Qiao Dongliang sighed as he took a glance at Zhai Sheng. "Fine, you all chat. I'll go and prepare. Nan Nan, come and help me." There were five people who would be having dinner today. He had to prepare more dishes than usual.

Since everyone had arrived, of course Qiao Dongliang had to quickly prepare the meal so that everyone could eat together. The sooner they finished the meal, the sooner Zhai Sheng could leave.

"Okay." Qiao Nan glanced at Zhai Sheng. She abidingly stood up and followed Qiao Dongliang to the kitchen.

Shi Qing, who had been left behind, felt that she was an odd one out that should not exist in the current scene.

Shi Qing stood up hesitatingly. "Why don't I go and help too?"

"Go ahead," Shi Peng replied smilingly.

"I'll go then." Shi Qing looked as if she had been granted a pardon. The fast speed that she escaped with was akin to that of a rabbit.

The two men were left in the living room. Zhai Sheng then reached out his hands and poured a cup of tea for Shi Peng. "Have some tea."

"Have some tea? You're not even calling your master?" Shi Peng was able to accept this cup of tea from Zhai Sheng. "You wish to kidnap one's daughter, yet you simply entered their house openly? Aren't you a little too daring? Are you not afraid that things will backfire? The Qiao family is not that daring."

Zhai Sheng smiled. "It's nothing much. I was just following master's teaching. Master said before that if one wants anyone or wishes to achieve any purpose, one has to consider seriously, arrange meticulously, and then fight for it boldly and resolutely. The methods have to be swift and sweeping so that there's no chance for the enemy to even catch a breath. When the enemy comes to their senses, everything has already been cast in stone to the point of no return."

What Shi Peng taught Zhai Sheng was to rage an attack in a decisive and resolute manner.

"You remember and carried it out quite well. But don't forget that you're getting a wife, not plotting against your political opponents." It was Shi Peng's proudest thing in his life to have taught a disciple such as Zhai Sheng.

Unfortunately, his daughter was too young. It was a pity that when he had the energy, his daughter was still young and ignorant and he thus could not impart many things to her.

Now, his daughter had finally grown up but he had already run out of steam. He could not personally nurture his daughter to become a top tier female general or heroine. This was considered as the greatest regret in his life.

"Zhai Sheng, can I seek your help in one matter?"

"Shi Qing?" With one word, Zhai Sheng hit the bull's-eye.

Shi Peng looked in the direction of Shi Qing with love. "My health will always be as such. I can't improve much. Even the doctor can't tell how much longer I can live. Qing Qing is a very simple child. It's also because she's indulged by me. If there's another chance, I won't let her be so naive."

"But you still have time and energy now, yet you can't bear to be hard on her." Zhai Sheng exposed Shi Peng's lies and falsehood without reservation.

After all, Shi Peng was a slave to his daughter. He could not bear to make it hard for Shi Qing.

"Yes, I can't bear to." Shi Peng laughed. "Qing Qing is so obedient and sensible. I never think that her being naïve is a mistake."

"But if she's going to take the same path as you, her naivety may not only harm herself but also her comrades." Zhai Sheng disagreed. Unless Shi Qing chose another path, her naivety would not be just a concern to her alone but also many other comrades as it would impact their lives and safety.

"So, I have to rely on you." He was destined to be a kind, and not strict, father in his life.

For the sake of letting Qing Qing become better and grow up faster, he could only find her a 'master'.

"Don't say this too soon. Till now, your health is still fine. You'll be able to see the day Shi Qing succeeds and takes charge on her own." His master, a cunning fox, was doing well in his current political circle. He was in great limelight and it was no less than when he was an officer in the army.

It was not that his master was in such poor health that he was afraid of dying too soon and could not take care of Shi Qing.

Firstly, his master was in poor health. Secondly, it was because he had no time!

If he wanted to do well in politics, he could not rise up the ranks if he did nothing and remained silent after squeezing into the political circle.

His master hoped to focus all his effort and energy on this second career, which was akin to a second romantic relationship. Naturally, there could not be two of him and he thus hoped to find a 'nanny' to look after Shi Qing.

Zhai Sheng did not care about what his master's plans were. However, if his plot landed on him, then sorry, he was not going to cooperate.

"No wonder Qing Qing kept saying that you're petty." Having failed in his attempt to pull the strings as Zhai Sheng's master and his tactic of gaining pity, Shi Peng was unwilling to put up with his pretense anymore. "Alright, I'll give you a word of advice. Restrain yourself a little. If you really provoke Old Qiao, your matter with Qiao Nan will be off. Regardless of how the Qiao family treats Qiao Nan, Qiao Nan is too soft and has too much conscience. She is destined to take more pain and suffering than others. You don't care about Old Qiao but she does. Remember. If you love Qiao Nan, don't do too many things that will put her in a difficult position. However, when she's hesitant and undecided, you should stand out and decide for her. Don't let her be bullied. Understand?"

Zhai Sheng smiled too. "Master, you're being paranoid."

He did not need to be like a man. He was a man!

When the three in the kitchen brought out the dishes, Shi Peng and Zhai Sheng were facing each other without a word. One was looking jovial while the other looked cold and serious. There was a very strange atmosphere.

"Time to eat." Qiao Nan was the most daring one. She took a step forward with the dishes and even placed them between Zhai Sheng and Shi Peng to disperse the strange atmosphere between them. "Although the weather is hot, it's the end of July. It's nicer to have the food when it's warm regardless of the season. Quickly have it and don't waste them. There's not much rice and dishes. It's almost just right for the five of us. Don't leave any leftovers. We can't keep food in the summertime. Overnight dishes are not good for health."

One was a soldier who was used to weathering the wind and rain. When he was on a mission, it was so tough that he could skip three meals and even stay in the open.

As such, when Zhai Sheng had the opportunity to rest at home, he should make full use of the time to take care of himself. He should not neglect it just because it was his own body.

If his health were to really suffer due to neglect, it would be too late to regret it when he was old.

Zhai Sheng should keep that in mind. Of course, Shi Peng, who had been ill for many years, had to pay attention to his health too.

These words of Qiao Nan were deliberately targeted at these two old and young 'patients'.

"What Qiao Nan said is right. It's so good to have a daughter who is concerned about you. Old Qiao, you're so fortunate." Shi Peng, who had been rejected by Zhai Sheng, was not pleased. He started to play some tactics and tricks.

Zhai Sheng pursed his lips. He seemed to be secretly mocking Shi Peng that the latter was really too childish for saying such words at this time.



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