Prior to each examination, Qiao Nan had the habit of helping them spot the exam questions. Tang Mengran expressed that, since the first year, Qiao Nan's capability in spotting questions had been excellent.

Qiao Nan had even spotted the exact questions before, not to mention those with similar content.

Fortunately, Tang Mengran had been quite restrained. Hence, she did not tell others of the high accuracy rate that Qiao Nan had in spotting questions. Even the teachers paled in comparison.

Before the examination papers were issued, she had already guessed most of the contents. She could even find the answers beforehand or seek guidance from Qiao Nan.

If she could not even fare well with such an examination, then she could really forget about continuing with her studies.

Moreover, as Qiao Nan's reputation for spotting questions rose, other classmates would also occasionally seek her help.

Everyone was classmates. Qiao Nan would feel embarrassed if she did not render any help. At the very least, she would give them some guidance.

Hence, in class one of humanities course, phenomena gradually formed whereby many would gather around Qiao Nan when examinations were coming close.

These students did not even seem so enthusiastic and cooperative when they were consulting the teachers.

Gradually, Qiao Nan also earned herself the nickname of 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' amongst the second-year cohort of students in Ping Cheng High School.

Relying on Qiao Nan's help, Tang Mengran and those few silly girls transformed from slackers to outstanding students. When she saw this, Shi Qing reflected on her own situation. From the once leading top student who could easily attain good grades to an ordinary top student that abidingly did her homework and carried her schoolbag home, Shi Qing felt both envious and hateful. "Qiao Nan, why don't I transfer from science to humanities? You can then help me spot questions too."

Only an idiot would opt for the longer road when there was an easy way out.

"Don't mess around." Qiao Nan flicked her fingers on Shi Qing's forehead. "You're not happy being the top student in the science course? If you transfer class, will those with poorer grades than you follow your example and transfer to the humanities course, or should they light firecrackers and celebrate the leaving of the cohort's top scorer as they have more opportunities to rise in the rankings?"

Shi Qing lifted her chest. "Whatever. It's their happiness and thoughts. I have no comments."

"How's it? Teacher Xiao Qiao, you've helped so many people. Do you want to help me spot questions too? Anyway, your mathematics is quite good as well." Only a fool would not slack when there was a chance to.

"What Teacher Xiao Qiao? Don't follow suit and blindly kick up a fuss." Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. "This is the nickname some people gave me. There's no basis. I'm not planning to be a teacher. It's too tiring. I can't teach that many students either."

Qiao Nan was aware that her classmates had given her the nickname of 'Teacher Xiao Qiao'.

Anyway, she rejected the nickname in the face of those who addressed her as such.

"You should feel proud of it. The nickname Teacher Xiao Qiao was first heard from your class one of humanities. So many outstanding students want to address you as Teacher Xiao Qiao. Don't you feel very proud of it?" Shi Qing did not believe that Qiao Nan would be as calm as she appeared to be.

The top students in class one of Ping Cheng High School could be considered as 'superheroes' in studies and the cream of the crop.

At the top position of the food chain, Qiao Nan actually stood at the tip of it as the leading one. When Qiao Nan heard the words 'Teacher Xiao Qiao', how could she not feel secretly elated?

"There is glory." Qiao Nan nodded. "For the one month of the winter vacation this year, there are neighbors who have already booked me to give tuition to their kids who are in primary school."

If she was not the top student of humanities in Ping Cheng High School, this job would most probably not land on her.

The situation of the family was quite good. It was an employer that did not lack money.

They had purchased a property in a good location within the school's vicinity, near Ping Cheng High School. However, it was sheer pity that the couple had been busy with making money and their business and had paid too little attention to their child.

When the child was young, he was insensible and lacked self-discipline. Upon reaching the rebellious age, he had various problems. The combination of all these problems was terrible for the parents.

Hence, this family pleaded in every way that they could and finally persuaded Qiao Dongliang to let Qiao Nan give tuition to their child during Qiao Nan's winter vacation time. They wanted to see if there was any possibility of salvaging the studies of their child.

Previously, after Zhai Hua looked at her in a strange light because of money, Qiao Nan also hoped to earn more money. Let alone other matters, the medical expenses incurred from Qiao Dongliang's car accident were all borrowed from Zhai Sheng.

She had to find ways to return this sum of money soon.

Otherwise, even if Zhai Hua did not perceive her differently, she would feel uneasy about it.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk…" Shi Qing clicked her tongue but did not continue to speak further.

"Is there someone at home?" As the two of them walked and chatted, they arrived at the doorstep of the Qiao family's residence very quickly. When they heard peals of laughter coming from the house, both Qiao Nan and Shi Qing was stunned for a moment. "My dad came back? No, when did he become a woman?"

That was not the voice of her father. Besides, she had never heard the voice of this woman before.

Following this, Shi Qing widened her eyes and looked at Qiao Nan. There was a woman in the house. Did this mean that… Uncle Qiao was looking for a second relationship?

Qiao Nan looked at Shi Qing from the corners of her eyes. Her parents had not divorced yet. If there was really a second relationship, then that would mean that her father was having an affair. Furthermore, the laughter of that woman sounded very familiar. She was a relative that she had been living with for seventeen years since she was a child. How could it not be familiar?

"Nan Nan is back." Upon hearing movements outside, Qiao Dongliang secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He quickly stood up to open the door for Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan was initially feeling quite upset. Nevertheless, when saw Qiao Dongliang coming to open the door for her as if he was trying to escape from a calamity, she felt much better.

Qiao Nan raised her brows. Why did she see awkwardness and helplessness in her father's eyes? It was as if he was not the one who was laughing loudly earlier, and that someone with him was not his biological daughter but an anonymous woman that suddenly appeared.

Qiao Nan was unaware that, to Qiao Dongliang, Qiao Zijin was more difficult to deal with than an anonymous woman that sprang out of nowhere.

If it was someone that he did not know, whether the other party was a man or woman, he could just chase him or her away. He did not need to waste so much breath then.

Nevertheless, Qiao Zijin was Qiao Dongliang's biological daughter. He could not chase her out and could only invite her into the house.

One year had passed. The total time spent between the father-daughter pair did not even exceed two hands. Coupled with what happened before they went their separate ways, there were no beautiful memories to speak of. Instead, it was too sad to look upon the old days. A long time had passed. Naturally, when Qiao Dongliang faced Qiao Zijin again, besides feeling happy to see her, he also found himself in an awkward situation where he was at a loss of what to do.

Qiao Nan was not aware as she was not with them earlier.

When Qiao Dongliang was with Qiao Zijin, they appeared to be getting along happily. However, only Qiao Dongliang himself knew what the actual situation was.

"Nan Nan is back. Quickly come in. Isn't the Mid-Autumn Festival nearing? It's nice of your sister to visit us."



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