There was something amiss. Would these two people take good care of Nan Nan when they were back?

Knowing how unreliable that mother-daughter pair was, Zhou Jun was now more worried about Qiao Nan's situation. What if these two people took the chance to bully Nan Nan when Uncle Qiao was not at home?

"Hey, it's really you? Why did you come?" Shi Qing knew Zhou Jun. After all, Shi Peng had mentioned Zhou Jun to Shi Qing before. Coupled with the fact that she was taking note of Zhai Sheng's matters, she knew that Zhou Jun was a soldier that had been nurtured and promoted by Zhai Sheng. "Why aren't you in the army? Why did you come to the house of the Qiao family?"

"You, you are…" Zhou Jun hesitated for a while at first. "You're Shi Qing, the daughter of Officer Shi?"

"Yes." Shi Qing nodded. "Uncle Qiao is working now. Since you came looking for him at this hour, is there any matter? You can leave a message. I'll pass it to Uncle Qiao in the evening."

"You're staying here?" When he saw Shi Qing in casual wear and did not seem like she was simply paying a visit, Zhou Jun had a look of puzzlement all over his face.

"I've been staying here for a long time. Right, why exactly are you looking for Uncle Qiao?" Shi Qing had run out of patience. She had asked the same question three times.

"I, actually, I came to look for Nan Nan. How's Nan Nan now? Is she doing fine?" After enduring for some time, Zhou Jun finally revealed the objective of his visit today.

Shi Qing looked sullen. "What's with Qiao Nan? Isn't she doing quite well? Did something happen?" Why was Zhou Jun so concerned about Qiao Nan? Initially, he was even asking for Uncle Qiao.

Shi Qing sized up Zhou Jun a few times. She sensed something and then she looked at Zhou Jun in surprise. Could it be that Zhou Jun like Qiao Nan?

It, it could not possibly be…

Didn't Zhou Jun know Brother Zhai's feelings toward Qiao Nan, and that they were already a couple long ago?

Double-crossing his regiment commander, this Zhou Jun was too daring.

"Nan Nan is fine? Didn't they say that Nan Nan was beaten up and badly injured? Why did someone attack Nan Nan? Has this been reported to the police and did the police investigate this clearly? What's the situation of those people?" Nan Nan was just a high school student. She spent most of her time at school. During the holidays, she usually stayed at home and never went out. Even if she did, he believed that Nan Nan was not the type who would provoke others. She was such a sensible girl.

Hence, if Nan Nan was attacked, the other party must be in the wrong.

"Qiao Nan, Zhou Jun came to look for you." Shi Qing did not explain further. Whether Qiao Nan was fine, she just had to call Qiao Nan out and let Zhou Jun see for himself. Would that not do?

"Brother Zhou is here?" Having met Zhou Jun a few times, it was impossible that Qiao Nan did not have a deep impression of the son of her father's former ward mate. "Brother Zhou, why are you here?"

Zhou Jun looked at Qiao Nan from tip to toe. When he saw no signs of injury on Qiao Nan, he let out a sigh of relief. "Perhaps there's a problem with the news that I received. Or maybe, they're talking about someone else."

Having said that, even Zhou Jun did not believe it himself.

The news spread with such vivid details in the army. It was said that Teacher Xiao Qiao had been beaten up and was seriously injured.

However, facts spoke louder than words. Qiao Nan was well and standing in front of him. That must be a rumor then.

"What news is spreading?" Qiao Nan's eyes flashed as she pursued the matter. "Brother Zhou, you've always been staying in the army. You came here to look for me at this hour and asked me if I'm injured? Is it because there are some baseless rumors in the army? Can you tell me?"

"They said that you have been beaten up, that you're seriously injured and hospitalized."

It was just that Zhou Jun had just heard the news and arrived here. Hence, he could only come to the house of the Qiao family to find more information. He did not know which hospital Qiao Nan was staying at. Hence, he could not head directly to the hospital.

"No wonder you came here to look for Uncle Qiao." Shi Qing finally understood. Qiao Nan only had one relative by her side. If Qiao Nan was really hospitalized, then Uncle Qiao certainly would not go to work. He would be at home during this time, preparing food for Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan lowered her eyes and hid the flash in her eyes.

Yesterday, she and Shi Qing had been 'hijacked' by people. Besides the two of them who were the main parties concerned, only Zhu Baoguo knew about his matter.

Zhu Baoguo would definitely not spread such rumors. Why would there be such rumors in the army when this was a matter that even her father did not know about?

"Brother Zhou, thank you for your concern. They were probably not referring to me. I'm doing quite well. I can walk and jump. I have not been beaten." Zhou Jun was an outsider. Qiao Nan did not explain it too clearly either. She just wanted to assure Zhou Jun. "Brother Zhou, judging from your attire, you just left the camp and most probably have to rush back. I'm doing quite well and there's nothing wrong with me at all. Please don't delay your matters."

At this juncture, Zhou Jun was still in his soldier attire. He had not even changed into his casual clothing.

"Really?" Zhou Jun asked as he did not feel assured. The rumors were so vivid and detailed. There would not be smoke without a fire.

"It's real. Brother Zhou, why don't I jump a few times in front of you? I'm really doing fine. If I were truly beaten by others, could my dad still go to work today? He'd definitely have to take care of me." Her father was away. That was the best proof of her well-being.

"Fine. It's great that nothing happened." Zhou Jun nodded and felt more relieved. "No matter what, Nan Nan, you have to be more careful. You're kind but it doesn't mean that others are the same. Some people can be very unreasonable when they wish to harm others. You have to pay more attention to your own safety. Don't be paranoid too. You'll be a mediocre person if you don't draw jealousy from others. If something really happens, the problem definitely doesn't lie with you."

"Brother Zhou, I understand what you're saying. I won't sell myself short or lose confidence." Qiao Nan smiled gently. Because of such untruthful rumors, Brother Zhou made a special trip to look for her. There might be many bad guys, but there were also many good guys around.

"I'm leaving then. If there's anything, remember to ask me for help." He had been living in vain for more than a year. He had not confirmed his relationship with Nan Nan and his mother had been urging him.

At the thought that Qiao Nan was only a second-year high school student, Zhou Jun held back that impatient heart of his. He had to wait a while longer. There was still one more year to go. When Nan Nan had completed the college entrance examination and started studying at college, he would then confess his love to Nan Nan and confirm the relationship.

Zhou Jun had a plan but he was totally unaware that someone had long discussed all these with Qiao Nan.

He who strikes first prevails, while he who strikes late fails. The words of our forefathers were not lies.

The two ladies sent Zhou Jun off with their eyes. When Zhou Jun was a distance away, it suddenly occurred to Qiao Nan that she should have at least invited Zhou Jun in for a drink before he left. It was quite hard on him to rush to and fro. Furthermore, Zhou Jun made this trip out of concern for her.

"Alright, don't feel bad. You're not the one who summoned him. He came here to see you on his own accord." Shi Qing leaned on Qiao Nan. "Qiao Nan, you're still so young but there're so many 'flowers' blooming on your end." One flower bloomed consecutively after another. Even that Chen Jun who had an ulterior motive, yes, that Chen Jun, also wanted to have something to do with Qiao Nan, right?



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