"They considered it so thoroughly?" Shi Qing had been exclaiming for a long time.

"Principal?" Qiao Nan sniffed. She was choking so much that she could not speak a word.

The two elderly teachers had such plans as they knew her family situation. They were sparing a thought for her.

"Alright, dirty linen should not be aired in public. I hope you don't blame me for being such a bigmouth. The old retired teachers are open-minded. They even stayed overseas before. They're more forward-thinking than our typical Chinese men. Your five fingers are different in lengths. You can't control other things. This is considered their kindness to you. The retired teachers have already spared so much thought for you. Don't decline it anymore. One should not reject the elderly's good intentions. Understand?"

The two retired teachers thought of giving the house to Qiao Nan precisely because Qiao Nan had worked and studied hard. She had contributed much to the development of the school.

It could be treated as financial assistance or reward. The two elderly teachers also hoped that the kind-hearted Qiao Nan could lead a better life in the future.

The problem was that, if the ownership of the house was transferred to her father, given the complex relationships in the Qiao family, this could, unfortunately, spell endless trouble if estate disputes were to occur in the future. It would not be nice then.

Prevention is better than cure.

There were some necessary preparations to be done. It was better to be the 'villain' first.

"Okay." Qiao Nan sniffed and nodded.

In this lifetime, Qiao Nan's greatest hope was to earn lots of money and then own a house that belonged to her only so that she would have a house that was hers and not related to the Qiao family.

Her next-of-kin related to her by blood had been finding ways and means to squeeze her financially. On the contrary, while relying on outsiders, she had joined others to become a property owner at such a young age.

Her own family could not even be compared to outsiders. This made Qiao Nan feel bitterly disappointed. Nevertheless, Qiao Nan felt very warm at heart when she sensed the care and concern from others.

"Alright, you should go back first before the sun becomes brighter. I'll fetch you at your house tomorrow so that we can settle the matter of the house properly." After knowing that Qiao Nan suffered from summer ailments, Principal Meng dared not make Qiao Nan stay longer, in case Qiao Nan would feel worse when the sun turned brighter.

"Thank you, Principal Meng." Principal Meng and the two elderly had already made themselves so clear and considered it so thoroughly. Qiao Nan would really feel embarrassed if she kept declining.

Furthermore, Qiao Nan had other thoughts in mind after taking over the house.

"Principal, then Qiao Nan and I will go back first." Shi Qing looked like she was in high spirits and extremely happy.

She had widened her horizons. If one were to study well and ran into good luck, they could even get a house for free.

Qiao Nan was not the reincarnation of the money doll, so why did she have a share in all the good things? Of course, Qiao Nan did not have a share of 'good mother' and 'good sister'.

It was true that no one was perfect. Qiao Nan was lacking in the aspects of 'mother' and 'sister' but her luck in other areas was extraordinarily good!

"Okay, be careful on the road."

After leaving Principal Meng's office, Shi Qing patted Qiao Nan's shoulder emotionally. "Qiao Nan, you're going to be rich. How old are you? You have your own house at such a young age. You can lift your head and chest up in the future. As for the money that you owe Brother Zhai, there's no hurry. Given the situation, you can raise the fees on those who hired you to do tuition. Won't it be easy to pay back the debts then?"

After Qiao Nan repaid all the debts that she owed Brother Zhai, Sister Zhai Hua would not be able to discriminate against Qiao Nan anymore.

Would Qiao Nan take advantage of Brother Zhai?

From certain perspectives, up until now, Brother Zhai had most probably been taking more advantage of Qiao Nan.

"Haha, you still remember that?" Because of the previous matter about the clothing, Shi Qing still bore a grudge against Sister Zhai Hua until today. On the other hand, Qiao Nan had let go of it and it did not bother her as much as before.

Nevertheless, she would still feel a little uneasy whenever this matter was brought up.

"Of course, I remember. Clearly, Sister Zhai Hua is not that kind of person. Don't tell me she has changed just because she's in a relationship now." Until now, Shi Qing still felt unjustified. Why did the big sister who, in her memory, did not have a good temper but was very kind, become so discriminating? She even hurt someone with her words.

When she heard Zhai Hua doubting Qiao Nan that day, Shi Qing was nearly convinced that the Zhai Hua before was, in fact, someone else.

"In a romantic relationship? Sister Zhai Hua is in a relationship?" Qiao Nan paused in her steps and looked at Shi Qing. "Who is Sister Zhai Hua in a relationship with?"

"It has been almost two years, almost the same duration as Brother Zhai and you. The other party is an ordinary soldier in the army. He's not even a platoon leader. Of course, we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. However, his achievements are really too poor. You may not even have an impression of him even if I tell you who he is. When you were giving classes in the army, he's one of those in the over twenty soldiers left who insisted to attend Qiu Chenxi's classes. At that time, I already found it strange. Since he's in a relationship with Sister Zhai Hua, shouldn't he be keen on improving himself? Why did he attend Qiu Chenxi's classes? It's just that it's someone else's matter, so it's not convenient for me to comment. From what I know, Sister Zhai Hua likes that guy very much."

When Shi Qing opened her mouth, the secrets that came out of it were not small.

Qiao Nan dared to bet that, regarding Zhai Hua's relationship, the combined knowledge of all of the Zhai family members about this would not be more than that of Shi Qing alone.

Shi Qing and Zhai Hua could be considered as close pals.

Since that was the case, after so many years, why was it that Qiu Chenxi was Brother Zhai's fiancée whereas Shi Qing had to watch from the side?

"How lousy is that boyfriend of Sister Zhai Hua?" Qiao Nan asked curiously.

"Isn't he lousy? Anyway, it's been two years. I don't see anything good in that guy. I don't know why Sister Zhai Hua is so bent on being together with him. After Sister Zhai Hua is with him, she changed so much. Qiao Nan, tell me, when Sister Zhai Hua targeted you previously, could she have been influenced by that guy? Really, Sister Zhai Hua was not like that in the past."

The more Shi Qing thought about it, the more she felt that Zhai Hua's change was due to that man. If that was the case, that guy was definitely not a good person. Otherwise, why did he bring all the bad influences and no good ones to Sister Zhai Hua?

"I can't figure it out." Qiao Nan shook her head. She was not able to analyze Zhai Hua's situation.

She just got to know that Zhai Hua was actually in a relationship. Moreover, that boyfriend of Zhai Hua had been bent on attending Qiu Chenxi's classes instead of hers.

As to the reason, at the very least, this boyfriend of Sister Zhai Hua definitely did not attend Qiu Chenxi's classes just because he wanted to look at pretty girls.

Sister Zhai Hua had such a prominent family background. Regardless of whether this man was outstanding, as long as he was a man, he would certainly want to rise in the ranks and make himself more compatible with Sister Zhai Hua.



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