When the cool towel came into contact with his skin, the cooling sensation immediately penetrated his body. The feeling could not be described with just the word 'soothing'.

Shi Peng was fatherly and Shi Qing was filial. However, Qiao Nan felt very sullen.

If she witnessed this scene in the house of the Shi family, Qiao Nan expressed that she would feel happier then.

The small courtyard that Shi Peng bought, to the Shi father-daughter pair, was only used for sleeping. They settled all their meals in the house of the Qiao family. If there was something fun to do, the house would become a one-stop service then.

After drinking a cup of warm water and wiping away the sweat on his face, Shi Qing turned the fan to face Shi Peng. The heat that Shi Peng felt had completely come down. "What were you chatting about earlier?"

"The college entrance examination. I was asking Qiao Nan if she felt nervous."

"What should she be nervous about?" Shi Peng looked at Qiao Nan strangely. Qiao Nan and Qing Qing were obviously going to take the college entrance examination next year. They should feel nervous next year. Qing Qing's question was very odd.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. This year, for the students who are taking this year's college entrance examination, the principal ordered Qiao Nan to help them spot questions during the last week leading to the examination. Aren't the three days of exams already over? I was asking Qiao Nan if she felt nervous." Although Qiao Nan did not participate in this round of examination, to Qiao Nan, it was quite important too.

Qiao Nan wiped away her sweat with a handkerchief. As she did not manage to retrieve her electric fan from Shi Qing, her intention to snatch the electric fan back from Shi Peng intensified. "You're thinking too much. If they do well, it's due to the hard work and effort of the students themselves and the teachers. I only spent a short span of seven days with them. How much effect can I cause? If they do well, it most probably has nothing much to do with me. If they do badly, it'll be quite good if I don't become the scapegoat."

Qiao Nan was well aware of this in her heart.

This type of 'fun' was something that Qiao Nan was most unwilling to join in.

However, the truth was that, during the past two years, the school had taken good care of her father and her. Even their accommodation was arranged by the school.

Otherwise, Qiao Nan would not have agreed readily when Principal Meng posed the request.

Shi Peng was quite surprised. The principal of Ping Cheng High School let Qiao Nan spot questions for the third-year students. It seemed that they had so much trust in Qiao Nan. "Your school principal was so daring. He dared to ask Qiao Nan to do this?"

It was not that he was judging a book by its cover. The fact was that Qiao Nan was only a second-year student. Moreover, were those third-year students convinced about this?

"Rest assured. Our principal is very smart. The preliminary examination for third-year students this semester was similar to that of the college entrance examination. In one round of the examination, the principal simply made Qiao Nan take the examinations for both humanities and science subjects. In the end, Qiao Nan came in the top five for both. She's super perverted."

"Getting into the top five in the cohort is not an easy feat!" Shi Peng exclaimed. Compared to the third-year students this year, Qiao Nan had a year less. "Qiao Nan, aren't you studying humanities? How did you come in the top five in science? Do you also know how to solve the science questions?"

"Yes." Qiao Nan nodded. "I have all the textbooks of the science subjects. When I have spare time, I read them." That set of third-year textbooks she bought was actually all on science subjects.

Qiao Nan did not know who Peng Yu was. Nevertheless, just by reading his revision notes, Qiao Nan knew that this Peng Yu definitely excelled in his studies.

Peng Yu was a science student. Qiao Nan took everything that once belonged to Peng Yu home. Bearing the motto of reading every book that she had, Qiao Nan simply learned the scientific knowledge as well.

That was the reason for Qiao Nan's busy schedule.

Besides learning the humanities subjects, she also picked up science. Coupled with the Oxford Dictionary, if Qiao Nan gave herself a few more days of break, she would not be able to complete all these missions.

When he heard that Qiao Nan actually came in top five in the cohort based on self-studying the science subjects, there was a slight look of dissatisfaction and disdain when he cast his glance at Shi Qing again. Of course, amusement, and not malice, was in his eyes. "Qing Qing, if you compare yourself with others, you'll be driven to the grave. It's just like comparing products, and you will have to discard it. What do you say?"

In front of Qiao Nan, his outstanding daughter was lacking a fair bit. Great, excellent.

"Dad, let's not shun each other. Your culinary skills are not better than Uncle Qiao's too." Shi Qing was not angry. She even retorted Shi Peng.

"Indeed, my fortune is not as good as that of your Uncle Qiao, and your fortune is not better than that of Qiao Nan. No wonder we're father and daughter. Fine, it's quite good that we're together in this," Shi Peng said humorously. "But regarding the matter of college entrance examination, there's no use pondering it at home. Anyway, the results will be out soon. Qing Qing, you have to learn more from Qiao Nan. Don't keep thinking about those useless things."

Until now, Qing Qing had been paying particular attention to the situation of the Qiu family.

Qiu Qin had committed wrongdoings and someone got hold of the chink in his armor.

Fortunately, it was not something too severe. Nevertheless, since he had been found out, Qiu Qin was eventually demoted to an official in a small town.

Undoubtedly, Qiu Qin had to move to a small town due to work.

At the very least, before Qiu Qin and family moved to the small town, Qiu Qin and Qi Minlan did not get a divorce. Of course, the whole Qiu family followed him and moved together.

The good thing was that this small town was located just beside Ping Cheng. Hence, it was not particularly far.

In the past six months, whenever Shi Qing had some spare time, she would keep a tight watch on the situation of the Qiu family, especially on Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi.

She was worried that, if Qiu Qin maintained contact with his mistress, and when Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi were provoked, Qi Minlan would pester her father and Qiu Chenxi would hold Qiao Nan accountable. They would then make her life miserable.

"Wait, I'm taking a preventive measure. It's her behavior that's strange. Qiao Nan, tell me honestly, how old are you? Why do I feel that even people in their 30s and 40s are not as calm and composed as you?" Sometimes, when Qiao Nan quieted down, she felt that Qiao Nan was not a youthful nineteen-year-old young lady. It was as if she was an old woman in her final days of seventy to eighty years old.

"How old am I? Let me count. About forty-three, I guess." Qiao Nan added the time that she lived for two lifetimes. Wasn't that older than those in their 30s or 40s?

"Crap, this joke is not funny at all. It's meaningless." Shi Qing simply went to take a watermelon and started slicing it. "Uncle Qiao is coming back soon. If we slice it now, it'll be just at the right time. Uncle Qiao can have some freshly sliced watermelons to eat then."

Qiao Nan was not bothered about the matter regarding the college entrance examination. In that case, she would not bring it up anymore. As an onlooker, she was more anxious than the party concerned. Crap!

At the funny sight of Shi Qing, both Qiao Nan and Shi Peng laughed.

When Shi Qing finished cutting the watermelon into slices, Qiao Dongliang arrived home just in time. "There's watermelon to eat. Just nice. I feel so thirsty." Qiao Dongliang took a big slice of watermelon and stuffed it into his mouth. During summer, eating watermelon was more thirst-quenching than drinking water. Wonderful.



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