Qiu Chenxi was so upset that she felt like crying. What used to belong to her had become someone else's possessions.

"Don't worry. I am already in the midst of it." Qi Minlan let out a sigh, refusing to take it lying down. "I will not do things that do not benefit me."

"Mom, I have failed again. This time, I paid people to besiege Qiao Nan, but Brother Zhai did not turn up and I still don't know who the woman is." When it came to this, Qiu Chenxi looked defeated. She was bewildered. Ping Cheng was not that large, and the Qiu family had power and influence, so why couldn't she find out who the woman was? Why did she not have any clues at all? "Mom, if this goes on, I am afraid I will not make it in time."

If she was not able to find out the woman's identity as soon as possible, that woman would make use of the time to strengthen her relationship with Brother Zhai.

"No. Didn't you say that the woman is quite young and she will not marry Zhai Sheng at least in one or two years' time? But then again, I have been very curious. Why will Zhai Sheng have such a young girlfriend? How young is she? Is she as young as Qiao Nan?"

Among the people that Qi Minlan knew, Qiao Nan was the youngest and she was way too young. She was even younger than Shi Qing by a few months.

"Mom, do you mean that… that woman is still a student like Qiao Nan and Shi Qing?"

"This…" Qi Minlan hesitated for a moment and felt that it was difficult to come to a conclusion. "If we are to look from this aspect, it will be too general to narrow down to a few ladies, and it will be even more difficult to find out who she is. How about the private detectives that you hired? Have they found anything? Where else besides the Zhai family did Zhai Sheng go whenever he left the army camp?"

Qi Minlan felt perplexed as well. Back when Zhai Yaohui did not want her, there was Miao Jing who stood between them.

Unfortunately, she did not have the power and money that her daughter had now at that time and was powerless to do anything.

But when it was Chenxi's turn, the woman was tucked safely away by Zhai Sheng.

Qi Minlan could not understand. Back then, Zhai Yaohui let her down. Could it be that now it was Zhai Sheng's turn to let her daughter down?

Could it be that the mother and daughter owed the men in the Zhai family and had to suffer time and again in their hands?

"Nothing special. When Brother Zhai was back at Ping Cheng, he spent most of his time at home and was not in touch with anyone. The only person he had contact with was Qiao Nan, and it was always because of Miao Jing. Without Miao Jing, Brother Zhai would not have contacted Qiao Nan."

"Are you sure?" Qi Minlan found it odd that Qiao Nan seemed to be brought up very often. "Chenxi, do you think that we have been looking in the wrong places? Qiao Nan seems to be quite unusual. It's not easy to be the only female around Zhai Sheng."

"Mom, what nonsense are you talking about? Qiao Nan is just a silly young girl. How can she be compared with me?" Qiu Chenxi puffed up her chest confidently. "What happened when we taught English in the army is a good illustration. Brother Zhai is looking for a wife, not a teacher. If he is looking for a teacher, Qiao Nan is the best candidate. I have nothing to say. But if we are talking about his wife, Qiao Nan will definitely lose to me. Besides, Miao Jing arranged a blind date for Brother Zhai recently and Miao Jing and Brother Zhai ended up in a quarrel because of that. If Qiao Nan was the vixen that Brother Zhai is hiding, do you think she would be willing to console her boyfriend's mother and help them patch things up after knowing that her boyfriend's mother had arranged a blind date for her son and things had become unpleasant since?"

Nobody would do this.

"Even if we did not take into consideration Qiao Nan's performance in school, Qiao Nan couldn't be Brother Zhai's girlfriend. If I were his girlfriend, and Miao Jing arranged a blind date for Brother Zhai, I would definitely hate her to the core. Mom, wouldn't you?"

"Yes!" If she were in that position, she would not persuade Miao Jing to go home after the quarrel and mend her relationship with her children. Instead, she would hope for the worst for Miao Jing.

"There you go. In that case, do you think your suspicions are reasonable?"

Qi Minlan turned silent again.

"Furthermore, Miao Jing does not like that Qiao Nan comes from a humble background. If Qiao Nan is Brother Zhai's girlfriend, will Qiao Nan be able to have such a good relationship with her?" Unless Qiao Nan was out of her mind, she would not do that.

Anyway, if she considered Qiao Nan as Zhai Sheng's girlfriend, Qiu Chenxi felt that it was impossible and she would come up with all sorts of excuses.

"Mom, I feel that Brother Zhai treats Qiao Nan as his younger sister under Miao Jing's influence."

"Are you sure?" In fact, Qi Minlan was merely making guesses. They could not find out the woman's identity and yet Qiao Nan's name kept coming up. She was so frustrated that she said that Qiao Nan might be Zhai Sheng's girlfriend.

"Mom, you are such a bother!!" Qiu Chenxi was impatient. "What's the use of picking on Qiao Nan? If it's useful, I would have already found out the identity of that woman. It will definitely not be Qiao Nan. No matter how I think about it, she will definitely not be the woman."

"Well, since you are unhappy, I will say no more. It's good that it's not Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan is young but smart. If she is indeed Zhai Sheng's girlfriend, then I am afraid that you will stand no chance to be with Zhai Sheng."

Currently, not only was Qiao Nan getting along well with Zhai Sheng and was treated like a younger sister by him, but Miao Jing also treated her like her daughter.

In other words, if Qiao Nan was the woman they were looking for, Qiao Nan did not need to do much to get Miao Jing to accept her. After all, Qiao Nan and Miao Jing had always been close.

Once Miao Jing agreed to it, and Zhai Yaohui did not oppose it, it would mean that Qiao Nan would likely be the Zhai family's daughter-in-law.

At the thought that if the woman was Qiao Nan and that the situation would be extremely unfavorable to Qiu Chenxi, Qi Minlan could not help but pray silently, hoping that no matter what, it must not be Qiao Nan.

If Qiao Nan was the opponent, even if her daughter had a lot of tricks up her sleeve, she might not have the last laugh.

"Mom, there's a commotion downstairs. What happened?" Right then, Qiu Chenxi could hear loud noises coming from outside. She walked to the balcony and took a look. "Mom, there are two police cars at the entrance to the yard. What is the situation? Why did the police officers come to our house?"

"Police cars? Are you mistaken?" Qi Minlan jumped up in shock and ran quickly to the balcony to see for herself. She almost fainted upon seeing police cars were indeed at the entrance to the yard. "Chenxi, my heart is thumping wildly. Is something going to happen?"

Qiu Chenxi was dumbfounded. "Mom, don't frighten me. What, what could happen to our family?"



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