Shi Qing slumped backward. "If it's something that you can't even guess, the more I can't possibly know. I've never known what was on Qiu Chenxi's mind."

It did not matter even if Qiao Nan and Shi Qing did not know Qiu Chenxi's motive. It was enough that Qiu Chenxi herself knew what she was doing.

Qiu Chenxi, who nearly landed herself in great embarrassment today, looked extremely sullen. After she returned to the house of the Qiu family, she called Qian Yanyan, who was in the army. "Qian Yanyan, it's me."

"I know. I've been waiting for your call. What would you like me to do for you?" When Qian Yanyan picked up Qiu Chenxi's phone call, she felt quite guilty. Previously, when Qiao Nan lost her lesson plan in the army, everyone had blamed it on Qiu Chenxi alone.

Nevertheless, Qiu Chenxi and Qian Yanyan were both aware that Qian Yanyan was the one who took the lesson plan. Furthermore, Qian Yanyan was the one who came up with the idea and spurred Qiu Chenxi on. In the end, she even acted on it personally and stole the book, giving it to Qiu Chenxi.

When Qiu Chenxi left the army, she took all the blame and did not mention Qian Yanyan's name at all.

Now that Qian Yanyan was of use to Qiu Chenxi, of course, the latter would not have any reservation when seeking her help. "Find a way to spread this news to Regiment Commander Zhai."

Qian Yanyan's face turned pale. She felt that this was a very difficult task. "This… How am I going to say that? Even if I do, Regiment Commander Zhai won't possibly believe me. Qiu Chenxi, you, you wouldn't really have…" Really have found someone to beat Teacher Xiao Qiao until her limbs were broken, or did she?

Once, Qian Yanyan looked down on Qiao Nan and addressed her as 'that high school student'.

Nevertheless, the situation was different now. Song Yin, who had been taught by Qiao Nan, would soon be promoted to platoon leader after receiving the third-class merit. Qiao Nan had taught so many students at once, yet a talent such as Song Yin could result from her teaching.

On the contrary, if one looked at Qiu Chenxi's case, over the past ten days of classes, Qiu Chenxi only taught about over twenty students. However, amongst these students, none of them had made any 'splash'.

Given such a comparison, even Qian Yanyan had to concede defeat and address Qiao Nan as Teacher Xiao Qiao.

Although Qiao Nan had left the army, along with Song Yin's promotion to platoon leader, the three words 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' became increasingly famous in the army.

At the thought that she had done something that had let Qiao Nan down in the past, Qian Yanyan felt guilty. She was worried every day that she had been seen by someone when she went to 'take' Qiao Nan's lesson plan that day and that she would be exposed one day.

If that was truly the case, then her army life would come to an end. The party would definitely remove her rank and expel her from the army.

The more famous Qiao Nan was in the army, the more afraid Qian Yanyan was. Today, Qiu Chenxi even said such things to her. Qian Yanyan was so scared that her face was as white as a sheet.

"She escaped!" At the thought of what happened during the day, despite speaking through the phone, Qian Yanyan could feel the hate and viciousness in Qiu Chenxi's tone.

Qian Yanyan secretly heaved a sigh of relief. It was good if Teacher Xiao Qiao was not hurt. "How am I going to spread the news to Regiment Commander Zhai? It's not easy, is it?" She was just a military performer in the dance troupe. Usually, there was basically no opportunity for her to come into contact with a figure such as Regiment Commander Zhai.

"Think of it yourself! Don't ask me what to do. I only want the results. I don't care about the process. Qian Yanyan, if you still wish to remain in the army, it's best that you help me settle this matter. Otherwise, although I can't return to the army, I still have a hundred, or even a thousand, ways to make you leave the army!"

Qiu Chenxi left a pawn like Qian Yanyan in the army for the purpose of fulfilling her needs one day, such as now. This was in case she did not have anyone else to make use of in the army.

If Qian Yanyan was not even of such a minor use, then, as the abandoned pawn, Qian Yanyan was not even qualified to remain in the army.

"Alright, don't get angry. I, I know. I'll think of a way." Qian Yanyan was scared out of her wits. She completely dared not question further.

"Hurry, you have to tell Regiment Commander Zhai the news today. Understand?" Qiu Chenxi gave such an ultimatum. She did not leave any rooms of negotiation for Qian Yanyan.

"Yes, I know. I'll definitely settle it." At this juncture, Qian Yanyan was beginning to have regrets. She started to realize how difficult it was to deal with Qiu Chenxi. If she had known that this would be the case, she would certainly not have fawned on Qiu Chenxi previously. She was too scary.

After hanging up the phone call with Qiu Chenxi, Qian Yanyan felt that she was at a loss of what to do.

Even if she was willing to pass the message to Regiment Commander Zhai, like what she said just now, she was just a junior military performer. She did not have any chance to come into contact with Regiment Commander Zhai. How was she going to pass the news to him?

She had no choice. After circling the army a few times, Qian Yanyan finally thought of a way.

Today, the purchasing officer in the army had made a trip to Ping Cheng. Hence, Qian Yanyan used the method of creating rumors. She widely spread the news that Qiu Chenxi had wanted her to pass to Zhai Sheng in the army.

She did not believe that Regiment Commander Zhai would not hear of it when so many people were spreading the news.

Zhai Sheng did hear it eventually. Nevertheless, something happened in between.

The first person to know that Qiao Nan had been surrounded and beaten until she was injured was not Zhai Sheng but Zhou Jun.

When Zhou Jun first heard of this news, he was frightened to the point of turning pale. "I need to look for Regiment Commander Zhai regarding something."

"Come in." When he heard Zhou Jun's voice, Zhai Sheng allowed him to come in. "It's already so late. Do you still have any matter?" If Zhou Jun had been here later, Zhai Sheng would have returned to his dormitory.

"Regiment Commander Zhai, I wish to take two hours' of time off to make a trip to Ping Cheng tomorrow."

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At the thought of this answer, Zhai Sheng was quite reluctant to approve his request. "Is there any matter?"

"…Hmm, something happened to a friend that I know, so I have to go and take a look." Zhou Jun was too embarrassed to say that the lady he liked could have been beaten by someone, and that he had to go and take a look as he was worried.

"Something happened?" In that case, it was not Nan Nan then. Zhai Sheng tidied up the stuff on his desk. "Fine, you can go ahead tomorrow noon. You can apply for backdated leave when you're back."

"Thank you, Regiment Commander Zhai!" Zhou Jun heaved a sigh of relief and then returned to the dormitory.

The next day, Zhou Jun was extremely conscientious and serious when he was attending the training session in the army. He even requested his own men to do the same. Training efficiency was thus extremely high.

When the morning training session ended, Zhou Jun left the army without a word and found a way to Ping Cheng. "Uncle Qiao?"


There was silence in the house. Then, the voice of a woman could be heard. "Who's that? Who's looking for Uncle Qiao?"

Zhou Jun, who was standing at the door, was stunned for a while. This was not Nan Nan's voice. Of course, it was not Uncle Qiao's voice either. Could it be that Auntie Ding or the elder daughter of the family was back? "I'm Zhou Jun. I'm here to see Nan Nan."

Yes, Uncle Qiao needed to go to work. Nan Nan was injured. If Auntie Ding and Qiao Zijin did not come back, there would be no one to take care of Nan Nan.



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