As a daughter-in-law, she could not possibly let the elderly leave the world with regrets, could she?

"So serious?" Zhai Sheng lowered his eyelids.

"Yes!" She had given all the money that she had on hand to Wei De for his mother's surgery. Not a single cent of it was left. Could it not be serious?

"If his mother is really so ill, even if I pull the strings for him, will he be able to rise to the position of company commander, marry you, give birth to a child at the fastest speed, and even ensure that the first grandchild is a son when his mother is alive?"

"No, no, no. It's not like that. Wei De is a solider. He doesn't have the outdated thinking of favoring males over females. Even if it's a daughter, he will love her all the same." Zhai Hua had seen many families who favored males over females. Hence, she was very concerned about this aspect.

Zhai Hua felt the Zhai family also had such biased thinking.

Otherwise, why would her parents give birth to Zhai Sheng after her?

After Zhai Sheng was born, her grandfather was very good to Zhai Sheng. He was more enthusiastic to impart his capabilities to Zhai Sheng than to her.

Zhai Hua and Zhai Sheng were on very good terms. They were also biological siblings. Hence, Zhai Hua felt that there was no need for her to take these issues to heart.

"Then, have you assessed the duration that I mentioned just now? Given Wei De's current situation, he wishes to be promoted from an ordinary soldier to a company commander. Even if he's very lucky and makes many contributions quickly, it's impossible to achieve this objective in less than three to five years. After you give birth, that will be six years later. If his mother's illness can drag on for six years, I can promise you that he can come and ask for your hand in marriage when he's a platoon leader. He doesn't even need to wait until he assumes the role of a company commander. What do you think?"

"You, at the end of the day, you just refuse to help me, right?" Zhai Hua stomped her feet in anxiety.

Wei De was also strong-tempered. He was not willing to let her help. She had spent a great deal of effort to convince him to let her do so.

She had settled Wei De. Never did she expect that things would go so awry at Zhai Sheng's end, when Zhai Sheng should be the one that was the easiest to handle. She had already promised Wei De. What if Wei De misunderstood her or flared up if she failed at this?

Instead of feeling angry, Zhai Sheng laughed. "Having said so much, you just want to let Wei De take the easy route and help him pull strings, don't you? Zhai Hua, it seems like you're not that confident about Wei De. Or perhaps, the truth is that he doesn't have much capability. He can't even assume the role of a platoon leader through his own effort in three to five years' time. Zhai Hua, you have really taken a liking to a 'talented' soldier!"

"You!" Zhai Hua was so angered by that sarcasm of Zhai Sheng that she was speechless. "Fine. Take it that I'm wasting my breath. If you don't help me, so be it. I don't believe that Wei De and I can't get married soon without your help!"

"Fine!" Zhai Sheng looked relaxed. "Then, Wei De and you have to put in more effort."

When Zhai Hua left Zhai Sheng's bedroom, she slammed the door loudly, creating a big commotion.

Zhai Yaohui, who coincidentally came out from the study room, heard the loud bang when the door closed and frowned. "Zhai Hua, how did you close the door!"

The house rules of the Zhai family did not allow Zhai Hua to behave in such a way, such as slamming the door so hard. Even when Miao Jing was angry previously, she did not slam the door this hard.

"I, my hands were suddenly…" Zhai Hua's face turned pale. She only felt that she had been down on her luck today.

She had already promised Wei De. She thought that, given her relationship with Zhai Sheng, Zhai Sheng would definitely help her if she were to make this request.

Furthermore, after she was married to Wei De, Wei De would be Zhai Sheng's brother-in-law. Everyone would belong to the same family in the future. Actually, the Zhai family would eventually benefit as well if they were to help Wei De more.

She had never expected that Zhai Sheng would reject her flatly without hesitation as soon as she brought up the matter.

She had followed Zhai Sheng from the army camp to home, gave him so many reasons, and spoke about difficulties. However, Zhai Sheng still refused to be more understanding. In the end, it was all in vain.

The person who was supposed to be the easiest to settle did not behave as planned. Zhai Hua was extremely anxious. She was afraid that Wei De's mother's health would take a turn for the worse.

When she vouched in front of Wei De before, Wei De told Zhai Hua that he was willing to take this shameful path for the sake of her mother and Zhai Hua.

If things went smoothly, he would immediately call his mother to tell her that he had a girlfriend and they would get married in a few years' time. He would appease his mother and calm her mood for the time being.

After all, her son already had a girlfriend. Would it take long to get married? Upon his marriage, a son would be in sight.

Now that Zhai Sheng did not agree, Zhai Hua could not explain it to Wei De.

As it was rare that she did something as such, Zhai Hua already felt very bad and awkward at heart. It was fine that she did not succeed. But when she vented a little of her frustration and showed some temper, she was caught red-handed by the head of the family.

At this moment, Zhai Hua felt that no one would be more unlucky than her in this world.

"A spur of the moment? Do you think your excuse makes sense?" Zhai Yaohui did not believe that the other Zhai family members had such a tendency.

When Zhai Yaohui said this, it made Zhai Hua recall the tone and words of Zhai Sheng when the latter spoke to her just now. Father and son were simply alike. Their strong sense of righteousness and justice made it sound as if she was the only villain in the whole of the Zhai family. "Dad, there won't be a next time."

"Okay," Zhai Yaohui replied. He took a glance at the door of Zhai Sheng's bedroom. Obviously, the two siblings had quarreled.

As parents, when his children quarreled, Zhai Yaohui would not intervene too much. According to past experiences, the siblings would reconcile very quickly without the need for any persuasion.

As relatives, friends, and lovers, how could there possibly be no arguments as interaction time increased? Hence, Zhai Yaohui did not take this matter to heart.

"Dad, I'll be leaving first, okay?"

"Okay," Zhai Yaohui replied. He then saw Zhai Hua walk toward the main entrance. "It's already so late. Where are you going?"

Zhai Hua was momentarily stunned. She then recalled that it was already seven o'clock when Zhai Sheng arrived home. After having such a long conversation with Zhai Sheng in his bedroom, it was now eight o'clock in the evening.

She really had been in a confused state after being angered by Zhai Sheng and had forgotten the time. "I'm going back to my room to bathe and sleep."

Having said that, Zhai Hua did not bother about Zhai Yaohui's reaction. She just lowered her head and returned to her room.

Zhai Yaohui looked at the clock. "Sleeping at eight o'clock?" He did not know what the siblings were bickering about that caused Zhai Hua to go to sleep at eight o'clock.

Enduring the anger and worries in her heart, Zhai Hua bathed and lay in bed early. However, she did not sleep even after a long time. Instead, she was in a daze, sighing continuously.

At the sight of the moon that was high up in the sky and resembled a sword, Zhai Hua felt even worse. She felt very bad. Although the fan was clearly blowing at her directly, her heart was on fire. She tossed and turned as if she was cooking some pancakes.

Zhai Hua hoped that she would see the dawn of light soon. She had to think of a way to settle Wei De's matter. Although begging Zhai Sheng didn't work, she could still beg someone else!



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