What was wrong with her in this life? She seemed to be having a hard time every summer and would always lose her appetite and weight in summer.

Not only was Qiao Nan afraid of heat, but she also had a bad appetite, and she did not feel like going out. She preferred to stay at home.

Last year, if not for her master's, Lin Yuankang, request, Qiao Nan would stay at home during summer.

"Look at you. How are you going to sit for next year's college entrance examination?" Shi Qing began to worry about Qiao Nan. "I have heard from my dad that quite a lot of students fainted during the college entrance examination. Even though the school had implemented a lot of measures, like giving water and towels, but a lot of problems cropped up regardless."

"Of course. There are a lot of external and internal factors for the college entrance examination. The college entrance examination is strict, and the teachers will keep a lookout for any form of cheating. Even if the water is provided, in order to prevent the students from cheating, the teachers in the examination room are on their guard. Will you feel comfortable if the teacher stares at you while you drink water? Every candidate knows the importance of the college entrance examination. This pressure alone is very hard on the students. They would not be able to take it under the external and internal pressure."

There were a lot of cases in China wherein trouble arose during the college entrance examination.

"There's an old saying in China, which is to reach a state where there are favorable climate, geographical position, and the support of the people. It is difficult to have the support of the people, and they do not have a favorable climate and geographical position. Moreover, they have to suffer under hot weather. It is not easy on the students who sit for the college entrance examination." She did not need to take the exams but she was already melting under the heat even when she stayed inside her house with the fan blowing at her. The college entrance examination next year would be a big problem for her.

"Qiao Nan, I have told my dad a few days ago about what you mentioned to me previously. My dad seemed to ponder it. Do you think that it is possible for the college entrance examination to be held in June next year?" The weather in July and June were very different.

As Qiao Nan had said, the external factors for the exam were very important.

The students had to withstand tremendous stress. If they had to deal with the hot weather as well, they might not be able to take it.

"Well…" Qiao Nan was stunned. She had not expected that her occasional complaints would have such an impact.

In her previous life, China changed the timing of the college entrance examination in 2003. Of course, it had nothing to do with a small character like her.

Was it possible that she was the person who sparked off the change in the timing for the college entrance examination in this life?

"That I am not very sure. I suppose it's not that easy to change the timing. Besides, your dad is not from the Education Bureau." Qiao Nan turned her head and put aside that thought. "Actually, you don't have to worry too much. It's true that I lose my appetite and weight in summer, but if you look at it, it's already late July now, so the weather is hot. When we sit for the college entrance examination, it will be in early July. The temperature will not be as high in early July."

When it was around the end of July to early August, the temperature would be shooting up.

Ring! The phone at the Qiao family's residence rang at this time.

Shi Qing had the biggest reaction as soon as the phone rang. She jumped from her seat and grabbed the phone. "Hello, Principal Meng, yes, she is at home. I will pass the phone to Qiao Nan."

Shi Qing arched her eyebrows at Qiao Nan, gesturing to her that she was right. Principal Meng would definitely make a phone call to Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan pursed her lips and took over the phone. "Hello, Principal Meng, I am Qiao Nan."

"Qiao Nan, there are two pieces of good news. Which do you want to hear first?" Principal Meng sounded excited.

Qiao Nan was baffled. What Principal Meng said sounded odd. Generally speaking, one would say that they had two pieces of news—good news and bad news—and asked which one the other party wanted to listen to first.

If both were good news, how should she choose? Should she go by size?

"Hahaha, I am muddleheaded. I should say that I have two pieces of good news here. One is more related to you than the other. Which do you want to hear first?"

"In general, we should start from the less related, but I like to do otherwise. I will listen to the good news that is more related to me first."

Qiao Nan felt as if she was talking to children. She tried very hard to suppress her laughter.

Not to mention Qiao Nan, Shi Qing also covered her mouth to hold in her laughter. Why did the conversation between the two of them turn out to be like this?

"The good news that is more related to you is that the house that you are staying in will be yours."

Qiao Nan dug her ear. "Principal, I didn't hear it clearly. What did you say?"

"In the future, the house that you live in will belong to you."

"Huh?" Qiao Nan blinked in confusion. Was she suffering from heatstroke that she had hallucinations? "Principal, are you kidding?"

It was already good enough that they could stay for three years in the house provided by the school for free. After all, no matter how outstanding the students were, it was considered very good to be exempted from paying tuition and miscellaneous fees. Even if the school was to provide housing, they would only allow the students to live in the house and would not allow the whole family to stay in the house for free.

Qiao Nan felt that Ping Cheng High School and Principal Meng had showered her with kindness and she was grateful to them, so she felt that she must return the favor. That was why she sacrificed her time during the summer break to go to school every day to spot the exam questions for the third-year students.

Otherwise, Qiao Nan would have rejected Principal Meng's request.

Since she had been on the receiving end of the school's kindness, she had no other choice but to agree to the request.

All her neighbors knew that Ping Cheng High School allowed Qiao Nan and her father to stay in the house for free.

Because of this, the neighbors treated Qiao Nan as the role model and wanted their children to follow in her footsteps.

It would do one good to excel in their studies and they would definitely have a bright future. Qiao Nan was the best example. She had good results and the school even provided lodgings for her. Of course, the premise was that she must have good results.

As a result, Qiao Nan had taken on three tutoring jobs this summer break.

If Qiao Nan did not reject more offers and that Qiao Dongliang felt that she had taken on too many jobs, given her popularity, she would be able to start a class in the small quad.

This was because not only did the neighbors want Qiao Nan to tutor their children, but their colleagues also heard that Qiao Nan was good in her results and that the school provided lodgings for her, so all of them wanted Qiao Nan to tutor their kids and open a class.

Right then, Principal Meng suddenly told Qiao Nan that not only could she and her father stay for three years in the house for free, but they could stay in the house forever. Qiao Nan almost fainted for having something fallen into her lap. "Principal Meng, didn't you mention that the house belongs to a retired teacher?"

The house belonged to someone else. Could the principal act on his own accord and give her the house?

"Yes, the retired teacher had just come back from abroad this year. He is getting on in years and does not wish to live overseas, so he wants to return to his home."

"Oh, then… then my dad and I should find a place to move as soon as possible?" Qiao Nan panicked. Since the owner was back, she and her father had to leave.

There was such a huge difference between telling her that she had to move and that the house was hers.



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