As such, only Principal Wei himself knew the tremendous pressure he had for the college entrance examination next year.

The more stressful Principal Wei felt, the more proud and happy Principal Meng was.

It was just that, at this juncture, Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were unaware that Principal Wei was amused by the news of Qiao Nan helping spot questions for the third-year students in Ping Cheng High School. "Principal Meng is kidding me. I won't deny that Qiao Nan is outstanding. But no matter how outstanding she is, she's just a second-year student. She hasn't picked up the knowledge of the third-year curriculum. The emphasis of the syllabus is also different for both the humanities and science classes. Is he joking with me by letting Qiao Nan help spot the questions?"

On the other hand, when the vice principal of the school heard about this, he felt relieved. "Principal Wei, this is good too. There's a lot of pressure on school for the coming year. If we can win against Ping Cheng High School this year, there will most probably be less impact on us next year."

In order to minimize the impact of the results of the college entrance examination next year, their students had to gain a beautiful victory this year.

As such, it was advantageous to them if there were more problematic situations at Ping Cheng High School.

The vice principal also felt that Principal Meng of Ping Cheng High School was too reckless. Qiao Nan was only a second-year student. She would not be familiar with the third-year curriculum, let alone knowing the overview and emphasis of the curriculum that already had a revision system in place.

To allow a second-year student to conduct revisions for the college entrance examination for the third-year students… Were Principal Meng's brains leaking?

"You're right. We have to bring Ping Cheng High School down mercilessly with the college entrance examination this year. There's no use attaining good performance only for a year. Moreover, you have to think about the arrangements. In terms of individual top scorers, our school most likely can't compete with Ping Cheng High School."

Ping Cheng High School had Qiao Nan in humanities and Shi Qing in science.

Initially, it was already not easy for The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China to have an individual top scorer in Ping Cheng. Now that Ping Cheng High School had two such strong opponents, Principal Wei did not think that there would be a top scorer from his school.

"Since we can't compete in terms of individual top scorers, we will compete for the aggregate performance. As long as we have sufficient students who are admitted to the top and second-tier universities, at least, we won't be brought down so badly by the individual top scorers of Ping Cheng High School. We can still forcibly maintain the status of our school in Ping Cheng. After Qiao Nan graduates, without Qiao Nan and Shi Qing, Ping Cheng High School will revert to its original state in less than a year's time. Hence, we have to tide over these two years!"

If they could settle these two years of work properly, they would still remain as the number one in Ping Cheng in the subsequent two years.

"Rest assured, Principal. I understand what you mean. This year, we will crush Ping Cheng High School badly and let Ping Cheng High School suffer a huge blow. With this, more students with better quality will enroll in our school during the second half of this year. Ping Cheng High School will feel proud for a year at most. Our school will certainly be the one that has the last laugh."

With this plan in mind, the vice principal also felt more relieved.

It did not matter even if Qiao Nan and Shi Qing really clinched the positions of the two top scorers for Ping Cheng High School and elevated the school to fame. As long as the overall results of the school were not poor, their reputation would not drop too much.

After tiding over this difficult year, the school's status would become better than before.

At the end of the day, students such as Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were hard to come by.

Ping Cheng High School had them once but it was impossible that there would be a second time.

"Okay, keep a watch on the teachers of the second-year students. If it really doesn't work, utilize the resources on the second-year students first and give them better teachers. Whether our school can maintain the top position in Ping Cheng will depend on the performance of this cohort."

Having double top scorers was something every principal would dream of.

This happiness and probability were equivalent to that of a gambler buying a lottery ticket and striking a billion yuan prize.

Principal Wei grieved and pitied himself for brushing his shoulders against this 'one billion yuan' big prize. He even had to perk himself up to tackle these two years of college entrance examinations.

Whether it would be a success or a failure, or whether his school or Ping Cheng High School would be the top in Ping Cheng, it would really depend on these two years.

"Will do. I'll definitely keep a tight rein on the seedlings of the second year and won't let their grades drop." The brilliant ones had to do better. The weaker ones had to improve.

As they had too many things on their mind, both Principal Wei and Principal Meng were especially nervous during the college entrance examination this time. They even made various trips to the examination halls of their students to observe the situation.

At times like this, it was inevitable that the two principals would bump into each other.

"Principal Wei."

"Principal Meng."

They smiled gently when they met, but the look of nervousness in their eyes did not lessen.

As the principals, there were students taking the college entrance examination from their school every year but never had they felt so anxious and concerned. They even had to come to the examination hall personally to look at the situation.

Just with this gesture alone, the two principals were aware that they were bent on competing with each other.

Principal Meng relaxed his mood a little. "Principal Wei, you also came to observe the examinations this year."

"Yes, as the principal, everyone thinks alike. We all place great emphasis on the students taking the college entrance examination." Principal Wei smiled. "Right, I heard recently that Principal Meng allowed a second-year student to spot questions for the third-year students. Principal Meng, your actions and style are truly daring. You're really someone who loves challenges."

Qiao Nan was a human and not a deity. Furthermore, she was just an ordinary student.

Principal Meng dumped such a heavy responsibility that the teachers could not achieve to a second-year student. This was not considered daring. He was courting death and playing a joke with the destiny of the entire school.

Principal Meng's eyes curved and his smile became increasingly amiable. "Am I? I don't have other good qualities. Courage is my greatest strength. There's a saying that talented people are generally bold. I hope that this saying won't be the reverse if it's used on me."

In the past, Qiao Nan's situation was so complicated. Clearly, she was the top talent in the province during the middle school examination. Principal Wei did not dare to accept her, but he dared to!

Qiao Nan's family situation was not very good. He thus offered favorable terms and helped Ping Cheng High School retain such a good student like Qiao Nan.

Although the matter regarding Qiao Nan's parents occurred subsequently, he continued to hang on until today. Was he not daring?

He was too daring!

Anyway, he had already done many daring things. He did not mind doing a few more.

If he had to gamble, he would gamble all the way!

At this moment, Principal Meng was akin to a recalcitrant gambler who had shown his hand. It was as if he was gambling with his entire fortune as well as those that he borrowed from others.

Principal Wei wanted to watch a good show of Ping Cheng High School and him, and was waiting for Ping Cheng High School and him to capsize like a ship. Principal Meng was aware of all these.

It was not that he was not nervous or frightened, but how many gambles could one have in their life?

Principal Meng gritted his teeth. Gamble then!

"How's that so? Principal Meng has a discerning sense of judgment. You believe that Qiao Nan will definitely not let down the great hopes that you pine on her. Principal Meng, for this year's college entrance examination, I look up to Ping Cheng High School. It's been so many years. Perhaps our The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China will have to let others take the place."



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