Since Qiu Chenxi could get two groups of people, one group to hold back Shi Qing, and the other group to go at Qiao Nan, she naturally had a way to deal with them as well.

Unless these people fled to the ends of the earth and never to come back in this life, they would be caught by Qiu Chenxi. Qiu Chenxi would use the methods that she used on Shi Qing and Qiao Nan on them, and would probably give them harsher punishments.

They might want to leer at Qiu Chenxi but they were more worried about their personal safety.

Most of them shut their eyes tight immediately.

Some even turned their back to Qiu Chenxi in order to prove their innocence.

Right then, they finally understood that the lady who hired them was the daughter of a government official, and the ladies that they were hired to deal with were the daughters of government officials as well.

The children of the government officials plotted against each other, while they, who were clueless, were caught in their fight unwillingly.

When people in power engaged in a power struggle, the commoners would always be the ones who suffered.

"Block…" Qiu Chenxi was about to scold them for being blockheads. She did not really mean to let Qiao Nan and Shi Qing off. She merely did not want to be stripped of her clothes in front of so many people.

Once they turned their backs on Qiao Nan and Shi Qing, it would be difficult to chase after them.

Qiao Nan curled her fingers at the clasp deftly and one of the buttons of Qiu Chenxi's lingerie came undone.

Qiu Chenxi felt that something came loose at her back. Her expression changed as fast as the revolving door. Minutes ago, she was fuming, but now, she became subdued. She finally kept quiet and no longer dared to make further comments.

Qiao Nan and Shi Qing walked toward the door with their back facing each other and left the private room.

Shi Qing cast a glance at Qiao Nan. "Those people will definitely chase after us." At least, Qiu Chenxi would not give up on chasing after them.

Qiao Nan curled her lips into a smile. After reaching the staircase, Qiao Nan undid all the buttons of Qiu Chenxi's lingerie at the fastest speed, while her other hand pulled the zipper up halfway.

As long as Qiu Chenxi was flexible, she would be able to reach the zipper.

Without another word, Qiao Nan pushed Qiu Chenxi toward the room. "Let's go!"

Shi Qing pulled Qiao Nan and started to run. She did not check how Qiu Chenxi was doing.

What happened today was all because of Qiu Chenxi. She was only concerned about Qiao Nan's and her safety. She had no time to worry about Qiu Chenxi. Even if she was to die, she deserved it.

"Chase after them! Once you get a hold of them, give them a harsh beating but don't kill them!" Qiu Chenxi, who got up from the floor, held tightly to her clothes as her other hand grabbed at her back collar. She was afraid that her clothes would be left gaping open at the back, exposing herself to everyone present.

"Yes." These people could not help but let their gazes drifted over Qiu Chenxi's chest, where they suspected that her lingerie had come undone.

They had a long history with women and they could tell from one look that Qiu Chenxi's lingerie had come undone.

It was a pity that the zipper of the dress had been pulled up halfway. Otherwise, they would be in for a good show.

"What's there to look at? Chase after them now!" Qiu Chenxi gripped her clothes tightly and gave them a ferocious look.

After being yelled at by Qiu Chenxi, everyone did not dare to stay behind and gave chase right away.

Qiu Chenxi also wanted to give chase. She wanted to witness Shi Qing and Qiao Nan being badly beaten by the thugs. But as her lingerie had been unclasped, she had no choice but to go to the restroom to clasp her lingerie and zip her dress before giving chase.

"Where should we go now?" Shi Qing asked with a headache. "Do you want to split up?"

Qiu Chenxi would definitely not give up. She would send those men after them.

"Run to the police station!!" Qiao Nan knew the location of the police station and ran in that direction. "No matter what, we are on the streets now. It is better than being trapped in the private room in the restaurant. If we are stopped by the thugs, we can always shout for help."

Previously, Qiao Nan could not do anything and was trapped in the private room. That was more of a headache than the situation now.

At least, the streets were full of people. To Qiao Nan, this was much safer.

"You're right." Shi Qing stopped after running for a short while. "Since we are already on the streets, why are we running? If there's anything, we can scream and other people will help us."

"The streets are quite empty. The schools ended early due to the monthly exams. There aren't many people on the streets. How can you count on them to help us? Stop chatting. We must run now." It was risky to hope for people to come to their assistance on the empty streets. Qiao Nan hoped to secure a better way to ensure their safety. "When we reach the police station, indicate your father's identity and make a phone call to your dad. What Qiu Chenxi did will drag the Qiu family and the Shi family down as well."

Since it was Qiu Qin who had an affair, Qi Minlan should be the one who was driven to desperation. Why was Qiu Chenxi behaving in such a crazy manner?

Qiao Nan was puzzled.

"Brother, over there."

Shi Qing ran fast enough, but Qiao Nan was lagging behind. The thugs were hot on their heels and they caught up to them in no time. They surrounded Qiao Nan and Shi Qing, blocking their way. "The two young girls over there, I shall see how you intend to escape now!"

"The problem now is not how we escape. Instead, you should be worried about being sent to jail." Qiao Nan gasped for breath. The pedestrians on the road saw this scene, and some of them stopped to watch what was happening. However, most of them quickened their footsteps to leave, seemingly did not want to get involved.

Given the number of thugs present, anyone who had the common sense knew that they had better not get involved.

"Stop talking nonsense! Give them a round of beating!" The thugs knew that it was a waste of their time to talk with Qiao Nan. For all they knew, they might not be able to complete their task.

On the contrary, if they did not waste their time talking to them but gave them a good thrashing instead, they would already beat them and flee from the scene by the time the police officers arrived.

It was alright not to have any women. Money was more important. With the money, they could have any number of women that they wanted.

Shi Qing gritted her teeth. It seemed that she had to deal with them by force. Qiao Nan could not win them in a fight and could only outwit them.

The thugs were just about to use their weapons on Shi Qing and Qiao Nan when another group of younger people came out from nowhere. They sported spiky hairstyles and looked like a bunch of hooligans as well. They did not seem easy to deal with.

"Who dares to lay their fingers on our big brother's friends? Are they courting death?" A young man who adopted a hairstyle similar to that of a chicken head walked out from the crowd, looking very full of himself. "Are you the ones?"

"Who is your big brother?" The thugs that Qiu Chenxi hired halted. The number of people in the new group was almost the same as the number of people on their side.



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