"Thank you, Brother Baoguo." All the people who came with 'Little Chicken Head' smiled at the sight of the money.

"Alright, go and have a good meal." Zhu Baoguo waved his hand nonchalantly. He used to like to mix with these people, but Xiao Qiao had changed this habit of his. Now, he had no wish to mingle with them.

However, on account of their past friendship as well as that 'Little Chicken Head' having helped Qiao Nan this time, Zhu Baoguo did not ignore them.

Zhu Baoguo sent Shi Qing and Qiao Nan back home, but he kept his silence during the whole journey.

Zhu Baoguo would usually talk nonstop when he was with Qiao Nan. However, he was particularly quiet today and never took the initiative to say a word.

Shi Qing had wanted to start a conversation, but she felt like her tongue was twisted upon seeing Zhu Baoguo's expression. She touched Qiao Nan lightly, hinting for her to start the conversation.

It was because of Qiao Nan that Zhu Baoguo was able to arrive in time today. In other words, she was saved all thanks to Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan ignored Shi Qing and continued to walk in silence. She stopped when she almost reached her house. "Zhu Baoguo, thank you for what happened today. If not for you, Shi Qing and I would be in big trouble."

"It's nothing. You used to help me, so it's right that I helped you." Yes, in the past, Xiao Qiao used to help him and teach him. It was no wonder that Xiao Qiao would say that he had not grown up. "Since you have arrived at your house, I will go back."

Zhu Baoguo took a glance at the Qiao family's residence. Unlike two years ago when he would follow his heart and spend some time at the Qiao family's residence, he walked off right away today.

"Hey, do you feel that Zhu Baoguo behaved strangely in front of you?" He was totally different from the deskmate that she used to see in school.

Qiao Nan sighed. "Everyone has a price to pay for growing up." Since Zhu Baoguo had changed, it showed that he had really grown up.

"Nan Nan, Shi Qing, both of you are finally back." The door in the living room had to be opened from the inside. Seeing that his daughter had yet to return, Qiao Dongliang had thought of going outside to look around. He had just opened the door when he saw her in the doorway. "Why are you both so late today? You mentioned that it's the monthly exams day and that you would be back early, didn't you?"

"Something cropped up today, so we are late. Dad, I am hungry." Qiao Nan did not mention that she was detained by Qiu Chenxi and was almost beaten up by hooligans. She did not wish to frighten Qiao Dongliang.

"Hungry? Then, come on in. I have already prepared some food. If both of you still weren't back, the food would turn cold." Qiao Nan and Shi Qing looked fine except that their clothes and hair were slightly messy. It was nothing to be surprised about. Hence, Qiao Dongliang did not feel that anything was amiss. "Come on in and have a meal."

"Thank you, Uncle Qiao." Shi Qing took a deep breath. To her, staying in the Qiao family's residence was the best decision she ever made.

As for Qiao Nan, Shi Qing did not know whether Qiao Nan had any regrets for allowing her to live with her.

After the three of them finished their meals, Qiao Dongliang handed the keys that Shi Peng left with him to Shi Qing. "This is the key to the new house that your dad bought. It is just next door to us. Your dad said that he can leave the army soon and will work in Ping Cheng in the future. He bought this house as it is convenient for you to go to school. In the future, it will be your home. You have to keep it safe."

"My dad bought a house again?" Shi Qing had no idea about investing in houses. "In fact, my dad didn't have to go to all the trouble. He has bought a house for me previously, and now he bought another house. It is too wasteful. He should sell the previous house."

"Don't sell it!" Qiao Nan stopped Shi Qing right away. "You are not in need of money. You can just leave the house as it is, and you won't stand to lose."

Qiao Nan, who had been through rebirth, did not remember any winning lottery number, and neither did she master any skills to earn lots of money, or know which businesses would be thriving.

However, Qiao Nan knew that housing prices in the country would rise in the future.

If the location was good, the price would be several dozens times that of the current price. If the location was not good, the price would also be dozens times that of the current price.

After the 21st century, there would be inflation. Compared to saving money, investing in a house was a better way to earn money.

Furthermore, the house that Shi Qing had would not cost too much.

After all, housing price was relatively cheap now.

If not for her family's situation, she would encourage her father to buy a few more houses with the extra money that he had. By the time the housing prices rose, her father would be able to retire and enjoy old age using the profit that he made from the rise in housing prices.

"It's useless to have so many houses. I can't stay in so many houses either." Shi Qing was baffled.

Qiao Nan smiled. "The Qiu family is considered wealthy and has lots of money. Do you think people from the Qiu family will dislike that they have too much money and have nothing to spend the money on?"

"Well, these are two different matters. Can we make such a comparison?" Shi Qing was confused. They were talking about money and houses. "The size of the house is so much bigger than money."

Qiao Nan stared upward in exasperation. "Fine, then you can go ahead and tell your dad. I could not help it if you find having too much money an issue. But I feel that investing in houses is better than keeping the money in the bank."

The house that Shi Peng bought for Shi Qing would, at most, cost a few thousand yuan.

Ten years later, such houses in this location would cost at least a few million yuan. It was about one thousand times more!

Forget it. The Shi family was just as wealthy as the Qiu family. Since the Shi family was not short of money, she did not need to be worried on Shi Qing's behalf.

"Dad, it's getting late. Do you want to rest first? Shi Qing may want to give Officer Shi a call." Qiao Nan glanced at the clock. She knew that if they delayed any further, Officer Shi would be asleep.

"Alright, the two of you must go to bed early as well." Qiao Dongliang nodded and left, leaving the living room to Qiao Nan and Shi Qing. "Nan Nan, remember, the two of you must sleep early as well. Don't stay up late."

"I won't stay up late."

"Good night, Uncle Qiao."

Shi Qing waited for Qiao Dongliang to close the door before calling Shi Peng. "Qing Qing, why do you call me at this time? Is anything the matter? Are you short of cash?"

Shi Qing shook her head. "No, but then again, it is related to money. Qiu Chenxi must be crazy. Just because uncle has an affair, she was so riled up that she hired a group of people today to deal with Nan Nan and me. If not for Zhu Baoguo, who appeared in the nick of time, Nan Nan and I would be lying in the hospital now."

"Are you sure that it's Qiu Chenxi's doing?" Shi Peng's tone turned serious. He had thought that though his niece was haughty, she was kindhearted.

However, after hearing what Shi Qing said, Shi Peng thought otherwise.

"It's definitely her. Today, she asked me out to a restaurant to have a meal. I brought Qiao Nan along to eat for free. But I did not expect that the hooligans have been lying in ambush in the restaurant."



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