"Mom, there's no issue." Zhai Sheng changed his shoes and removed his shirt. He only took a glance at Zhai Hua before returning to his bedroom to bathe.

After bathing, when Zhai Sheng came out from the toilet in his boxers, Zhai Hua had been waiting with a long face for some time.

Zhai Sheng knitted his brows. He took out a T-shirt from his closet and put it on. He then sat on the bed and looked at Zhai Hua in the eye. "Speak if you have something to say. Scram if you don't."

"Zhai Sheng, am I still your biological sister? Just because of Qiao Nan, you're not giving me any face?" Zhai Hua was really unhappy. Since she was a child, she had never asked Zhai Sheng for any help. Yet, she was rejected the first time she did. On top of that, it was a matter regarding Wei De. Zhai Hua's unhappiness was thus amplified.

Zhai Hua flared up but Zhai Sheng was not afraid of her. "Is that so? Then, should I settle old scores with you? To count how many times you have plotted against me, your biological younger brother, because of an outsider?"

Having said that, Zhai Sheng's sullen face seemed to have lingering anger.

Zhai Hua was a little guilt-stricken. "Isn't that over already? As humans, we have to move on. Let bygones be bygones. Is settling old scores meaningful?"

"Do you think this excuse of yours will work?" Zhai Sheng crossed his arms and shot an eagle eye at Zhai Hua. "Zhai Hua, you should know that your tactic doesn't work on me. I've already told you before that I don't really look up to Wei De."

Yes, Zhai Sheng not only knew that Zhai Hua was in a relationship but also knew that her boyfriend was actually a junior soldier in the army.

"What's not good about him!" Zhai Hua was unconvinced. "Just because he's an ordinary soldier and not even a platoon leader, you are judging him just by this point alone and disapproving of my relationship. Then, what about Qiao Nan? How good is Qiao Nan? Yes, you're the one who lent the Qiao family money, but it's still a fact that they are in so much debt. In comparison, Wei De has never used my money or owed me any! On what grounds can you be together with Qiao Nan while I can't be with Wei De?"

Zhai Sheng sneered. Could one Wei De be compared to his Nan Nan? "Wei De has joined the army for a number of years. If not because of you, given Wei De's situation, he would have retired long ago. Nan Nan is just a student now. If you give Nan Nan the period of time that Wei De spent in the army, do you think Nan Nan's situation will be the same as today wherein you could look down on her?"


Zhai Hua could not answer that question.

Zhai Hua knew how hardworking and intelligent Qiao Nan was.

Furthermore, Qiao Nan's personal qualities would suffice. In addition, she had Lin Yuankang as her master. When Qiao Nan graduated from school and stepped into society, Qiao Nan would definitely not going to be a nobody like now. She would be a woman of substance.

This was the truth that was irrefutable.

In short, although Qiao Nan was still a student now, Zhai Hua was certain that the road ahead of Qiao Nan would not be bad even if she did not rely on Zhai Sheng and the Zhai family.

"In terms of family situation, yes, Wei De and Nan Nan are similar. But when you talk about the individual, how can Wei De be compared to Nan Nan? Still the same saying, if you want me to help, impossible. He didn't know how to grab the opportunities and resorted to cheap and dark tricks. I can't take such a soldier under my wing. If you really think that Wei De is so good, I'll give you a chance. Dad already knows the matter between Nan Nan and me for one to two years. I didn't keep dad in the dark as I feel that Nan Nan is good. Dad guessed it too. Until now, dad hasn't done anything overboard to deal with Nan Nan and me."

"You should understand dad's stand. At least, Nan Nan, as an individual, is acceptable to dad. Similarly, since your Wei De is so outstanding, he should not be afraid of being tested by dad. Dad is at home. Go and tell dad now that his only daughter is in love and her partner is Wei De. See dad's reaction then. If you're afraid that dad won't agree, don't be anxious. Dad did not agree to my relationship with Nan Nan in the beginning too. As long as Wei De is a true talent as you said, he will be able to gain dad's approval eventually."

Hence, there was no use for Zhai Hua to work on him. He would never agree to let an individual like Wei De come under him.

"Having said so much, you're just bearing a grudge that Wei De attended Qiu Chenxi's classes instead of Qiao Nan's classes during last summer when Qiao Nan taught in the army camp. You don't see eye to eye with Wei De as you're on Qiao Nan's side." Zhai Hua avoided answering Zhai Sheng's question and was stubborn with her own views. "You feel that Wei De is not giving you face but you can't blame Wei De. He still thinks that Qiu Chenxi is your fiancée. The reason he attended Qiu Chenxi's classes was actually because of you. He wanted to give face to the Zhai family."

"You believe this kind of excuse?" Zhai Sheng sneered. "No wonder Nan Nan said that a woman in love has no rationality to speak of."

Hence, he and Nan Nan were truly in a false relationship.

"In what way am I irrational!" Zhai Hua refused to admit.

Zhai Sheng let out a deep breath. In his heart, he felt increasingly dissatisfied with Wei De. "Let me ask you. If you were Wei De and in Wei De's shoes, do you think it's more important for you to work on improving your own qualities and abilities or bother about that superficial issue of giving face?"

"…" Zhai Hua was speechless once again because there would only be one outcome leading to this question of Zhai Sheng.

If Wei De thought that superficial matter such as giving face was important to both Zhai Hua and the Zhai family, it could only mean that Wei De was, in fact, someone who looked good but had no substance right from the start.

At that time, Qiu Chenxi's situation had hit rock bottom. Only about twenty people attended her classes.

As such, it would not make any difference to have just one more student in her class. Even if Wei De had intended to increase the numbers, it would not have any effect.

Wei De looked good but had no substance. Moreover, he did not use his brain. The way he gave face was not worth anything.

Instead of wasting his time on Qiu Chenxi, he might as well go to Qiao Nan and learn something. Not to mention others, he could avoid being out of touch with his comrades so that he would not be completely ignorant about what others had learned.

With this, Wei De might even gain something. On the contrary, he would not achieve anything by attending Qiu Chenxi's classes.

Wei De could not even analyze such an obvious situation. It could only mean one thing: Wei De lacked intelligence.

Nevertheless, Zhai Hua praised Wei De in front of Zhai Sheng, saying Wei De was very smart, had a good foundation in the military skills, and was willing to serve the citizens and contribute to the army. It was just that he lacked an opportunity all this while.

Zhai Hua described Wei De as if he was so rare and out of this world, yet he did such a stupid thing. That did not tally at all, did it?

If Wei De was not stupid and brainless, and yet, he insisted on attending Qiu Chenxi's classes until the end, the reason would be something worth pondering over.



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