Finally, Zhai Hua survived until the morning. She then got up from the bed and washed up. After combing her hair in a slipshod manner, she wanted to head to the house of the Qiao family.

As she grew up with Zhai Sheng, she knew that if she could not beg Zhai Sheng and yet wanted him to help, putting her father aside, the only person that she could look for now was Qiao Nan.

In Zhai Hua's heart, Wei De's words impacted her more than that of her parents. Similarly, Qiao Nan's words would definitely matter more to Zhai Sheng than that of Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing.

Unfortunately, before Zhai Hua could leave the house, she saw Zhai Sheng drive away from home.

Zhai Hua then quickly got hold of the auntie. "Where is Zhai Sheng going so early in the morning?" He even drove out. Did Zhai Sheng have anything on?

"I think he's going to the house of the Qiao family to assist in something." Last night, when Zhai Sheng informed Miao Jing, the auntie happened to hear a little of the conversation.

"The house of the Qiao family…" Zhai Sheng was going to the house of the Qiao family now. In that case, she certainly could not make her way there now. If she were to bump into Zhai Sheng, she could not talk to Qiao Nan about the matter. She was also fearful that Zhai Sheng would interrupt and object before she could even speak about the matter.

"Miss, is there any matter? If not, I'm going marketing."

"Nothing, go ahead." Zhai Hua let go of the auntie. She sat at home and waited quietly for Zhai Sheng to come back. Once Zhai Sheng was back, she would then look for Qiao Nan.

Anyway, it was the summer vacation. She still had a few days of leave. She did not believe that she could not get hold of Qiao Nan.

"Child, learn well in the future." Coming out from the land authorities, the two elderly teachers looked at Qiao Nan with smiling eyes.

On the other hand, Qiao Nan felt very embarrassed throughout the event. Her little face was as red as an apple. Although Zhai Sheng had counseled her on this before—to take someone else's things at no cost—this was the first time it happened in Qiao Nan's two lifetimes. "I, I will."

How could the two elderly teachers not tell how embarrassed Qiao Nan was?

The more embarrassed Qiao Nan was, the more it proved how good-natured she was.

To be able to give the house to such a child, the elderly couple really did not feel shortchanged. Their children could also make some publicity from this matter and derive some interests for their own company.

"Then, Principal Meng, we'll be leaving first." After settling the matter regarding the house, the two elderly teachers were going to leave Ping Cheng and return to their hometown.

In actual fact, the elderly couple was busy with the affairs in Ping Cheng for the sake of their children. They only intended for one thing, and that was to return to their place of origin.

"Take your time." Principal Meng was full of high spirits recently. He even seemed to be floating as he walked. "Qiao Nan, congratulations."

"Thank you, Principal Meng." Qiao Nan gave a bow to Principal Meng. She had to trouble Principal Meng to make the trip today.

Principal Meng waved his hand casually. "No issue. In half a month's time, you have to make another trip on your own to collect the title deed. Keep it properly thereafter."

"Rest assured, Principal Meng. I will certainly do so."

"Then, fine. If there's nothing else, I'll leave first." Principal Meng looked at Zhai Sheng a few times before leaving.

Initially, Principal Meng even called the house of the Qiao family specially to ask if he should pick Qiao Nan up. Qiao Nan said to meet him directly at the entrance of the land authorities as someone would drive her there. At that time, Principal Meng was surprised. After thinking, he assumed that Shi Qing would be the one sending Qiao Nan to the place.

It was only until their arrival that Principal Meng discovered that a big 'boss' had sent Qiao Nan over.

Principal Meng was well aware of who Zhai Sheng was. The Zhai family members were rare prominent characters that the people in Ping Cheng were proud of.

Throughout the entire process, Principal Meng had been quietly observing Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan.

Although Zhai Sheng had not said much all this while, Principal Meng discovered that Zhai Sheng was the one who took care of all the complex and mundane administrative matters for Qiao Nan throughout the entire procedure.

Even the stamp duty that was needed came from Zhai Sheng's pocket.

Even though Zhai Sheng mentioned briefly that Qiao Nan's money was with him, Principal Meng was able to tell from the look of surprise on Qiao Nan's face that the money belonged to Zhai Sheng. Qiao Nan did not pass her money to Zhai Sheng.

Zhai Sheng was so concerned about Qiao Nan's matter. He was traveling to and fro, forking out money and putting in so much effort. What was the reason?

The relationship between the two of them was not ordinary!

At the thought that Qiao Nan was going on to her third year, as the principal, he felt that he should persuade Qiao Nan that it was not good to be involved in a romantic relationship at such a young age. However, when he thought about Zhai Sheng's identity, Principal Meng could not bring himself to say that.

To Principal Meng, the process of the transfer of ownership today was undoubtedly slow and difficult.

The good thing was that throughout such a long procedure, Principal Meng confirmed that Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng had been together for some time.

Nevertheless, he had seen himself Qiao Nan's performance while she was in her second year. This had clearly proved that although Qiao Nan was in a romantic relationship at such a young age, she knew what she was doing. At the very least, her studies were not affected because of the relationship. In particular, the college entrance examination this time was sufficient to prove this point.

Since he had confirmed that Qiao Nan would not neglect her studies due to the relationship, as her principal and an outsider, Principal Meng certainly would not say much.

In the past, Principal Meng even pitied Qiao Nan and felt that Qiao Nan was certainly unfortunate and pitiful.

However, Principal Meng discovered today that Qiao Nan was the truly fortunate one. Not to mention having received a house for free, Qiao Nan would become Cinderella if she married Zhai Sheng.

"Brother Zhai…" When everyone had left, Qiao Nan smiled bitterly. "I've only repaid you a few hundred yuan for my dad's surgery expenses. Now, I'm going to owe you more." When was she going to pay back all her debts to Brother Zhai?

"No hurry. There's a lot of time. You can return it slowly." Of course Zhai Sheng would not take issue with it. If he did, he would not have guessed that Qiao Nan was not aware that stamp duty was needed for the transfer of ownership. That was the reason he prepared the money beforehand.

In the previous life, Qiao Nan had not purchased a house before. She also had not gone through any transfer of ownership. Hence, she did not have any knowledge in this area.

Fortunately, Zhai Sheng was around. Otherwise, Qiao Nan would have to seek Principal Meng's help today.

"The sun is quite strong now. I'll send you back." Zhai Sheng opened the door of the car and asked Qiao Nan to get into the car. He personally sent Qiao Nan back. Henceforth, the small courtyard could really be called the house of the Qiao family. Moreover, it was the house of Qiao Nan alone. "The fastest time the property title deed will be ready is a week. I'll accompany you to collect it when the time comes."

"Do you have time?" Qiao Nan asked. "If not, I can go alone as I already know the way there."

"Yes," Zhai Sheng replied without hesitation.

"There's no issue at the army?" It did not seem so. Officer Shi had already left the army. Even if someone had replaced him, as the regiment commander in the army, Brother Zhai would not have the time to leave the army.

Zhai Sheng patted Qiao Nan's head. "Don't forget. There's still the political commissar."



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