"Don't be anxious. Listen to me first. The teacher is not from Ping Cheng. Previously, he was assigned to work in Ping Cheng. The house was actually assigned to them by the school. They want to spend their old age in their hometown and want to sell the properties in Ping Cheng."

The matter was very simple. The children of the retired teacher had been doing well in their careers and bought a lot of properties overseas. They asked their parents to live with them overseas.

But as Chinese people, they felt that, when they were advanced in years, they wanted to go back to their hometown where they were close to their ancestors so as to have a sense of security.

Originally, since the two elderly were not in good health, they should have handed all their properties to their children.

However, their children were doing well and did not need their properties. Moreover, they had already entrusted the school to manage the house that Qiao Nan stayed in. They would like for the school to assign the house to people who made contributions to the school but had difficulties in finding lodging.

The children felt that, since the house was originally allocated to their parents by Ping Cheng High School, and what was taken from the people should be used in the interests of the people, they decided to return the house to the school and let them decide what to do with the house.

Though there were a lot of people who were greedy and would never say no to money, there were also those who had progressive ideas and were open-minded.

Furthermore, they were used to living in big cities and living abroad. They might not be willing to return to Ping Cheng to live in a small quad. Even if they sold the house, compared to their properties, it would not worth much and they could use the time and effort to spend on other more worthwhile matters.

Therefore, returning the house to the school was the most straightforward solution.

The timing was just right.

The two retired teachers went back to Ping Cheng High School to learn more about the recent developments of the school. Coincidentally, the results of the college entrance examination were released and they took the time to look at the results.

They were surprised that Ping Cheng High School had such good results in the college entrance examination, and they made huge improvements. Two years ago, when they called to check on the school, their results were still far behind.

The principal told them of Qiao Nan's contribution to the school.

All of the students who reported their results to their form teachers would remark that Qiao Nan was very accurate in her spotting of questions and had been a great help to them.

If they were not from the same school and did not know of Qiao Nan's abilities, or if Qiao Nan did not come in fifth place when she sat for the test with them on that day, they would be suspicious of her.

They would have suspected that Qiao Nan had already seen the examination papers of the college entrance examination.

In fact, all of the students from Ping Cheng High School were given a shock when they received the exam papers.

Back then, the teachers in the examination room had thought that these students were frightened by the difficulty level of the exam papers.

The teachers in the examination room paid particular attention to these students and realized that all of them were from Ping Cheng High School.

In fact, the students from Ping Cheng High School could not believe that they would be so lucky. Even after sitting for the exams and waiting for the results at home, they still could not get over the surprise.

It was only when they were told of their exact scores on the phone did they feel that everything was true. In the past two weeks, they felt as if they were dreaming.

Only worldly-wise men would become principals.

Principal Meng did not expect that getting Qiao Nan to help students spot the questions would turn out to be a brilliant move.

He was merely returning a favor with a favor. Since the retired teachers had the intention, Principal Meng went with their wishes and gave the house to Qiao Nan.

All the teachers in Ping Cheng High School had been allocated houses.

Moreover, high school teachers had a pretty high salary, and the country placed importance on them, hence their salaries increased every year. The teachers also enjoyed other benefits provided by the school. Thus, the teachers in Ping Cheng High School had been doing well.

Since everyone had been doing well, if Principal Meng was to allocate the house to one of the teachers, it might spell trouble and the good intentions would have opposite effects.

It so happened that the results of the college entrance examination were released. Hence, Principal Meng told the two retired teachers about Qiao Nan's situation and her family.

They heard that Qiao Nan's mother was muddleheaded and biased, and she almost robbed Qiao Nan of the chance to continue with her studies.

Upon learning that Qiao Nan might have to quit school if the school had not lent their house to her, their hearts ached at the hardships that such a talented girl like Qiao Nan had to go through.

So, when Principal Meng raised his concerns and suggestions, the two retired teachers agreed readily.

However, they would like to see Qiao Nan before transferring the house to Qiao Nan.

After understanding the circumstances of the matter, Qiao Nan was very moved. "Principal Meng, thank you."

"This is the first matter. There is another piece of good news. This year, the college entrance examination results of Ping Cheng High School may break the record." Principal Meng was all smiles on the other end of the phone. "I will let you know the details when I receive the results slips given by the Education Bureau."

"Oh, okay." Principal Meng did not go into details, and Qiao Nan was confused. But at least, she understood that Ping Cheng High School did pretty well in the college entrance examination this year.

Breaking the record. That was a daring way of putting it.

"How is it? I have said that the results will be very good this year and the principal will definitely give you a call. What's the situation now?" Shi Qing had been waiting by the side. She was excited and enthusiastic, as if she was the one, instead of Qiao Nan, who spotted the questions for the third-year students.

"Principal Meng only said that it is possible that we will break the record and that this year could be the best results that Ping Cheng High School has ever seen so far. As for the details, he will need to wait until he receives the results slips from the relevant department." Qiao Nan looked to be in a daze.

"Goodness, record-breaking? Are the results that good or has Ping Cheng High School been performing badly?" Shi Qing had estimated that the results would be good, but she did not expect that it would break the record. Was it an exaggeration?

"Apart from The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, Ping Cheng High School is the next first-tier high school in Ping Cheng. What do you think?" Qiao Nan glanced at Shi Qing. "Besides, it may be that the students performed well and the teachers have taught them well. It is not my credit."

"Alright, I understand. I won't create trouble for you. You still have one year to go in Ping Cheng High School. If you take all the credit this time, you will be in for trouble in the following year." Shi Qing was amused. She knew that if one had too great an achievement, their boss would feel uneasy or insecure.

It was rare that the school would do so well in the college entrance examination. All of the third-year cohort's teachers must be thrilled and hopeful of an increase in their salaries and bonuses.



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