"Why didn't you tell me?" Qiao Nan had just placed the phone against her ear, and Zhai Sheng barked at her in anger.

Qiao Nan smiled bitterly. "Yesterday, it was fortunate that Zhu Baoguo arrived in the nick of time. Shi Qing and I weren't hurt. It was Qiu Chenxi who was embarrassed. I thought it was over. I didn't even tell my dad." She did not tell anyone, and Brother Zhai was no exception.

Zhai Sheng was still dissatisfied with her answer. "If there is anything in the future, you must tell me right away. Looking at today's situation, you should understand how important it is to communicate in time."

He and Uncle Qiao were different. She could not lump them together.

"I understand." Qiao Nan agreed abidingly after being lectured by Zhai Sheng.

"Are you sure that you aren't injured?" It was rare that Qiao Nan was willing to listen to him. He could no longer stay angry with a gentle Qiao Nan. Besides, what happened this time was no fault of Qiao Nan. It had to do with Qiu Chenxi.

In fact, Zhai Sheng was angry with himself for not protecting Qiao Nan. He was the reason why Qiu Chenxi found trouble for Qiao Nan.

He did not expect that Qiu Chenxi would have so many tricks up her sleeves and that she would use such methods. "From today onward, you must be careful. As for the Qiu family, I will find a way to deal with them."

"Brother Zhai, don't mess around, or else Chief Zhai will be upset." Qiao Nan felt worried.

"I know what to do." Zhai Sheng thought before saying, "You must pay more attention to your safety. As for other issues, don't think too much. I will take care of everything else."

"Yes." Initially, Qiao Nan felt uneasy and was worried that Qiu Chenxi would be up to other tricks. However, she felt more assured now and was no longer afraid.

Qiu Chenxi had no idea that Qiao Nan had already informed Zhai Sheng about her trap.

Ever since she left the army, her only spy in the army was Qian Yanyan. But given her position in the army, she was not able to monitor Zhai Sheng's phone.

Therefore, Qiu Chenxi could only wait at home for the people that she hired to relay the information to her. But she did not receive any news until nighttime.

At seven o'clock in the evening, the phone rang. Qiu Chenxi answered it right away. "Is this how you do things? Do you still want to get paid?"

"Miss Qiu, it's not that we don't want to earn money. The person that you want us to follow has not left the camp at all. There is no sight of his car. We did not even see the dispatch delivery car of the camp. Miss Qiu, are you sure that the clues you provided are correct?"

"He did not turn up?" Impossible. "Did you overlook it?"

Miao Jing treated Qiao Nan really well. She was almost as good to her as she did Zhai Hua.

It was impossible that Miao Jing would not do anything when she knew that Qiao Nan was in trouble.

Since Miao Jing regarded Qiao Nan as her daughter, Brother Zhai would be Qiao Nan's brother. It was impossible that he did not ask about her when she was in trouble.

Qiu Chenxi's original plan was to make use of what happened to Qiao Nan so that Zhai Sheng would be able to give his family a valid reason to leave the camp.

In the meantime, upon hearing the news that Qiao Nan was hurt, Zhai Sheng would be worried about that vixen as well.

Qiu Chenxi did not need to do anything but stay at home, waiting for the vixen to be exposed.

"Overlooked it?" The other party smirked at Qiu Chenxi's irresponsible words. "We are professionals in this field. If we overlooked it, would we have the face to take your money? Besides, even if we missed it when he went out, we would definitely see him when he's back. We can no longer stay guard at the camp. If we continue to do so and are discovered by the army at night, we will be treated as posing a danger to the army."

They were just normal citizens in China. They might have special occupations, but they were just earning their keep.

It would be alright if their target was an ordinary person, but their target this time was a soldier, and he was the regiment commander. They could not offend someone like him.

"Qiu Chenxi, no matter what, we have failed to accomplish this mission. We will not ask for the rest of the money for this mission, but it's just that we can't return the deposit. If there's a need, or if you have other jobs in the future, remember to come to us."

It was not easy to earn Qiu Chenxi's money.

"Miss Qiu, if there's a chance, we shall meet each other again in the future." With that, the other party hung up the phone.

"How dare you hang up!" Qiu Chenxi slammed the phone in anger. They were to blame for not delivering what they promised. She did not say that the task was called off. How could the other party behave in such a manner? It was too unreasonable!

"Why did you slam the phone?" Old Master Qiu happened to witness the scene. "Since you don't manage the house, you don't know how difficult life is. Chenxi, you can't behave like your mom, who throws things at home as she pleases. You can't think that because we have money, it's okay to throw things around. You must change such a corrupted way of thinking."

Qi Minlan could no longer have any children, but the other woman that his son had was able to bear them a grandson.

It was rare that he did not need to nag at his son and his son was able to think it through and tried his best to have a son.

As the elder, what Elder Qiu could do was to safeguard everything in the Qiu family so that he could pass them to his grandson. He must protect them from Qiu Chenxi.

"Since I have already thrown several of them, it doesn't matter if I throw some more." Qiu Chenxi was angry. Hence, she acted unruly toward Old Master Qiu. "In our house, I never have such a habit. Grandpa, isn't it too late for you to teach me the right ways?"

Old Master Qiu pulled a long face. "You have been led astray by your mom. Is this the appropriate attitude that you should have when talking to your elders?"

"I can't help it that grandpa values a telephone more than me." Qiu Chenxi snorted to express her dissatisfaction.

Old Master Qiu was displeased. "It's not that the telephone is more important than the person, but that it's pitiable that the person has less use than the telephone. Before you complain, you should look at the situation that you are in now. What good is there to ask for an insult? In the Qiu family, one should not have this kind of corrupted thoughts."

This was the first time Old Master Qiu lectured her in front of the servant. Qiu Chenxi's eyes turned red. "Corrupted? Well, who is the most corrupt person in this house?"

With that, Qiu Chenxi left to look for her mother. "Mom, how's your preparation going? Grandpa no longer treats me as his granddaughter and is very stingy toward me now. He can't wait to keep everything in the Qiu family's residence away from me. He forbids me from using them so that he can leave everything to the son of that woman."



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