"It was not just that. Those that she hired to hold me back were still considered polite as they intended to win against me with numbers. However, the group that Qiu Chenxi sent to target Qiao Nan was much more vicious. All of them had weapons. She wanted to know who Brother Zhai's girlfriend is. Qiao Nan did not expose herself but she gave hints and no lies. Besides not letting out the identity, we told Qiu Chenxi the rest. However, Qiu Chenxi went back on her words and ordered the two groups of people to surround and attack us. Fortunately, Zhu Baoguo appeared in the nick of time. Otherwise, I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you over the phone now. I would have been sent to the hospital in a stretcher long ago!"

"So serious?"

"I think the reality is more severe than my words. Dad, has Qiu Chenxi lost her mind?" Shi Qing peeped at Qiao Dongliang's room. When she observed that there were no movements in Qiao Dongliang's room, she covered the phone receiver and said in a hushed voice, "Isn't uncle just having an affair? As for the so-called illegitimate child, not even a shadow of him could be seen yet. Or, is that mistress really pregnant with my uncle's child? And that's why Qiu Chenxi was so agitated?"

She had stayed in the house of the Qiu family for some time before. Could she not tell if her auntie and uncle were on good terms with each other?

During breakfast times, there was minimal eye contact between her auntie and uncle. Each of them minded their own businesses while taking their breakfasts. The two could not even be bothered to give each other a simple look of concern.

Given such a way of interaction, would she find it strange that her uncle had an affair?

Wouldn't Qiu Chenxi have guessed it earlier too?

They were already not on good terms. Hence, the more Shi Qing could not understand why Qiu Chenxi was so greatly affected by the affair and did something so overboard today.

"Dad, do you think Qiu Chenxi has some mental issues?" Otherwise, there was no other explanation for this. Her auntie had not even become like that. Qiu Chenxi had turned mad first.

If Qiu Chenxi continued to mess around like that, then the Qiu family just had to await their doom in Ping Cheng.

"Alright, don't talk nonsense." Shi Peng took a deep breath. "Was Qiao Nan frightened badly?"

"It's all thanks to Qiao Nan's quick wit today. If not, she and I would not be able to survive until Zhu Baoguo arrived. So, don't underestimate Qiao Nan. She's very brave." At the thought of Qiao Nan's tactic today, Shi Qing felt embarrassed to describe it in detail.

There was a word that Qiao Nan had used to describe it correctly: rogue.

Shi Qing asked herself if she would be able to come up with such a solution if Qiao Nan had not taken the lead. Most probably, this idea would never cross her mind in her entire lifetime.

It was rogue. Nevertheless, it was useful.

Qiu Chenxi had already hired hatchet men to break their limbs. What Qiao Nan did was already considered lenient. After all, in the end, Qiu Chenxi did not suffer a full wardrobe malfunction. At most, they just frightened Qiu Chenxi.

Compared to Qiu Chenxi who really wanted to go hard on them, she and Qiao Nan were really too benevolent.

At the end of the whole saga, they even helped Qiu Chenxi save a little face.

As Shi Qing sounded a little hesitant when she said that, Shi Peng could certainly tell that his daughter did not tell him everything, probably because she felt a little embarrassed to do so. It was not that she wanted to withhold information.

Shi Peng could imagine the situation too. Qiu Chenxi hired so many people to surround and attack his daughter and Qiao Nan. If the two ladies did not utilize some extreme methods, then they might really die on the spot.

Instead of letting his daughter and Qiao Nan end up being beaten by Qiu Chenxi's hatchet men, he would certainly prefer that the two ladies used extreme means to protect themselves. There was nothing more important than that. "Fine, since I'm aware of this, there won't be a next time. However, Qiao Nan and you have to stay alert as well. Also, if she has any mental issues, it is most probably inherited."

"Inherited?" Shi Qing was dumbfounded. "You're saying that my auntie…"

"It's not considered an illness. It's extreme stubbornness. When your auntie was young, she had such impulsiveness too. It's just that I held her back." Many years ago, when she heard that Zhao Yaohui wanted to marry Miao Jing, Qi Minlan's reaction was much stronger than that of Qiu Chenxi today.

Initially, Qi Minlan did not talk about stopping the marriage. Instead, she said she wanted to find a few men to teach Miao Jing a lesson.

As to how they would teach her a lesson, it was up to one's interpretation.

"Hahaha." Except for this deprecating laugh, Shi Qing did not know what to say anymore. "Dad, I'm hanging up."

"You heard all of it?" After the phone was hung up, Shi Qing looked at Qiao Nan, who was sitting beside her.

"Heard it." Qiao Nan nodded.

"What do we do next?" She really could not tell that her auntie and Qiu Chenxi would do such a crazy thing when they were agitated.

"Alright, put away that expression of yours. Everyone has an extreme side. In other words, almost everyone has some mental problems. It can be termed as psychological barriers. The difference is that some people's conditions are more severe. If so, this will be termed as the mental issues that you mentioned earlier. Some people's conditions are not severe. At most, they will be considered as being emotional. Don't look at Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi as if they are lunatics. Given the laws in China, we will have to cry if they are really crazy."

Qiao Nan was determined to treat these two women as normal beings.

"Why is it that we have to be the ones crying?" Shi Qing did not get it. They were not the ones who were crazy. Shouldn't her auntie and Qiu Chenxi be the ones crying?

"The laws in China are more lenient toward certain special groups of people, such as crazy people and the underage." Such people were regarded as not having any legal liability. Nothing much would happen to them if anything happened.

"…" With this, Shi Qing understood what that meant. "I've decided. When I have time, I'll read up more on the laws in China. Damn, there's such a thing?"

"As a military personnel, you don't even know this. Don't you feel ashamed?" Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. "So you understand now. You can think about it, but you must not express it. If you express it, you'll be giving Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi a trump card to protect themselves with. They don't need to be afraid of carrying out illegal activities anymore."

"Will they be considered mad just because they claim themselves to be? There's a need to ascertain it too, right?" Shi Qing was in disbelief. These were the laws of the country and not those of her auntie or Qiu Chenxi. The laws were not meant to serve only the two of them.

Qiao Nan pursed her lips. "Even if they need to ascertain it, you're not the one doing so. Can you control the outcome of it? You can't but other people can. There isn't a clear distinction between black and white in this world. Anyway, we're deviating from the main point. We've not reached that extent yet. I'm just reminding you. After all, your auntie and Qiu Chenxi are smart people. They may take advantage of the loopholes of the laws."

Today, Qiu Chenxi had hired people. Nevertheless, she had been sitting by one side and did not go near Shi Qing and her. This went to show clearly that Qiu Chenxi did not want to go head-on with her. Instead, she protected herself very well.

Hence, Qiu Chenxi did not intend to sacrifice herself for the sake of dealing with a nobody, a poor and ordinary citizen such as her.

"But I keep having this strange feeling. Do you think Qiu Chenxi did what she did today intentionally or unknowingly? If it's intentional, then what was her motive?"



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