Zhai Hua had yet to say anything when Shi Qing blurted right away, "Is there a difference between the two?"

"Of course there is a difference." Qiao Nan looked at Shi Qing, but she was, in fact, looking sideways at Zhai Hua. "The difference between the two is similar to a student from The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China and a student from the Ping Cheng High School when both are sitting for the college entrance examination. If he only lacks a chance, he will be like the student from The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. Through the college entrance examination, he will prove his abilities and be given a brighter and better path to take. If it is the latter, it will be like the student from Ping Cheng High School, whom I spotted the exam questions for. Among the two of them, who do you think is able to do better in college entrance examination?"

"Of course it has to be the student from Ping Cheng High School!"

With Qiao Nan's help in spotting the questions, it was similar to cheating. Although spotting questions in advance was not as bad as cheating, it was similar to playing tricks.

It had been proven that all the Ping Cheng High School students whom Qiao Nan helped spot questions for had good results in the college entrance examination.

As for the students at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, their results were the reflection of the teachers and their hard work.

"Do you understand now?"

"Yes, I got it…"

After Shi Qing nodded, Qiao Nan looked at Zhai Hua, who had been silent for a long time. "Sister Zhai Hua, have you thought about it? Which category does your boyfriend belong to? Does he lack the opportunity or the chance to work under Brother Zhai?"

Brother Zhai was given important and difficult missions in the army. However, he was quick to respond to situations and challenges, and he was always able to carry out the missions successfully.

In other words, as long as he followed Brother Zhai and followed his instructions to complete the task successfully, he would be able to accumulate military achievements even though he did not make any big contributions.

In this case, if Brother Zhai was willing to be lenient, it would not be a problem for Sister Zhai Hua's boyfriend to be promoted.

Zhai Hua sat there for a long time, keeping her silence.

"Sister Zhai Hua, if you have not thought it through, why don't you go back first and give it a thought? You can tell me later. As for his mom, it should not be a big problem. At least, his mom will still be fine when you have thought it through. You have enough time."

She had no idea if the old lady was faking her illness or not.

However, she did not suffer from a terminal illness. She was certain that she would not die in a few years' time.

Shi Qing did not look very pleased after she pondered over what Qiao Nan said.

It seemed that Sister Zhai Hua had picked a useless boyfriend who only wanted to work under Brother Zhai so that he could stand to gain.

"Don't… don't misunderstand. These are my own thoughts. It has nothing to do with him. Don't associate it with him. He is innocent." Zhai Hua was embarrassed at the disdain in Shi Qing's eyes. However, she still tried hard to put in a good word for Wei De. "I hope our relationship will have a good outcome soon so as to fulfill his mom's wish. It really has nothing to do with him. I made all the decisions myself."

"It doesn't matter who came up with this idea. The important thing is, Sister Zhai Hua, do you have an answer in your heart? If it is the former, you don't need my help. Considering your relationship with Brother Zhai, I believe he will not refuse your request. If it is the latter, Sister Zhai Hua, I feel that there is no reason for me to help you."


"I have said that it doesn't matter who came up with this idea. If you did, I can only say that you've changed a lot recently. With the Zhai family's upbringing, I thought you would not come up with this or bring this up to others. This is very unlike you."

The Zhai family, including Auntie Miao, did not like to get in through the back door. Nobody in the Zhai family would like to enjoy the fruits of other people's labor.

Shi Qing blinked at Qiao Nan. So it was actually the man who wanted to get in through the back door but he was too embarrassed to say so? He wanted Sister Zhai Hua to be his scapegoat and let others cast weird glances at her?

Qiao Nan turned to look at Shi Qing, gesturing for her to be sensitive to Sister Zhai Hua's feelings and not to be too blunt.

This man was, after all, Sister Zhai Hua's boyfriend.

Even though this man did not have a good temperament and he had nothing to do with them, Sister Zhai Hua had to make the judgment for herself.

"Sister Zhai Hua, it's such a hot day, Shi Qing and I are going to take a nap. If you have other things to say, you can look for me after you sort out your thoughts." Qiao Nan was getting ready to send her off.

Zhai Hua never visited unless she needed something. Qiao Nan felt uneasy as well.

When Zhai Hua did not need her help, she would be treated as someone who was after the Zhai family's money. When Zhai Hua needed her help, she would talk to her nicely.

Sister Zhai Hua's attitude was dependent on Qiao Nan's value to her. This kind of interaction made people feel uncomfortable.

"Alright, I will go back and think about it." Zhai Hua took a long while before she sighed and was willing to leave.

It was not that she could not answer this question. To her, Wei De was definitely the former, not the latter.

The problem was that Wei De was the one who decided to do this. It would not be good for her to decide for him, and people might misunderstand that she was the one who made the decision. Hence, she decided to leave and have a talk with Wei De before deciding on how she should tell Qiao Nan.

"Alright, Sister Zhai Hua, I will walk you to the door."

Qiao Nan had finally sent Zhai Hua away. She lay down on the sofa, feeling drained. "Goodness! Meeting the people from the Zhai family is much harder than my studies." Human beings were so complex that they could not be understood through deciphering and guessing.

"What is Sister Zhai Hua doing? Why would she like someone who is so lousy that he can't even be a platoon leader? Even my deskmate, Zhu Baoguo, is a hundred times, or a thousand times better than this man. If Zhu Baoguo goes to the army and spends seven or eight years there, let's not say that he will be a regiment commander like Brother Zhai, but it will be easy for him to be a battalion commander."

It proved that the man was too lousy and underperforming in the army. He had to rely on his girlfriend to seek help from others in order to have a bright future. This was an eye-opener for her.

Qiao Nan curled her lips. "In the past, I didn't understand why Sister Zhai Hua changed her attitude toward me from time to time. Sometimes she was good to me, sometimes she was not. When she learned of my relationship with Brother Zhai, she never objected and was supportive of us."

After what happened today, she was able to understand the reason behind Sister Zhai Hua's changing attitude and her fleeting mood.



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