Zhai Hua was in a rush, but Shi Qing was out to make trouble for her. Zhai Hua was so frustrated that she wanted to give Shi Qing a punch.

When Shi Qing was young, she was a cute and obedient younger sister. Why did she turn out to be like this when she grew up?

"Alright, I will listen by the side." Shi Qing did not intend to leave. She had to keep a watch on Zhai Hua. Qiao Nan was too soft-hearted. She was defenseless in front of the Zhai family.

Since Shi Qing had said so, Zhai Hua could not send her away. The three of them entered the Qiao family's residence.

As the owner, Qiao Nan had no choice but to pour three cups of tea for her guests and herself. "Sister Zhai Hua, what brings you here today?"

"Can you do me a favor?" Zhai Hua put the cup aside and sounded anxious.

Shi Qing was amused. "Sister Zhai Hua, are you kidding? Last time, you looked down on Qiao Nan and felt that she was taking advantage of your family. It is good enough that Qiao Nan did not ask your family for help. Now, you want her to help you. Did I hear it wrong or did you make a mistake?"

It had only been a year. Was Sister Zhai Hua hitting herself in her own face?

Zhai Hua blushed. She knew that she was eating her own words. But she had no other choice.

Furthermore, it was not that Qiao Nan was capable hence she sought her help. It was because Zhai Sheng valued her that she had to ask her for help. "This is what happened. Recently, I am in a relationship, but my boyfriend is not given the chance to prove himself. I hope you can bring this up to Zhai Sheng. In the future, we will be one family. It will be good to take into account each other's feelings. The most important thing is that my boyfriend's mom is not in good health. She is getting on in years and wishes for nothing but to see her grandson in this life."

Qiao Nan curled her lips. "Sister Zhai Hua, according to what you said, you just have to marry your boyfriend, right?"

"That's right. The two of you can get married. Qiao Nan cannot help you with that." Shi Qing nodded.

"How should I put it?" Zhai Hua was embarrassed to talk about Wei De's temper, especially in front of outsiders. "My boyfriend is an arrogant man. Qiao Nan, you should be able to understand his situation. I come from a good family background and he has high self-esteem. He is worried that if he marries me, other people will say that he is unworthy of me and the Zhai family. At the same time, he also wants to prove his ability and let my family know that he will definitely give me happiness. Therefore, his plan is to wait until he is promoted to company commander before we talk about marriage."

"Sister Zhai Hua, you are the deputy battalion commander now, aren't you?" Qiao Nan touched her chin. It was no wonder that Brother Zhai would remind her in advance. It turned out that Sister Zhai Hua wanted her boyfriend to get in through the back door with Brother Zhai's help.

Zhai Hua flushed in embarrassment. "Yes."

Qiao Nan was blunt. "When he just started to date you, was your rank higher than his? Why is it that he did not feel the need to be promoted to a company commander before dating you? And now that the two of you are discussing marriage, why would he suddenly have this idea? It is not an easy task to get promoted from an ordinary soldier to a company commander. It not only takes time, but he must also have the ability, the opportunity, and military achievements. Not to mention company commander, is he a platoon leader now? Since he is in a relationship with you, he must be older than you. He has been in the army for such a long time. If he is not a company commander, he should be a platoon leader at the very least, but is he?"

If there was not much difference in their ranking, Brother Zhai would not be so heartless and remind her in advance to reject Sister Zhai Hua's request.

Zhai Hua was at a loss for words.

Given Wei De's performance in the army, Zhai Hua was unable to speak up for him in front of others.

She was baffled as well. Wei De had good fighting prowess and he was smart. Why was it that he was still an ordinary soldier after such a long time in the army and had yet to be promoted to platoon leader?

Wei De would always say that he lacked the opportunity to make military achievements.

As long as he was given the opportunity to be under Zhai Sheng, he would be promoted faster than Song Yin, who was promoted a year ago.

"Sister Zhai Hua. Qiao Nan is asking you a question. Since you want her to help, why don't you answer her question?" Shi Qing was anxious. Was Sister Zhai Hua sincere about seeking Qiao Nan's help?

Qiao Nan drank some water, clearly in the know of what was going on. "Shi Qing, you don't have to force Sister Zhai Hua. Judging from her response, I think I know her boyfriend's situation in the army."

He was not trustworthy enough to be entrusted with important tasks.

Since he was in the army for a long time, he should have been assigned countless missions.

Sister Zhai Hua's boyfriend must have mediocre performance in the army. That was why he was still not promoted to platoon leader. "Sister Zhai Hua, judging from this situation, he will be discharged from the army in a few years. Am I right?"

Not everyone who joined the army could stay in the army until old age, or in the case of Officer Shi, had to resign due to poor health.

"I see…" Shi Qing was dumbfounded. "He is not a platoon leader, and if he continues in this way, he will be discharged soon. Sister Zhai Hua, why are you interested in such a man? It's no wonder that he didn't listen to Qiao Nan's class back then, and only attended Qiu Chenxi's class. Did he go to Qiu Chenxi's class because of her looks and figure? Is he someone who lets lust befuddles his mind?"

Shi Qing was shocked. Why would Sister Zhai Hua take a fancy to such a lousy man?

Was she blind?

"Sister Zhai Hua, in this case, you asked too much of Brother Zhai. I am not able to help you talk to Brother Zhai regarding your request. As far as I know, Brother Zhai's aides are capable and skilled. You can't possibly want Brother Zhai to pass off fake products as genuine?"

To put it bluntly, if anything happened, he would be the one bad apple that could spoil the whole bunch.

"No, the situation is not like what you think. He is capable. He just lacks the opportunity." Zhai Hua blushed, refusing to admit that Wei De was so useless.

Shi Qing rolled her eyes. It had been so many years, yet he was not even a platoon leader. How could Zhai Hua say that he was capable and only lacked the opportunity? Shi Qing could not tell that he had any abilities.

If such a person was considered capable, then there would not be any blockhead in the world.

Qiao Nan looked at Shi Qing, urging her to control her emotions and not to say hurtful words. "Sister Zhai Hua, you said that your boyfriend lacks an opportunity. Can I ask you a question?"

"Go ahead." As long as Qiao Nan was willing to help, she would not mind even if she asked a hundred questions.

Qiao Nan pursed her lips and leaned back. "Sister Zhai Hua, does your boyfriend lack an opportunity or a chance to work under Brother Zhai?"



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