They were of the same age, with a difference of a few months at most.

Why did Qiao Nan have so many suitors while she had no suitors? Perhaps she should do some self-reflection?

"Alright, stop being such a busybody. I think I know what Qiu Chenxi was up to yesterday. Hurry, I have to give Brother Zhai a call. Otherwise, it will be too late." Qiao Nan was filled with trepidation.

The reason why she did not invite Zhou Jun into the house for a cup of tea was for this reason.

Shi Qing blinked. Qiao Nan said that she understood Qiu Chenxi's intention as soon as she saw Zhou Jun, but why did she not understand?

Qiao Nan rushed back to the house. Zhou Jun and Zhai Sheng were in the same unit. If Zhou Jun had heard about it, Zhai Sheng could probably have heard about it as well.

After hearing of the news, Zhou Jun had come right away to look for her. Even if Zhai Sheng learned of the news later then Zhou Jun, he would set off for her house soon.

No matter what, she had to make a phone call to Zhai Sheng before he left the camp.

"Please let it get through. It must get through!" Qiao Nan dialed Zhai Sheng's number and was in a panic when she heard the dial tone on the other end of the phone.

"What happened?" Shi Qing was clueless. "What does Qiu Chenxi want to do?"

"She has one intention in mind. She still hasn't given up on her plan to find out who Brother Zhai's girlfriend is. You have seen what happened yesterday. Even though she was sure that I am not Brother Zhai's girlfriend, she still used the Qiu family's influence to make trouble for me. If she knows that I am the one, I can't imagine what kind of crazy things Qiu Chenxi will be capable of." Qiao Nan clenched her fist and hit her knees rapidly. "If my guess is correct, Qiu Chenxi will definitely have someone hide near the camp. Once Brother Zhai comes out from the camp, the people that Qiu Chenxi hired will follow him all the way here."

"My goodness! Qiu Chenxi's real goal is to alert the enemy so that she will be able to find out who Brother Zhai's girlfriend is!" Realization dawned over Shi Qing. "She used you as a bait to create a ruckus and make sure that everyone in the army learned of it. When Brother Zhai hears of it, he will definitely be worried and will check on you and his girlfriend. As long as the people that Qiu Chenxi hired follow Brother Zhai, he will track him to your place."

In this case, Qiao Nan's identity as Brother Zhai's girlfriend would have a high risk of being exposed.

As Qiao Nan said, even when Qiu Chenxi did not know that Qiao Nan was Brother Zhai's girlfriend, she already did crazy things.

If she was sure, Qiu Chenxi might do crazier stuff.

To be on the safe side, Qiao Nan must be on her guard at all times and be careful not to be discovered by Qiu Chenxi.

"Qiao Nan, other students are in relationships as well, but why is it that your relationship is so heart-stopping?" For other students, teachers and parents would be watchful of them and give them a stern warning at most.

But for Qiao Nan, once she was discovered by Qiu Chenxi, she would be in a life-threatening situation and might even lose her life.

It angered Shi Qing that such things would happen in a lawful society.

Qiao Nan smiled bitterly. "Who do you think is unlucky, me or Brother Zhai?"

"Both of you are unlucky. None is better than the other." Shi Qing was helpless. "Of course, I am unlucky as well to have such a relative. You have not known her for long, but she is older than me and I have known her from a young age. It can be said that I have been tortured by her since I was a child. Or I should say that it is unlucky of me to have known this pair of mother and daughter."

"What should I do? It won't get through. Could it be…" Qiao Nan was getting more and more anxious. Could Brother Zhai be on his way to Ping Cheng?

Fortunately, when Qiao Nan was about to give up and hang up, the phone was answered. "Nan Nan?"

"Brother Zhai, you haven't left the army? I must be a fool." Qiao Nan slapped her forehead. She had been too anxious that she lost her senses.

"Are you okay?" She could tell from Zhai Sheng's urgent tone that he was anxious. In fact, Zhai Sheng was about to leave the camp. People would be prone to mistakes when they were anxious. Originally, Zhai Sheng was training the soldiers, but during the short rest in the middle of the training, he heard from someone that 'Teacher Xiao Qiao was injured'. After hearing that, he was in a hurry to look for Qiao Nan.

However, no car traveled from the camp to Ping Cheng. If Zhai Sheng wanted to go to Ping Cheng, he had to drive his own car.

However, he could not carry his car keys with him all the while when he was training the soldiers.

Zhai Sheng had dashed to the entrance of the camp before realizing that he did not have his keys, hence he made a turn back to his office to retrieve his keys.

It was also because of this that Zhai Sheng was in time to answer Qiao Nan's phone call before leaving the camp.

Qiao Nan breathed a sigh of relief. "Brother Zhai, have you heard of it as well?"

"Yes, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Those rumors are not true. Brother Zhou just came to check on me, and I have sent him away. You must not believe the rumors." No matter what, thankfully, she was in time and the situation did not get out of hand.

"What happened? Did someone attack you?" Zhai Sheng could tell that the rumors were laden with truths and lies.

Since Qiao Nan was at home, her injuries must not be too serious, or she might not have been injured. But that did not mean that she was not besieged.

"Let me do the saying!" Seeing Qiao Nan look hesitant, an impatient Shi Qing grabbed the phone. "Brother Zhai, this is the case. Qiu Chenxi has gone crazy, she… Luckily, Qiao Nan was smart. If not, what you heard would not be rumors, but the truth."

If they had not made a quick escape, and without Zhu Baoguo's help, she and Qiao Nan would have been lying motionless in a hospital bed now.

"Qiao Nan said that Qiu Chenxi did it deliberately to trick you to leave the camp and to follow you so as to find out who your girlfriend is."

"I understand." When Shi Qing started to tell him what happened yesterday, he had already guessed that what he heard at the army just now was a trap that Qiu Chenxi laid for him. It was for him to reveal who the lady that was on his mind was.

In fact, he had almost fallen for Qiu Chenxi's trap.

Zhai Sheng did not expect that Qiu Chenxi would be so ruthless.

"Pass the phone to Nan Nan."

"Brother Zhai wants to talk to you." Shi Qing could tell that Zhai Sheng was unhappy. She plastered an innocent look on her face even though he was angry because of what she said. She ran to her room to do her homework, leaving Qiao Nan to deal with an angry Zhai Sheng.

Even though Qiao Dongliang had given the keys to Shi Qing, Shi Peng had not moved into the new house. Hence, Shi Qing continued to stay at the Qiao family's residence, sharing a room with Qiao Nan.



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