Hence, the existence of this small courtyard was necessary.

As long as its ownership was not transferred to her and the school retained the rights of the management and distribution, the school could resolve temporary housing shortage issues for a few teachers.

As for her, she could not possibly continue to remain in Ping Cheng for her college studies after the college entrance examination. She would go to another place to widen her horizons and create a different future.

In other words, the probability of her staying in Ping Cheng in the future was not high, let alone to continue staying in the small courtyard that she was staying at now.

In this case, if the school were to give the small courtyard to her, it would become unoccupied again within two years. It would only be collecting dust.

"The school has been using this property very appropriately. Hence, I think it's quite good to let the school continue managing it." As for her, she was very grateful but she did not need to be part of their consideration. "Currently, no one else needs it besides me. A few years, or even a few decades later, we don't know for certain what will happen. To the school, there's no harm in retaining this house to prepare for unforeseen circumstances."

"Qiao Nan, have you told your father about this matter? You can make the decision… by yourself?" Principal Meng was very surprised that Qiao Nan would decline such a god-send gift. In the eyes of others, to be given a property for free was such a good thing that most people yearned for.

Qiao Nan had not only encountered but also rejected it. Principal Meng did not get what Qiao Nan meant because Qiao Nan, this genius, was too intelligent and complex. Or was Teacher Xiao Qiao's standard of language too high, and thus it was normal for ordinary people not to understand her?

After all, this was a house they were talking about. Principal Meng regretted only speaking to Qiao Nan alone over the phone.

Coming to school to discuss the house was such an important matter.

It was already this time and Principal Meng had not seen Qiao Dongliang. He was very disappointed. He knew that Qiao Dongliang was not coming. But then, did Qiao Nan ever bring this up to Qiao Dongliang?

"Have you told your father about this?"


True enough…

"But I can make the decision." Qiao Nan did not feel guilty or afraid. She kept her back very straight. "Principal, you said you'll be giving that house to me and not the Qiao family. Or are you giving it to my dad and not me?"

"Of course not. It's for you only."

"That means, after I accept it, the small courtyard will have me as the legal owner and its occupant. Since it will be mine, I should be able to consider whether to accept it, right?"

This was a piece of real estate, not a bun or some pocket money. It was equivalent to a huge sum of money.

"I believe that my dad will support my decision. Principal, I really can't accept this house. It's not that I can move out if you take it back now. I still have to stay for some time, at least for a year before I could move out. When the house is unoccupied, Principal Meng can then arrange accommodation for others according to the needs of the school. The fact that there's no problem now does not mean that there won't be any in the future. This is something that the school is giving to me only. Hence, I should have the right to accept or decline it. Principal, I'm sorry. I can't take it."

She would, at most, be studying at Ping Cheng High School for another year. If she were to con a house for the sake of this one year, Qiao Nan would feel uneasy about it.

"This…" Qiao Nan's every word reflected that she was sparing a thought for Ping Cheng High School. Principal Meng hesitated for a while. He did not know how to retort Qiao Nan, or rather, if he should still insist on giving the house to her.

Just as Qiao Nan said, no one knew what would happen in the future.

To the school, the advantages would outweigh the disadvantages if they had more assets in their possessions.

At this juncture, Principal Meng felt troubled. It seemed that it was a mistake whether to give or not.

At this moment, the elderly couple who had been smiling like a moon stood up. Their expressions were as warm and soothing as the breeze in the spring. "Principal Meng, this matter will be decided as such."

At first, Principal Meng was stunned. "But…" Qiao Nan had already declined to accept the house in front of the two elderly.

"This young lady has a good temperament and she's very forward-looking. She's certainly a talent. If we have more of such youngsters in the country, we won't need to worry about not being strong. We're all citizens of China. We're the same. This is Ping Cheng, a place that she was born and grew up in. A bird knows when to fly back to its nest when it's tired. It's quite good that way."

The elderly grandfather expressed that Qiao Nan had to find a place to stay if she were to return to Ping Cheng.

The elderly couple was very satisfied to give the small courtyard that was filled with their beautiful memories to such a down-to-earth and honest young lady.

As for the situation many years later, the elderly grandfather expressed that they were already old and their brains were not that good anymore. They could not foresee what would happen many decades later and could not prepare for such a rainy day.

They could not possibly keep a watch on Meng Ping every day and to whom he would lend the house after they left the world, could they?

They would only intervene within their means and time. Anyway, he and his spouse felt that this young lady was quite good. They felt assured to give the small courtyard to her.

The young lady was very young but she knew a lot. She understood that one should not gain for nothing and could be objective and fair. Most importantly, she was at peace with herself and not impetuous at all. She did not have the arrogance of the youngsters nowadays.

As the older generation, they favored youngsters with temperament and behavior like that of Qiao Nan. They would not set their eyes on youngsters who were competitive in every matter. They even felt a little revulsion toward them.

"We'll do this then. Principal Meng, once you've made the arrangements, we'll sign the papers. Sorry to trouble you." The elderly couple was exhausted after finally making a trip back via the plane.

After they settled the issue of this property in Ping Cheng, they were prepared to return to their hometown to live the rest of their lives. They were not going on long trips anymore.

Hence, they still had to rely on Principal Meng to run a few errands if they really were to transfer the ownership of this house to Qiao Nan.

"Okay, it's decided then. I'll send the two of you off." The elderly couple was resolute in their decision. Principal Meng had nothing much to say either. He would not persuade them to do otherwise either. Anyway, his original thought was that it was a good arrangement to give this house to Qiao Nan. Furthermore, this house was not a property of the school but the elderly couple.

Now that the owners were very certain that they would give the house to Qiao Nan, that little strayed thought of Principal Meng earlier vanished into thin air. He just wanted to settle this matter graciously and properly as soon as possible so that both parties involved could rejoice over it.

"No need. The chauffeur has been waiting for us. Our limbs are old. We certainly can't run anymore." The elderly grandfather exclaimed that they did not need Principal Meng to fetch them. He held on to his spouse as the two of them make their way out slowly.

Shi Qing tugged at Qiao Nan's shirt. "Who's that elderly couple? Why is Principal Meng so polite to them?" It was as if he was sending off his own parents.



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