"It's a good phenomenon, a good phenomenon indeed. It's considered as progress in our education industry. We should support this." Principal Wei was grinning from ear to ear. He continuously praised Principal Meng of Ping Cheng High School.

This was because he knew that the more he praised Principal Meng of Ping Cheng High School now, the greater Principal Meng would fall from grace when the results of the college entrance examination were out.

One could not blame him for doing so. For the sake of his school and students, he could only do that.

Furthermore, he was not the one who asked Principal Meng to gamble it in that way.

In the next year's college entrance examination, Principal Meng had Qiao Nan and Shi Qing, these two good seedlings. This point alone would be sufficient to make Principal Meng happy for a year.

"Thank you." How could Principal Meng not know that Principal Wei's words were contrary to his thoughts and he was digging a hole for him to fall into? It was just that, at this juncture, he could not say anything. He had to wait for the results to be out. "No matter what, we should dare to try. Humans have to progress."

"Hahaha, fine then. I'll see Principal Meng again. I'll go and check out other schools." Having finished his words, Principal Wei did not intend to remain in this school. He wanted to find out the situation of his students in other schools.

"See you again." Principal Meng nodded and sent Principal Wei off with his eyes.

After Principal Wei left, the form teacher by Principal Meng's side then asked nervously, "Principal Meng, do you think this matter…" Principal Wei was up to no good. He said all that as he apparently did not look up to their batch of college entrance examination candidates this year.

"Alright, clearly, everyone is aware of the situation between the two schools. If he really looks up to our Ping Cheng High School, that'll be as surprising as seeing ghosts in broad daylight." Principal Meng was also on pins and needles.

However, regardless of how unsettled at heart he was, the situation was already cast in stone. He had already placed the chips for this huge gamble. After today, most of the examinations would be over. He could not even regret it if he wanted to, let alone feel uneasy.

"Principal Meng, will there be a surprise?" The form teacher quickly took out a handkerchief. He was wiping it hard on his forehead and face continuously.

The heat from the sun in the summer of July was very strong. The temperature outside was so high that it could literally boil someone alive. The form teacher who was already troubled and vexed had to listen to the sound of the cicada continuously chirping. He felt so annoyed as if he had a ball of entangled wool in his heart.

Within a short time, the clothing of the form teacher was so drenched that they were plastered on both his chest and back.

"Alright, I've already done my best in this matter. We'll have to leave the rest to destiny." Principal Meng gave out a long sigh. "We have already kept a very tight rein on this cohort of third-year students. Basically, the teachers have given them all the revision that they could. If we continued to let the form teachers hold the ford in the last seven remaining days, the outcome of the revision would be as such. Even if the outcome is not pleasing, actually, it has nothing much to do with Qiao Nan."

Principal Meng had certainly gambled and he took a huge one. Nevertheless, he was not doing it haphazardly.

At the end of last year, the school had already completed teaching the curriculum of the third-year students. They had already begun with the revision thereafter.

In terms of the revision content and momentum that the subject teachers could give to the students, they had done their utmost. It could be said that if Qiao Nan did not help the third-year students spot questions in the remaining seven days, the subject teachers could not make much of a difference either. These seven days could completely be given to the students for self-study to discover what else was lacking and make up for it.

It was just that, when one suddenly heard that the last critical seven days before the college entrance examination was handed to a second-year student, they felt that it was both unbelievable and unimaginable.

The problem did not lie with time. Instead, it was the identity of Qiao Nan as a second-year student.

"Right, right, right. What the principal said is correct." After the form teacher wiped away the sweat on his head, he thought about it and agreed. If they had not encountered a situation such as Qiao Nan's case, those last seven days would have been arranged by the students themselves. Compared to the revision situation in the past few years, there was not much difference.

"Alright, let's also change to another school to observe the situation. You've seen the results of Qiao Nan's third-year examination papers. I still feel that there is no issue to let Qiao Nan spot the questions. Eventually, we have to see how the students perform on the grounds. It'll be fine as long as no major incidents occur."

Said major incidents included a panic attack that caused students to have insufficient time to attempt the questions, heatstroke, or the students deciding not to attempt major questions.

If these situations did not occur, regardless of how poor the students did this time, it would not be worse than before. At most, they would maintain the same standards.

"Yes, Principal Meng's words make sense. Let's go to another school to take a look." The form teacher felt more assured now, but Principal Meng's tightened brows had not fully eased.

Whether his earlier words were a consolation to himself and the form teacher, or the truth, only Principal Meng himself knew.

The three days of the college entrance examination were truly torturous.

Not to mention that it was terrible for those who participated in the college entrance examination, even their family members at home were nearly driven mad by the hot weather.

There were many who went into the examination hall standing but came out on the stretcher, or vomited and felt dizzy immediately upon leaving the hall.

The weather in July was really terrible. The college entrance examination was also terrible. The combination of the two was extremely terrible.

"Ah, you're not worried at all?" Shi Qing, who was at home, just moved a little and her whole body felt drenched as if she had just come out from the waters.

Qiao Nan paused her writing and rolled her eyes at Shi Qing, who was hoarding the entire fan. "Please, your house is next door and not here. Are you addicted to being lazy? If you really want to stay at my house, fine, bring over the fan in your house!!!"

Shi Qing had been standing in front of the fan and she did not let the fan oscillate. Would Qiao Nan not feel hot?

"Slow." Shi Qing continued to enjoy herself by standing in front of the fan. "I've already hogged it for five minutes and you only discovered it now. So, actually, you'll be fine without the fan. You won't feel hot if you're calm at heart. It's so troublesome to move the fan to and fro my house. I'll perspire so much if I move again. It's too horrible."

"You're not as focused and you're still blaming it on others?" Shi Peng was off work and did not go home first. Instead, he came to the house of the Qiao family to pick his daughter up.

In actual fact, after Shi Peng took on the job in the government sector, to Shi Qing, there were not many changes in her life. At most, she was now sleeping in another bed.

As for her meals, she continued to settle them at the house of the Qiao family.

In terms of cooking, Shi Peng knew a little but not much. Furthermore, Shi Qing and Qiao Nan normally stayed in the school. It was quite troublesome to cook for himself.

Hence, when Shi Qing and Qiao Nan were in school, Qiao Dongliang had an additional meal buddy, namely Shi Peng.

At the sight of the situation, Qiao Nan rolled her eyes with displeasure.

True enough, these two were biological father and daughter. They had the same temperament. Was it that the meals in the Qiao family were extremely nice, or the meals in other people's house were always nicer to the two of them?

"Dad, I'll get some water for you." Upon seeing Shi Peng, the filial Shi Qing immediately went to the kitchen to get a cup of water for Shi Peng. She then wrung a towel after soaking it in well water and passed it to Shi Peng for him to wipe away his sweat.

Facing his daughter's filial behavior, Shi Peng accepted it smilingly. He slowly finished his water.



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