"How would I know?" Qiao Nan replied softly. "I've not seen them before. Moreover, we don't have many chances to enter the principal's office."

"Could they be the grandparents of one of the third-year students this year? They came to thank the principal specially as the student did well in the exams?"

"That's possible."

During the short time that Principal Meng was sending the elderly couple out, Qiao Nan and Shi Qing secretly conversed with each other. When Principal Meng was back, the two of them resumed their normal selves.

"Qiao Nan, do you know who that elderly couple was?" Principal Meng sat down, his face full of smiles. Now, when he looked at Qiao Nan, he felt that she was such a good student in every way.

Although he had not seen Principal Wei yet, he could guess how regretful Principal Wei must have felt about not finding ways to get Qiao Nan into The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China previously.

Nevertheless, Principal Meng also had not expected that, when he offered some terms to recruit Qiao Nan to Ping Cheng High School two years ago, she would bring about such great changes to the school today.

"Well, I don't know…" Qiao Nan was at a loss for words. Why did Principal Meng say the same thing as Shi Qing?

"They're the owners of the house. They have just returned from overseas. They were at our school to take a look, and coincidentally, it was the period of the college entrance examination. They were very concerned about the school's situation. When they knew that we've achieved record-breaking results this year, they were elated. Qiao Nan, thanks so much."

"Ah?" There were two big question marks in Qiao Nan's eyes. She did not understand why she had to be thanked again.

Principal Meng pursed his lips. He was trying very hard not to curve the corners of his lips too wide and appeared over-conceited. "I've mentioned to you before. Their children are Chinese. The retired teachers hold the school dear. They also place great importance on education matters in the country. Just now, the elderly couple said they wanted to sponsor our school computer labs and multimedia classrooms!"

Principal Meng was well aware that Ping Cheng High School's excellent results for the college entrance examination this year had garnered the attention of many. The elderly couple then quickly decided to invest in Ping Cheng High School, and not other schools.

Principal Meng felt that his recent luck had been too good. Besides meeting a student like Qiao Nan, many good things kept coming to him.

Other people had all the bad things happening at the same time, while he had all the good things occurring together. He was simply overjoyed!

Because of these few computer labs and multimedia classrooms, when Principal Meng sent the elderly couple outside, he felt like he was floating, as if he was stepping on soft clouds.

"It's not just the computer labs or the multimedia classrooms. The elderly couple, or rather, their children seem to have other plans as well." Principal Meng took a deep breath. If he drew all these sponsorships to Ping Cheng High School, he dared to promise everyone that Ping Cheng High School would definitely become the top tier high school with wholesome learning resources in Ping Cheng and even the province.

What was it about surpassing The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China and becoming the top school in Ping Cheng? When that time came, being the top school in Ping Cheng would be an understatement. His target would be the top school in the province!

"Congrats." Qiao Nan nodded. If that was really the case, it was great.

Not long after, Information Technology would be prevalent in the whole world and not just China.

A few years later, even the primary school children had to learn how to use a computer, let alone the high school students.

However, in the year 2000, things such as computers were very rare. A lot of money had to be spent to set up such a lab. Furthermore, it would be a few labs. If they included the few multimedia classrooms, then the sum of money required for this investment was really not little.

When the facilities in the school were good, to a certain extent, the quality of the education would also improve. It could be considered as a positive cycle.

However, regardless of how well Ping Cheng High School developed, Qiao Nan would not be able to utilize all these resources when they were ready.

Shi Qing's mouth formed an alphabet 'O'. All of a sudden, she did not know if she should say that Qiao Nan, or Ping Cheng High School and Principal Meng, was just too lucky.

Qiao Nan helped spot some questions and she would be getting a small courtyard for free.

This year, the college entrance examination results for Ping Cheng High School were shockingly excellent. Principal Meng was already in great limelight. He even encountered such a big investment and sponsorship. Was this a momentum that Ping Cheng High School was prepared to take as it soared?

"Same, same." Principal Meng massaged the part of his face that was overworked from that smile of his that could not stop. "The elderly couple heard what you said but they still decided to give you the house. Qiao Nan, don't decline. The elderly couple and their children don't lack this little bit. Actually, their children also wish to launch some projects to build their image in China. They have their own objectives as well. It can be considered a win-win situation. Please accept this house. Next year, if you score well, they may even be able to build their name with a story about sponsoring a poor and outstanding student."

It was a little exaggerated, but from a business perspective, as long as there was a use for it, it was possible that the other party would make use of it since the investment had been made.

It could be said that Qiao Nan did not take the house for nothing. Furthermore, it was the elderly couple who decided to give it to her.

"Don't be humble. Don't feel guilty either. When the retired teachers were present, you performed very well. If you did not perform well, this house might not belong to you. At the end of the day, it's your kindness that earned you this. Of course, I'm just commenting and not advocating feudal or superstitious mentality. Nevertheless, there will always be cause and effect. It's the same as karma."

When Principal Meng looked at Qiao Nan, he treated her as his own niece. He not only asked Qiao Nan to accept the house but also taught Qiao Nan the reasoning behind it.

It was also because Qiao Nan had performed graciously and presentably in front of the elderly couple. She was not greedy despite her young age. She was so down-to-earth. The elderly couple felt that she was someone that was hard to come by.

If Qiao Nan was a greedy one, the retired teachers might hesitate and eventually decide to return the management rights of the house to the school. Just like Qiao Nan said, even if the teachers were not lacking in anything, they might meet a student like her who was in a poor and difficult situation.

Instead of giving the house to one that did not know how to be grateful, they would rather transfer the ownership directly to a student of Ping Cheng High School. After all, they had stayed in this place for most of their lifetime.

Just as Principal Meng said, whatever the cause would be the effect.

"This…" Qiao Nan's face was filled with confusion. She really did not expect that the elderly couple who had just left were the ones who were going to give the house to her.

"The retired teachers don't have a lot of time. Regarding the matter about sponsoring Ping Cheng High School, the secretaries of their children will follow up on it with us. Hence, bring your bank account and identity card along to the land authorities to settle the administrative matters tomorrow. Also, the retired teachers' intention is to transfer the ownership of the small courtyard to you only. The good thing is that you're an adult and have an identity card now. It's thus fine for us to do this."



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