black. Qiu Chenxi was resorting to trickery.

Qiu Chenxi lifted her chin and sneered at Shi Qing. So what if she was resorting to this?

Now, Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were in her territory. They had to obey her. Otherwise, they would leave the place lying down. "Shi Qing, don't drag your classmate down because of your own arrogance. Look at how well your classmate performed just now. If you don't cooperate, your classmate's earlier words and effort will go down the drain."

Shi Qing gave Qiu Chenxi a sneer that was worse than the previous one. "No need to say that to sow discord. It's useless." Qiu Chenxi really thought that she was the stubborn one and Qiao Nan the soft one. Hence, she deliberately said all those to sow discord between Qiao Nan and her. She was an idiot!

Shi Qing was infuriated. That ball of fury had jumped from her throat to her eyes.

However, discretion is the better part of valor. Given the current situation, it was not wise to fight head-on with Qiu Chenxi. Where there's life, there's hope. They would have opportunities in the future if they were able to endure the anger now.

Hence, Qiao Nan tugged at the clothing behind Shi Qing's waist, hinting to Shi Qing to calm down and avoid being led astray by Qiu Chenxi's momentum.

At least, they had not suffered any major loss.

The most important thing now was to think of ways to buy time and let someone discover the situation in this private room, or smoke Qiu Chenxi such that they could escape this place.



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