Just as Qiao Nan moved her bum, Zhai Sheng steered her back to the original position. "If you don't want the 'gun' to go off by accident, don't move. I can't take much stimulation."

"…" Qiao Nan could feel the strange atmosphere. Especially when she looked at Zhai Sheng's deep and worried eyes, she immediately had goosebumps. "You have not replied to me."

"She should be in a relationship." As Qiao Nan did not move anymore, the small fire in Zhai Sheng's eyes gradually extinguished.

"Should? So you know?" Although it was something that Shi Qing was well aware of, it would be a little odd if none of the Zhai family members knew about it. "Do you know what kind of boyfriend Sister Zhai Hua found for herself?"

"I don't know and I also can't be bothered about it." Zhai Sheng helped Qiao Nan smoothen the hair that was sticking to her face. "She's an adult and should have her own space. No need to bother about her that much."

"No matter how capable Sister Zhai Hua is, she's still a woman. Aren't you afraid that she will be bullied?" Qiao Nan was speaking about a common phenomenon.

Zhai Sheng's fingertips slid to Qiao Nan's earlobes. "No one can bully us whose surname is Zhai."

"So confident?" Love was blind. Hearing what Sister Zhai Hua said, she had the feeling that that soldier boyfriend of Zhai Hua did not seem reliable. "One should know that when a woman is in a relationship, there is no rationale to speak of."

"So, you're in a fake relationship with me?" Why was it that when Nan Nan was with him, she could be so rational, calm, and self-disciplined?

Qiao Nan was both angry and shy. She bumped her head onto Zhai Sheng's chest. "I'm talking to you about Sister Zhai Hua. Can you not always link it to the two of us?"

Holding on tightly to Qiao Nan's waist, those hands of Zhai Sheng did not have any qualms about 'taking advantage'. "I can't. In comparison, I'm more concerned about our matter. You'll be in your third year when school reopens."

In other words, at this time next year, his marriage report would not only be submitted but also approved.

Even if Qiao Nan had not reached the legal age for marriage, the two of them had to be engaged first. From then onward, Qiao Nan would have to take on the title of Mrs. Zhai.

Previously, there was a promise between Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan that they would only discuss marriage after she had graduated from high school and entered college.

"Brother Zhai, you said it yourself. I'm going to be in my third year soon. Third year! Can you lessen my worries so that I can study well and strive for improvements every day?" Qiao Nan's eyes were evasive. Her face was thoroughly flustered and red, looking extremely shy.

This was the first time that she was in marriage talks in two lifetimes. Moreover, this topic had continued for more than two years. Having known that Zhai Sheng had not changed his initial mind, Qiao Nan naturally felt happy and touched.

At the mention of this, she was shy about it again.

Zhai Sheng sighed. "Then, when are you going to let me worry less?"

"Since when did I not do so?!" Qiao Nan was dissatisfied. "I don't make noise or kick up a fuss. I've never blamed you for spending so little time with me. In these two years, I've been obediently studying and never caused any trouble. Even that one trouble that I encountered was attracted by you. Is there any girlfriend that's less worrisome than me?"

Which girlfriend would be as accommodating as her? Having been in love for two years, the total time her boyfriend spent with her was not more than two months.

If it were other ladies, they would have probably broken up more than ten times given such a relationship. Brother Zhai had to complain that she had not saved him enough worries. That was too much of him.

"Ha." Zhai Sheng sneered. "What about Chen Jun, Zhou Jun, and Zhu Baoguo?"

Saving him worries? In a short time span of two years, although these three men could not be considered as his rivals for her affection, they were more than annoying.

In particular, Zhou Jun was his subordinate. Hence, Zhai Sheng would feel a little awkward, more or less.


Qiao Nan pretended to be dumb as she lifted her head and looked at the ceiling.

At that sight of Qiao Nan, Zhai Sheng was filled with anger. He gave Qiao Nan's little bum a small slap as a half-hearted punishment. "Still dare to pretend!"

Qiao Nan felt wronged. "I've already made myself clear to Brother Zhou."

Qiao Nan was a little slow to react at times but she was a smart person. Clearly, Zhou Jun was so busy that he did not even have the time to go home. Despite that, he could always find time to visit her a few times in a year, so how could Qiao Nan not guess it at all?

Hence, Qiao Nan had told Zhou Jun directly that she already had a boyfriend who was also a soldier. If there was a chance in the future, she would introduce him to Zhou Jun.

"Yes, didn't you make it clear? He tortured my troop of soldiers until their bones nearly shattered." Zhai Sheng sounded a little better now. "How about Zhu Baoguo?"

"…That's my younger brother. You can regard him as my son too." Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. She really did not think that Zhu Baoguo would develop romantic feelings for her one day. Of course, this 'silly son' of hers might not even be aware of it himself.

Since he found out that she had a boyfriend, Zhu Baoguo had been acting awkward in front of her for the past six months.

"Your son is here." Zhai Sheng rubbed that small and flat tummy of Qiao Nan. He had not sowed his seeds. Hence, where did the child come from? He was not keen on acknowledging such a big son like Zhu Baoguo.

"My goodness, are you at odds with me?" Qiao Nan was a little sullen and she wanted to push Zhai Sheng away. "It's rare that you're back. Did you come back to quarrel with me?"

"Someone told me that when a man and a woman are in love but never quarrel, that means they no longer care about each other." Zhai Sheng did not loosen his grip on Qiao Nan's waist. He could not devour this sweet young thing yet, but how could he let her escape from his arms?

"Which son of a bitch said that? I'm going to punch them!" Who said that a man and a woman would definitely quarrel when they were together? The time that Brother Zhai and her spent together was already so little. If they were going to waste it on quarrels, then were they still going to continue with this relationship?

"Zhai Hua."

"…" Qiao Nan leaned into the arms of Zhai Sheng and pretended to be dead. "This, I can't win against her."

She wanted to ask if Brother Zhai knew if Sister Zhai Hua was in love. She did not expect that Sister Zhai Hua had been spurring on Brother Zhai to quarrel with her behind her back. What did Sister Zhai Hua mean by doing that?

Rubbing Qiao Nan's face, Zhai Sheng laughed. "Don't overthink. She's indeed unreasonable, but she's not targeting you. Judging from her look at that time, she had most probably quarreled with her boyfriend."

Zhai Hua quarreled with her boyfriend. Then, when she saw that Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan had always been so sweet together, she felt unhappy and jealous. She thus came up with such a bad idea.

"You know what Zhai Hua was thinking and you still fell into the trap?" Ah, wasn't this the so-called deep bond between siblings?

"Excessive rows are bad but some bickering improves the relationship." Zhai Sheng was positive about it. "You don't need to take to heart Zhai Hua's matter. She can't stir up any trouble with me."

The two of them grew up together. How could Zhai Sheng not understand Zhai Hua?

Such little tricks. Taking into account that they were siblings, Zhai Sheng, as the younger brother, had always been very forgiving toward Zhai Hua.



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