There was the political commissar at the camp. Nothing would go wrong.

The most important thing was that Zhai Sheng did not want to go back as he had no wish to see the man named Wei De.

"Oh." Qiao Nan tidied her hair. For the past two years, Zhai Sheng had the habit of tousling her hair as if she was a dog. She had been used to it and would no longer retaliate. "Then, now you are…"

"I won't disturb you from your studies." Zhai Sheng sighed. True enough, his future wife was too young, still in school. In fact, she was busier than him and had no time to date. He had indeed been in a false relationship. "Also, don't be distracted by Shi Qing. You are in the humanities class, whereas she is in the science class. Both of you won't have much to discuss or learn together."

He felt gloomy that Shi Qing spent more time with Qiao Nan than he did. Even though Shi Qing was a woman, he still felt unhappy about it.

Qiao Nan curled the corners of her lips. "Brother Zhai, have you forgotten that when Shi Qing first arrived in Ping Cheng, she was my love rival." Shi Qing's original intention was to fight for Brother Zhai's affection.

"Ha." Zhai Sheng sneered. Shi Qing was a troublemaker. He did not care what Shi Qing's original intention was, but right now, she was his love rival!

He must show her what he was capable of. Otherwise, she would not have any self-awareness.

"Okay, go back and study hard." There was still one more year to go. He would submit the marriage report in June, and by July, he would be able to be engaged to Nan Nan.

Qiao Nan knew that Zhai Sheng must be thinking of submitting the marriage report and their engagement next year. She could not bear to remind him that Auntie Miao was still kept in the dark about their relationship.

After keeping it from her for such a long time, Qiao Nan no longer knew how to tell Miao Jing about their relationship.

"Brother Zhai, I will go back now. Be careful when you drive back home. The weather is very hot now. You can have a nap when you are back at home. You will feel energized after the nap." As a study maniac, Qiao Nan tried her best to allocate rest time for herself even though she usually spent most of her time on her studies. She could not go without ninety minutes of an afternoon nap.

Otherwise, summertime would be even more unbearable for her.

"Alright, keep your things well." Zhai Sheng reminded Qiao Nan not to forget about the family register.

"I will." She would not keep it with herself. Once her father reached home today, she would return it to him.

"By the way, there is one more thing that I have to tell you before I leave."

"What is it?"

"If Zhai Hua comes looking for you, no matter what she says to you, you don't have to care or agree to help. Do you understand?" There was a flicker in Zhai Sheng's eyes. He knew what Zhai Hua would be up to.

Since a young age, all the men that Zhai Hua knew were her friends. She was not interested in any of them.

Because of this, Zhai Sheng knew that now that Zhai Hua was in a relationship, she would invest all her feelings into the relationship.

Since Zhai Hua was not able to get his help, she would definitely not give up.

Right now, apart from his family, his Achilles' heel was Nan Nan. As long as Zhai Hua still had her wits about her, she would definitely seek Nan Nan for help.

"Oh." Qiao Nan felt puzzled. "Why will Sister Zhai Hua look for me? Is she here to quarrel with me?"

Ever since what happened last time, Qiao Nan had never seen Zhai Hua. It was a bad experience, and the two of them had a tacit understanding to avoid each other. When Miao Jing wanted to send stuff to the Qiao family, Zhai Sheng would volunteer to go, while Zhai Hua would come up with excuses so as not to go.

"Didn't you ask me about her relationship yesterday? She will come looking for you because of her boyfriend. Since I refused to help her, she can only ask you for help." Zhai Sheng had no intention to keep it from Qiao Nan. Unless Zhai Hua did not look for her, she would find out eventually. However, he was sure that she would look for Qiao Nan.

"Oh, I understand." Qiao Nan curled the corners of her lips, feeling helpless. If possible, she did not wish to see Zhai Hua.

The experience of their last meeting was unpleasant, and she intended to come for such a reason this time. Indeed, desperate times called for desperate measures. Sister Zhai Hua must be at her wits' end.

She had yet to be welcomed by the Zhai family, so how could she possibly help in such matters?

"Rest assured. I will not be muddleheaded, and it's not up to me to promise her anything. Is Sister Zhai Hua at her wits' end?" It was an unwise move to ask her for help.

Zhai Sheng sneered bluntly. "She is indeed stupid. She has been carried away by love and no longer sees reasons. Alright, I have no wish to talk about her. I will make a move first. If you find it a bother, you can pretend that you're not at home."

After saying that, Zhai Sheng felt it was quite unrealistic to do. Things would be awkward for Qiao Nan and Zhai Hua if she climbed over the wall into the Qiao family's residence and saw Qiao Nan in the house.

"Forget it. Shi Qing is in luck. After I leave, bring your books and go to the Shi family's residence to study. Do you understand?"

Shi Qing was in luck? What was he talking about?

"Alright, I will go to Shi Qing's house to do my homework." She would do all she could to avoid Sister Zhai Hua.

After she watched Zhai Sheng leave, Qiao Nan turned to go back home. She put the documents aside and carried a stack of homework in her hands, getting ready to go to Shi Qing's house.

Qiao Nan was just about to go out when Shi Qing ran into Zhai Hua at the doorway of the Qiao family's residence. "What brings you here?"

Zhai Hua shot an angry look at Shi Qing. "Such a heartless girl. Have you forgotten who brought you around and trained with you when you were in the camp and your dad had no time for you?"

Shi Qing still harbored grudges for what happened a year ago. Besides, she was not the party concerned!

"These are two different matters. As long as you still listen to reasons and are a good sister and soldier, I will treat you nicely. It's nothing personal. Sister Zhai Hua, don't try to use this on me." Shi Qing explained that she only did what was right.

Zhai Hua looked upward, at a loss for words. "Step aside. I am not here to look for you. I am here for Qiao Nan. You can rest assured that I am not here to quarrel with her." Today, she would not quarrel with Qiao Nan. Instead, she would sing her praises. Qiao Nan was the only person who could help her.

"Then, what are you doing here?" Shi Qing sized up Zhai Hua. "Are you here to apologize to Qiao Nan? Your apology is a year late."

"Hey, my little devil. I am in a hurry. I have a serious matter to talk to Qiao Nan about. I am busy. If you are afraid that I will bully Qiao Nan, you can sit by the side. I won't chase you away!" She had waited for a long while before Zhai Sheng left and Qiao Nan came back home.

If Zhai Sheng returned home and realized that she was not at home, given his intelligence, he would guess that she was here to look for Qiao Nan.

Therefore, she must persuade Qiao Nan to help her before Zhai Sheng realized that she was not at home and came to stop her.



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