"When you're with Qiao Nan, you'll drift away from the feelings of discontentment. Your trouble will usually dispel, and you'll calm down together with Qiao Nan, focusing on doing the things you have on hand."

Shi Peng was looking at the big picture. Shi Peng had already discovered this special temperament of Qiao Nan when Qiao Nan was previously teaching as Teacher Xiao Qiao in the army.

Qiao Nan did not have the youth and energy of her age. She was also not filled with passion. It was as if she had already gone through the test of time and would make long-standing accomplishments in life through a calm and tranquil demeanor.

It was this special sense of peace in Qiao Nan that could easily influence those around her.

Shi Peng was not sure of the situation of Qiao Nan's classmates at school. Nevertheless, his own daughter, Shi Qing, was certainly the best example.

Regardless of how chatty his daughter appeared to be in front of Qiao Nan, she was no longer as impulsive as before. She would even think of matters in the longer term.

Occasionally, Shi Peng would also hear from his daughter that those dormitory mates and classmates of Qiao Nan had such an excellent learning atmosphere under the influence of Qiao Nan.

All these things were due to Qiao Nan. She was the core reason for the existence of that social circle.

"What is most lacking in your generation is that unique peace and calmness that Qiao Nan possesses. Most behave impulsively and do not care about the consequences. You've seen for yourself. Qiu Chenxi is one example. When one is unreasonable, they won't suffer on their own, but they will implicate those around them. Think carefully before you act. This is not a lie written in the textbooks."

"Qiao Nan is good. I'm not that bad either." Shi Qing puffed her cheeks and retorted unhappily. "No matter what, I was just saying. I didn't expect and insist Qiao Nan to abide by my words."

"Really? You're most adept at debating now. The good thing is that I'm contented and happy. You've improved. Even if there're only slight changes, I'm already very satisfied. No matter how good Qiao Nan is, she's not my daughter. The biological daughter of Shi Peng is the most precious darling in my life."

Your own child would always be the best. Objectively, Qiao Nan had many good qualities, but subjectively, he had other personal preferences.

The daughter of other families would never be better than his.

Shi Qing burst out into laughter. "Dad, your stand is very firm in this topic." Nevertheless, she liked it.

"Dad, you don't need to be overly concerned Actually, I didn't mean anything when I said that. I just feel that Qiao Nan is too quiet, so I deliberately teased her." It did not matter if she was going back to school. Anyway, Qiao Nan was not a third-year student who had taken the college entrance examination. She just wanted to make Qiao Nan exercise more. It might not be good for her to stay at home every day.

"You." Shi Peng rubbed Shi Qing's head. "You're kind-hearted but your method is too childish. A child like Qiao Nan must have already planned what she'll be doing and when she'll do them. You poking your nose into her matters stubbornly, won't you disrupt her learning plan? Instead of spending your time on this, you should give some thoughts about whether you'll be able to survive this time next year."

As a government official, Shi Peng had already received information on the college entrance examination this year.

For example, the weather this year was extremely hot. It was much warmer than that of the past years.

It was because of the sudden change in the temperature that quite a number of students who had taken the college entrance examination fainted or suffered dehydration when they exited the examination halls.

As parents, when they saw their own children fainting due to the college entrance examination, who would dare to say anything more? What if they agitated the child and resulted in him or her having suicidal thoughts?

Many parents believed that their children fainted due to too much stress.

Nevertheless, Shi Peng learned from the hospital that there were people who fainted due to stress but the number was not high. Most fainted due to the hot weather and displayed signs of dehydration and heatstroke.

His own daughter would be taking the college entrance examination next year. Of course, Shi Peng was concerned if his own daughter would be able to survive the period. "It's not a good time to take the college entrance examination in July."

The weather was too hot!

"Indeed!" Shi Qing nodded. "Qiao Nan said that, actually, the college entrance examination can definitely be brought forward by one month, on the seventh, eighth, and ninth of June, these three days. Around this time, the school teachers have almost completed their revision for the students. Furthermore, although the weather starts to turn hot in June, it's not as hot as in July. If there's a rainy season or typhoon, the weather can be very cooling. The stress associated with the college entrance examination will then be lessened. At least, the education department should make changes to try their best to help students who're taking the college entrance examination create a cost-effective and conducive natural environment."

Taking the college entrance examination in July was not testing one's scores but one's life.

To bring forward the college entrance examination by just one month, besides time, the country did not need to spend much other efforts or resources to adjust the timing for the examination.

The country should give serious thoughts to such a change that would not cost them money.

"Fine, I'll remember this. I'll reflect this to the leaders next time. Certainly, this should be changed." At the thought that the number of students taking college entrance examination who fainted this year was definitely higher than in the past few years, Shi Peng expressed that this idea of Qiao Nan was very feasible.

Just as Qing Qing said, such a change would not cost the country and government any money. It would also create a better environment for the students who were taking the college entrance examination. There was nothing bad about this. There would not be many obstacles in administering this either.

"Dad, you have to remember." Even if the education department of the country was willing to change the timing for the college entrance examination, she and Qiao Nan would not be able to enjoy the good fortune.

"We're home. Quickly open the door." Shi Peng stood at the door, lifted his chin, and asked Shi Qing to open the door.

Shi Qing rolled his eyes. She had just felt that her father was quite good. Soon after, her father had to show his true colors. Wasn't it just opening a door? Even this had to be done by her? He was too much of a big shot.

Shi Peng was amused. It seemed that Qing Qing had been influenced greatly by Qiao Nan. Now, the two of them even rolled their eyes in an exact manner.

Shi Peng was aware that Qiao Nan's was the original version and Shi Qing's was the adopted version, meaning, it was the pirated one.

Qiao Nan herself was not concerned about the situation of the score estimation this time but others were.

This day, all the third-year students who took the college entrance examination returned to Ping Cheng High School. On the blackboard of their classrooms, the standard answers for the front and back of the papers had already been put up so that they could match their answers.

In comparison, it was easier to do matching of answers for the science subjects. One was one, and two was two. Even if the process of solving the problems were different, the science-related questions, similar to the truth, would only have one answer and not two. Hence, they only needed to match the numbers.

For humanities-related questions, there were fixed answers for multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions.

However, when it came to answers that were subjective, the teachers could only write a general summary, stating that one would be able to earn points if they had answered along the line.

The students were surrounding the front of the blackboard and matching the answers, while the teachers were nervously standing behind and meticulously observing each student's reaction.



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