If Zhai Hua had gone overboard, Zhai Sheng would usually be the first one to discipline Zhai Hua.

Although Zhai Hua was the older sister, when things happened, Zhai Sheng had always been the one taking Zhai Hua in hand.

"Fine." She had brought up Sister Zhai Hua's matter a few times today in front of Brother Zhai because she heard from Shi Qing that Sister Zhai Hua's boyfriend was a little strange.

If Brother Zhai already knew about this, Qiao Nan would not intervene without a reason.

Furthermore, she was not even legally married to Zhai Sheng yet. It was not convenient for her to be involved.

Taking a glance at the clock, Qiao Nan gave Zhai Sheng a push. "It's already four o'clock. My dad should be off work and coming home soon. Are you going back to the Zhai family?"

"Not going back. I'm staying for dinner," Zhai Sheng said in a lording manner.

"My dad will feel unhappy."

"You're being paranoid. Uncle Qiao is very happy with me." Zhai Sheng refused to admit that his future father-in-law did not favor him. "You're thinking too much. Uncle Qiao likes life in the army a lot. He's very happy to chat with me about this."

"It's only limited to this." Qiao Nan snorted. Brother Zhai had said before that when they had children in the future and if any wolf dared to come and kidnap his precious babies from his house, not to mention entering the house, he would simply take a gun and drive them away if they had the guts to take a step in through the main door!

"There are only you, father and daughter, having meals here. There won't be much of a difference with just one more person around." Zhai Sheng was determined not to leave and to remain in the house of the Qiao family.

Boiling the frog slowly. Qiao Nan could not escape from him. Qiao Dongliang, this future father-in-law, was a little difficult to manage. He did not find Zhai Sheng very pleasing.

Zhai Sheng was well aware of this.

Zhai Sheng knew that if he could address Qiao Dongliang as his father, then the marriage between Qiao Nan and him could proceed. After all, to Zhai Sheng, he did not feel that there was a major issue on the Zhai family's end.

Zhai Sheng insisted on not leaving. Qiao Nan could do nothing about it.

The two had been in a relationship for two years and Zhai Sheng had been taking issue with Qiao Nan about the number of days left before they could get married. Qiao Nan felt a little embarrassed to chase Zhai Sheng away.

Dealing with the Zhai family was difficult for Qiao Nan, but the suffering Zhai Sheng had due to Qiao Dongliang was not any less either.

True enough, when Qiao Dongliang saw Zhai Sheng upon reaching home, his expression changed. It was as if he had accidentally swallowed a dumpling without biting it, and the dumpling was stuck in his throat. He felt so bad that he could neither spit it out nor swallow it. "Zhai Sheng, you're here?"

"Yes, Uncle Qiao. I'm here to see Nan Nan." Zhai Sheng was straight to the point and expressed that he came to see Qiao Nan.

Qiao Dongliang's face turned black. He nearly fainted at that arrogant attitude of Zhai Sheng. "Zhai Sheng, you're also aware that Nan Nan will be commencing her third-year studies in the second half of the year. Her studies…"

"Uncle Qiao, rest assured. You don't know yet, right? For the college entrance examination this year, Qiao Nan had spotted questions for the entire third-year cohort in her school. It has been announced that the results of Ping Cheng High School are excellent this year. It's record-breaking. With Qiao Nan's capability, it's not a problem for her to get into top-tier universities. In fact, she could have taken the college entrance examination this year." Despite not being physically in Ping Cheng or by Qiao Nan's side, Zhai Sheng was clearer about Qiao Nan's whereabouts than Qiao Dongliang was.

"Uncle Qiao, I've been together with Nan Nan for two years. It's been tough on Nan Nan. After all, the time I can spend with her is too little. Uncle Qiao, you've been a soldier before. You should know the life of a soldier and his spouse. From my interactions with Nan Nan these two years, I'm very certain that Nan Nan will become a qualified and even an outstanding military wife in the future. You don't need to worry about her regarding this."

The military wife had to be self-disciplined and resilient.


Having been in a relationship for two years, Qiao Nan's grades had never slipped ever since the first year of her high school studies. She steadily surpassed the top student of the same cohort in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. Wasn't she self-disciplined enough?


If Qiao Nan was not resilient, then no one else in the world was.

Hence, whether Qiao Nan studied in the third year was just an excuse of Qiao Dongliang to stop Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan from being together.

"That's because my Nan Nan is very self-aware!" It did not have anything to do with Zhai Sheng. It was also not due to Zhai Sheng that Nan Nan had good grades!

"Certainly." Zhai Sheng smiled. "Nan Nan is so self-aware. Uncle Qiao, you don't need to worry about Nan Nan and me. Both of us have enough self-awareness." If they did not, within these two years, Uncle Qiao would have many opportunities to become a grandfather.

"Zhai Sheng, you're here." Shi Peng, who had overheard the conversation for a while, had brought Shi Qing along to 'con' dinner from the Qiao family.

Zhai Sheng was nurtured by Shi Peng. How could Shi Peng not understand Zhai Sheng?

Zhai Sheng had the cunningness of a fox, the determination of a wolf, the patience of hunting a leopard, the prowess of a tiger, and the lethality of a lion.

Having many of such special characteristics of various animals combined, Zhai Sheng was not an ordinary man. There was nothing that he could not get his hands on in this world. There were only things that he did not want.

How could Qiao Dongliang possibly be Zhai Sheng's opponent?

Qiao Dongliang was definitely at the losing end in this father-and-son-in-law battle.

"Officer Shi." Facing Shi Peng, Zhai Sheng's attitude was better. He held respect toward him.

"Don't address me as Officer Shi. I'm not part of the army now. I'm just an ordinary employee."

"Then, should I address you as Director Shi?" Zhai Sheng did not mind changing the way he addressed him. Nevertheless, when he looked at Shi Peng, there was no single sense of slight or belittling in his eyes just because Shi Peng had left the army.

Shi Peng was considered as half a master to Zhai Sheng when the latter first joined the army. Zhai Sheng knew too well how capable Shi Peng was.

Shi Peng was a very intelligent individual. He had brains, vigor, and ability.

From his perspective, when his father won against Shi Peng and became the chief many years ago, it was possible that his father had succeeded entirely based on his own capability, or Shi Peng had deliberately let his father win. It was also probable that his father had the upper hand physically due to Shi Peng's poor health.

Now, even though Shi Peng had left the army, within a short time span of one year, he had stabilized his footing and was part of the core government leadership in Ping Cheng

He heard that Shi Peng would be promoted again soon.

Regardless of where he went, this former Officer Shi would always be a great man that could not be ordinary.

It was the blessing of the Shi family to have Shi Peng as a son. Unfortunately, the Shi family did not cherish him. They looked down on Shi Peng and thought that he could not have done anything great after leaving the army.

"Don't be polite. It's fine to address me as you like." Shi Peng smiled nonchalantly as he sat down. "Old Qiao, what are we having for dinner today?"

"Look at how busy I am. I've forgotten about it." At the sight of Zhai Sheng, this little wolf brat, he had been busy thinking of ways to chase him out of the house and had almost forgotten that it was dinner time.

"You go and prepare then." As for Zhai Sheng, he could deal with him.



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