In previous years, there were many cases whereby they made a wrong estimation of the results.

In order not to rejoice too soon, the students of Ping Cheng High School would be reluctant to tell their parents the rough estimation of their results if they were unsure. They would only say that they performed averagely and gave general comments.

"How was it?" The students in Ping Cheng High School tried to estimate their scores, and so did the students in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.

As the principal of the school, Principal Wei and Principal Meng drove to their respective schools early in the morning and sat in their office, waiting for the teachers who were in charge of the third-year students this year to pass them the estimated scores of the students.

"Principal, the scores are very good." The form teachers of the third-year classes were all smiles and there was a spring in their walk. Judging from their looks, Principal Wei knew that his school had performed well in the college entrance examination.

"Principal, take a look. This is the statistics. This year, the number of students from our school who are admitted to the university should be slightly higher than last year."

With the increase in the number of students who were admitted to universities, their school's enrollment rate had increased again.

"Good, that's good." Principal Wei looked through the data carefully before smiling and slapping on the table. "Good, the school's enrollment rate this year has increased. All of the third-year cohort's teachers will have bonuses."

In the past, the enrollment rate of Ping Cheng High School was lower than that of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.

This year, their enrollment rate had increased. Therefore, Ping Cheng High School must have fallen behind.

Good, brilliant! This year, The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China would be able to have an astounding victory.

Next year, the top student in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China might not be better than the students at Ping Cheng High School, but they would be able to deal Ping Cheng High School a crushing defeat by having a high enrollment rate.

"Thank you, Principal Wei." As soon as they heard that there would be bonuses this year, the third-year cohort's teachers at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China were elated.

The teachers had put in a lot of effort for this year's college entrance examination. The students were not the only ones who had suffered. Like the students, the teachers had lost weight as well. There were many people who hoped to achieve such weight loss.

They had lost weight and earned more money. It was the best of both worlds for the female teachers in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. Their hard work was worth it!

"By the way, is there any news from Ping Cheng High School?" Principal Wei was anxious.

"I don't know." The vice principal of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China shook his head. "We didn't hear any news from them. They are especially quiet. Principal, is it possible that, after Qiao Nan's nonsense classes, the students have exceptionally poor results?" If so, Ping Cheng High School would have no chance of winning.

Yes, Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were really smart, but they only had chances of being the top student in the province. Things were not confirmed yet.

There were so many students in the province. It was not easy to be the top student.

"It shouldn't be." Principal Wei frowned. He felt restless as he did not have any news from Ping Cheng High School. His cheerfulness evaporated. "I heard that Ping Cheng High School started their revision early in the year and finished it. Even if Qiao Nan did not give them classes in the last week, according to Ping Cheng High School's revision progress, they had arranged for the students to do self-revision. Do you really think that Meng Ping is someone to be trifled with? Would he do anything that he was uncertain of?"

Even if he allowed Qiao Nan to help with the revision, at the very least, Meng Ping must have ensured that all the third-year students had completed their revision.

"In the past few years, although the enrollment rate of Ping Cheng High School was lower than ours, they are not too far behind us. Although Qiao Nan wasted seven days of their time, they would not fare too badly. Get someone to keep a close watch on them and give me a call of any news."

"Yes, Principal Wei." The vice principal felt that the principal had groundless worries.

It was very important to revise before the college entrance examination. The last seven days were very crucial, yet Ping Cheng High School allowed a second-year student to waste such precious time. If Ping Cheng High School could maintain last year's enrollment rate, it would already be considered a miracle.

Principal Wei did not know what was on the vice principal's mind. If not, he would have told him not to rejoice too early, as extreme joy might turn to sorrow.

There was no news from Ping Cheng High School. Hence, Principal Wei was very worried.

It seemed to be the calm before the storm.

Principal Wei forced a smile on his face at the beautiful results slips. He hoped that he would have the last laugh, and that his worry was groundless.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day when the college entrance examination results would be released.

Qiao Nan was amused that Shi Qing woke up early in the morning and came to her house right away.

Initially, she had wanted to put aside the matter. But with Shi Qing around, there was no way that she could forget about it. "Shi Qing, why are you so anxious for others? We did not sit for the college entrance examination. Even though the results will be released today, do you think we will have the chance to join in the fun?"

If one was to check the grade, one would need the exam registration number.

This year, several classes in Ping Cheng High School sat for their college entrance examination and there were quite a number of students. She did not know any of their exam registration numbers. Even if Shi Qing stayed put at her house, there was no way that they would know the results.

"Hehehe, I have a way." Shi Qing flipped her hair arrogantly. "The students can call to check their results this morning. I heard that once the students know their results, they will make a phone call to report to their form teacher. You should know what will follow."

After the form teachers of the third-year classes learned of the results, it would not be long before Principal Meng learned about the results as well.

If the results were good, Principal Meng would definitely call to tell Qiao Nan as soon as he knew the results.

Anyway, to Shi Qing, if the students did well for the college entrance examination, it would be Qiao Nan's credit. If not, the responsibility was on the teachers and the students.

Shi Qing had the feeling that Principal Meng would definitely call Qiao Nan today.

"Fine, you can wait here." Qiao Nan could not be bothered with Shi Qing, and there was nothing to worry about. "Shi Qing, shall we find a cooling place? The weather is too hot." Qiao Nan did not care about the results of the college entrance examination. Her only concern was to find a place so that she could escape from the scorching heat.

Indeed, a calm heart kept you cool.

If Qiao Nan focused on her studies, even though the weather was hot, she could ignore it and concentrate on her homework.

But that was only for the time being. She could not tolerate the heat for a long period of time.

Qiao Nan felt like crying at the heat rashes on her skin. She felt slightly better after applying some prickly heat powder and using the Florida Water during her shower.

However, Qiao Nan did not like the feeling of being sweaty and sticky every day.

"It will be the same everywhere in such weather." Shi Qing, who was used to the lifestyle in the army, was more tolerant of hot weather than Qiao Nan. "Qiao Nan, I realize that you can't stand hot weather."

"Yeah." Qiao Nan wiped her perspiration, feeling warmer by the seconds. Actually, she was not that intolerant to hot weather in her previous life.



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