"Transfer of ownership? What's the reason?" Zhai Sheng looked at Qiao Nan. "Just because you spotted questions for the third-year students? This house doesn't belong to him, right?" Hence, Principal Meng did not have the right to decide on whether to transfer the house to Nan Nan.

"The owners of the house are back. I bumped into them coincidentally today but we didn't talk."

The suspicion in Zhai Sheng's eyes vanished immediately. "What are your thoughts?"

"I have declined initially but Principal Meng convinced me to accept it. He even said that the owners had expressed firmly that the ownership of the house can only be transferred to me." After thinking, Qiao Nan looked at Zhai Sheng as if she was in a dilemma. "Brother Zhai, I don't intend to tell my dad about this, but I intend to openly ask him for the family register."

"That's fine too, as long as you've considered it carefully. Anyway, you got this house through honest means. You don't need to be worried about other matters." Zhai Sheng did not intend to ask Qiao Nan to decline the property. This was because he knew that Qiao Nan had already made up her mind on this.

"Brother Zhai, am I being too thick-skinned? I've not done anything and yet I'm getting a house for no reason. I keep feeling strange about it." Really, she was used to being extorted. Qiao Nan was at a loss and felt uneasy when someone wanted to give her something all of a sudden.

Most importantly, she really did not have the habit of taking other people's things without a reason.

"Don't worry. There's no free meal in this world." Zhai Sheng had seen more of the world than Qiao Nan. He thought more deeply than she did. Hence, even if he had not met the owners of the house and did not understand the current situation and the causes and effects, he could also guess that there must be other reasons for Qiao Nan to be offered this house. "Didn't you mention before that the owner's children are overseas Chinese and they are businessmen? This kind of people certainly won't shortchange themselves. It's just that you don't know what their plans are."

"This, I think so…" Qiao Nan gave a nod. "Principal told me that the children of the elderly teachers seemed to think about returning to the country. In fact, they're the ones who wished to give this house to me. Besides, their children will also be investing to set up a few computer labs and multimedia classrooms in Ping Cheng High School."

"That's right then. If the Chinese who are returning to the home country intend to develop their businesses, they'll have to launch some projects to build their image. Since Principal Meng asked you to take it, then you should just do so." Hearing what Qiao Nan said, Zhai Sheng understood more now.

Since those people were preparing to return to their home country to develop their businesses and wished to earn money in China, they would have to build up their image to make their business presence known in China first.

Most importantly, if Ping Cheng High School was not good enough, all these good things would not come to Ping Cheng High School. It would also not happen in Ping Cheng.

To put in bluntly, since Nan Nan helped Ping Cheng High School spot the questions, she had propelled the college entrance examination results of Ping Cheng High School tremendously. A good opportunity as such only existed for them to grab it.

To Ping Cheng High School and those few Chinese, opportunities were more important than anything else.

It was Nan Nan's existence that created this opportunity.

Zhai Sheng was very clear that Qiao Nan not only did not take the small courtyard for nothing but had also hauled in benefits that were multiple and even a hundred times more than what the small courtyard was worth for the Chinese and Ping Cheng High School.

Zhai Sheng reached out and pulled the fragrant and soft Qiao Nan into his arms and then gave her a peck on the cheek. "Nan Nan, you're too honest. You have to remember that a businessman will never do something that will shortchange himself. The one who will be shortchanged may only be you."

Having created such a huge opportunity of interest for someone, Nan Nan was already so nervous and uneasy about taking one house from them. It was as if she helping those who sold her out count the money.

"Don't, don't hug." Qiao Nan felt extremely shy. She kept having the feeling that Shi Qing would spring out of a corner at any point in time. It would be so embarrassing if someone saw them.

"Why don't you let me hug you?" Zhai Sheng was still holding on to Qiao Nan as he did not have any intention to loosen his hands. They had been in a relationship for two years and had only kissed and hugged a little. If they could not even do this, Zhai Sheng was going to suspect if he was in a fake romantic relationship.

"It's warm!!" Qiao Nan was extremely sullen. "Don't you feel warm?"

She already felt warm while she was sitting alone. She could not wait for air-conditioners to be available soon and at an affordable price.

Furthermore, Brother Zhai's body temperature was a little higher than others'. When her hands came into contact with Brother Zhai's body, she could feel the heat.

She was not being hugged by her boyfriend. She was lying on a fire stove.

After hugging for less than five minutes, Qiao Nan could distinctly feel her sweat oozing from each of the pores on her body.

"Warm?" Laughter could be seen in Zhai Sheng's eyes. He gave Qiao Nan a serious expression but his eyes had hints of a smile.

"Warm!" Qiao Nan's tone became more serious. She suffered from summer ailments. It was thus even worse for her.

"Isn't it normal to feel hot during the summer? It'll be strange not to feel hot. It's good for the body to perspire more during summer." Hence, he was trying to make Nan Nan perspire more by hugging her.

Qiao Nan had a look of bitterness on her face. "But if we're not hugging, I can feel a little cooler."

"If I don't hug you, will you be able to compare the difference and then feel cooler as a result?" Zhai Sheng raised his brows and asked.

"No…" Without Brother Zhai hugging her, even if she sat down alone, she would still feel hot as if she was having a steamboat meal.

"Isn't that right? Now that I'm hugging you, you'll feel cooler when I leave. You may even sleep better tonight."

"…Is there such a thing?" Qiao Nan looked confused. "Then, how long do we have to hug to make me feel very cold when I'm sleeping at night without you around?"

"Of course the longer we hug, the better the effect." Zhai Sheng moved his hands to Qiao Nan's waist. Qiao Nan was thin but she was not all bones. Hence, her waist was tender, soft, and very nice to touch. At least, Zhai Sheng liked it very much. "Nan Nan, eat more when summer is over. Gain more nutrients, especially during the winter. You can gain weight."

"Without needing you to say, I'll gain weight during winter." Qiao Nan stared at Zhai Sheng's hands that had been moving all around her waist. She would touch her own waist every day while she was bathing and she did not feel anything extraordinary about it. Why was it that whenever he was with Brother Zhai, not to mention hugging, he had to touch and squeeze her here and there, and her waist was the part of the body that he would move his hands to most?

When he saw the look of puzzlement in the eyes of the young lady in his arms, Zhai Sheng's eyes looked deep.

If not for the fact that it was not the right time, he would definitely make Nan Nan understand that her waist was never the part that he was most interested in.

It was just that he could not touch other places yet. Hence, he could only hold her waist to relieve his longing.

At the thought of what Shi Qing had told her a while earlier, Qiao Nan, who was in Zhai Sheng's arms, adjusted her bottom to a position that was relatively further away from Zhai Sheng so that she would feel cooler. "Brother Zhai, Sister Zhai Hua is older than you. Does she have a boyfriend yet?"



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