His people came armed with weapons, and so did the other group. The two groups of people looked as if they were going to break out in a fight.

If a real fight was to occur, the people that Qiu Chenxi hired would have to think twice.

Originally, their job was to give the two young ladies a thrashing and flee right away afterward.

But if the two groups of people were to break out in a fight, they would suffer injuries as well. By then, the money that they received might not be enough to cover their medical expenses.

"It's me!" Zhu Baoguo said grumpily. "Who sent you here?"

"Zhu Baoguo?"

"Zhu Baoguo!"

Qiao Nan and Shi Qing, who were still confused, finally put their hearts at ease upon seeing Zhu Baoguo. As long as the group of people was on their side, they did not have to worry about anything.

"What brings you here?" Qiao Nan breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, it was Zhu Baoguo. Otherwise, she and Shi Qing would have to suffer today.

"If I were not here, you… both of you will be bullied by others. Who is behind this?" Xiao Qiao never provoked others. She put all her attention on her studies. She would not retaliate even when she was provoked. Her temper was as soft as the bread dough.

So there was only one possibility for such an incident to happen. It must be that other people had taken the initiative to provoke Xiao Qiao.

"Qiu Chenxi." Shi Qing had no wish to cover up for Qiu Chenxi and gave her name right away.

"Why did she make trouble for Xiao Qiao?" Zhu Baoguo could not understand.

Zhu Baoguo was used to the fact that Qiao Nan would go home with Shi Qing after school every time. They did not need him around.

Thinking of the conversation that he had with Qiao Nan last time, he tried to restrain himself from looking for Qiao Nan. He did not admit that he had not grown up, but he hoped he could be more mature so that Qiao Nan could accept him.

Today, he went back home as usual as he knew that Qiao Nan would have gone back home with Shi Qing.

Given Shi Qing's skills, the average person would not be able to bully Qiao Nan.

In the past, his only worry was Shi Qing.

Since Shi Qing was no longer a threat to Qiao Nan, and Xu Tingting and the rest were behaving themselves, Zhu Baoguo put all his focus on himself.

Since Xiao Qiao felt he was not mature enough and was like a child, then the first thing he had to do was to grow up.

But one of the lackeys who used to mix with him told him that a group of thugs seemed to be hovering on a certain road, and that path was the road that Qiao Nan would always take.

People who were close to Zhu Baoguo knew that Qiao Nan was under Zhu Baoguo's protection, and that Zhu Baoguo always addressed her as his younger sister. She was someone they needed to protect.

Even though Qiao Nan did not take that path, after seeing the group of people, the hooligan sensed that something was wrong and told Zhu Baoguo right away.

Zhu Baoguo knew that something was amiss upon learning of the large size of the other group of people.

If they were after Qiao Nan, no matter how strong Shi Qing was, she could never defeat all of them.

Besides, women were not as physically strong as men. Shi Qing might be tough, but if faced with a large group of men, she would not have the stamina to deal with all of them. By then, Qiao Nan would have to suffer.

After ascertaining the situation, Zhu Baoguo headed there right away.

By the time he arrived, the group had already received word from Qiu Chenxi and had gone to the restaurant.

Luckily, the large group was too conspicuous and eye-catching. Zhu Baoguo randomly asked the owners of the shops along the road about their whereabouts, and almost most of them could tell him in which direction the group went. That was why Zhu Baoguo was able to arrive in time.

"She is sick and abnormal. Her parents have an unhappy marriage, and so she catches others to make them suffer with her." Shi Qing exploded in anger. She was really unlucky.

She had said long ago that she did not intend to be involved with her auntie's affairs. If her father had not told her grandpa about the investigation results so that he would be mentally prepared, her auntie would not have known about the affair.

When she met her father next time, she must make things clear to him.

Since her grandpa did not place the Shi family's interests as his priority and went all out to help her auntie, why must her father be so concerned about the Shi family's affairs? Now that her father had left the army, her auntie and Qiu Chenxi were much more important than her father in her grandpa's eyes.

"She is indeed sick." Zhu Baoguo did not expect that Qiu Chenxi would create trouble for Qiao Nan because of such ridiculous reasons.

"What's there to look at? Right now, all of you have two paths to choose from. First, let's fight it out. We shall see which group is more capable and has a larger number. Second, get out of my sight now."'Little Chicken Head' looked disdainfully at the group of thugs hired by Qiu Chenxi. His demeanor was much more unruly than the people that Qiu Chenxi spent money to hire.

"Big brother, what should we do?" The people that Qiu Chenxi hired were undecided.

"What do you mean? Do you want to spend all the money you earned to buy medicine? I have taught you long ago that we cannot accept deals that have no gains but losses." When both sides were badly mismatched in terms of strength and number, and their side was able to crush the enemy, they had to fight.

However, if they were well-matched in strength, just like right now, he was unwilling to join the fight.

He thought that his targets were just ordinary young ladies who were nerdy. That was why he did not find out more about his targets and accepted the task.

But they were children of the government officials! He could not afford to offend them!

"Let's go back!" The people that Qiu Chenxi hired could tell that the situation was not to their favors and had no wish to continue the fight. The leader made a decision right then and turned to leave.

The group of people was quick to retreat. Some of the passersby who gathered on the streets felt disappointed that everything ended without a fight, while some were glad that things had returned to normal.

In short, it could have been a brutal fight, but everything ended right then like smoke that evaporated into thin air. The streets were back to normal.

"What's there to look at?" Zhu Baoguo glared at the passersby impatiently. The people who crowded around felt guilty and dispersed under Zhu Baoguo's stare.

Such people would not lend a helping hand when others were in trouble, but they were more than happy to watch the show.

Zhu Baoguo could see through such people and found them particularly annoying.

"I will send both of you back. If you don't hurry back, Uncle Qiao will be worried." After shouting at the passersby to leave, Zhu Baoguo gave some money to 'Little Chicken Head'. "Thank you for today. Take this and treat the brothers to a meal."

"Brother Baoguo, that's nothing."'Little Chicken Head' was elated. They were willing to be under Zhu Baoguo not only because he had a high social status, but it was also because he had never looked down upon them who came from a humble background. Most importantly, Zhu Baoguo was generous enough to give them money for meals.



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