"Why?" Qiao Nan had figured it out but Shi Qing was clueless.

"The problem lies with her boyfriend."

Qiao Nan let out a long sigh. She would not give her support and encouragement for no reason. Sister Zhai Hua was so nice to her because her boyfriend was not as outstanding as her. In fact, he was in a similar condition as the Qiao Nan from two years ago.

If Brother Zhai could be with her and she was accepted by his family, then Sister Zhai Hua could introduce her boyfriend to her family. She did not need to worry that her family would object to their relationship or separate them.

To put it bluntly, she was merely being used to test whether the Zhai family would accept Zhai Hua's boyfriend or not.

Shi Qing was dumbstruck. She did not expect it would be for this reason. "You have been such a great help to Sister Zhai Hua and her boyfriend. Why would she act up from time to time and suspect you or look down on you?"

"That, I can't tell as well." Sister Zhai Hua was suspicious of her and would look down on her and pick on her. In the future, someone else would do the same to her boyfriend as well. By right, Sister Zhai Hua would not do so after bearing this in mind.

"Could Sister Zhai Hua's boyfriend possibly be a lousy man who likes to badmouth you in front of her?" Sister Zhai Hua had changed under his bad influence. In that case, it was possible that what she guessed was true.

Qiao Nan finished the water in the cup. "I can't tell. After all, I have never seen her boyfriend, and I don't understand their situation. In fact, if not for you, I wouldn't know that she is dating. I also wouldn't know that her boyfriend went to Qiu Chenxi's class during the English summer class a year ago, and that he did not come to my class."

Qiao Nan would not comment on someone she did not know.

"I have seen that man before. He is not a good person. You are right. The Zhai family will not do something like that. Sister Zhai Hua wasn't like this in the past. It's very likely that she's been influenced by that man. That said, he must have a nasty temperament." After being in the army for such a long time, he did not make it to the platoon leader, and yet he wanted to get in through the back door with his girlfriend's help.

If it was her, she would rather not date or marry, than having a lousy man. "Qiao Nan, why does Sister Zhai Hua like that man? Should we tell Brother Zhai so that he can bring her to an ophthalmologist?"

Since when did Sister Zhai Hua have such poor eyesight?

As a soldier, should she not have perfect eyesight?

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To you, the man may be a pile of dung, but to Sister Zhai Hua, he is a piece of gold." Qiao Nan was very unwilling to describe the soldiers as dung, but she did not have a good impression of Zhai Hua's boyfriend.

As long as the man was upright, given the Zhai family's upbringing, Sister Zhai Hua would definitely have the answer to her question just now. She would not hesitate to say that the man lacked an opportunity, rather than a chance to work with Brother Zhai.

This showed that it might not be purely Sister Zhai Hua's idea. The man might be the one who suggested it.

"This analogy is great!" Shi Qing clapped in agreement. "You are indeed from the humanities class. The analogy is simple but profound. It is an apt description. Such is indeed the situation."

"Alright, stop singing my praises. I estimate that there will be more to come. Sister Zhai Hua will not give up."

"But you won't agree to it as well." Shi Qing smiled. "Why do I feel that you seemed to be too calm when Sister Zhai Hua brought up her request today? You seemed to have known what she was going to say and was prepared for it."

"Yes, when Brother Zhai sent me back just now, he had reminded me and told me not to agree to her request. I asked her that question as I wanted to give them a chance. As long as they are upright, there is no need for them to ask a favor of me. I believe Brother Zhai will be willing to give that man a chance to prove himself. I hope Sister Zhai Hua will not give me a disappointing answer when she is back."

It did not matter if she was disappointed or not. What mattered most was Brother Zhai.

Even though Brother Zhai was not present today, he knew what was going on.

Shi Qing looked upward helplessly. "All of you seem to have so much trouble in dating. Not only do you have to keep it a secret from everyone, and hide and sneak around as if you are in guerrilla warfare, but there is so much else to worry about as well. Suddenly, I don't want to date anymore. I feel that being single is a good idea. What should I do?" She would be free of worries if she did not date.

Qiao Nan was not worried. She seemed to have a lot of experience. "You haven't met the one who makes your heart flutters. When that person appears, you won't be worried about all these."

In this life, she only wanted to find a man who was down-to-earth and lead a simple life with him. As for falling head over heels in love, that was something that would only happen in novels.

But in the end, she met Brother Zhai, who was the turning point in her life.

"Hey, stop being so mushy. I refuse to be your audience." Shi Qing was unhappy. She had just thought of a possibility and was about to tell Qiao Nan. But now that she looked so smug, she decided to keep it to herself.

Qiao Nan was basking in happiness. If she told her too much information, she might be too smug and arrogant that she might put on airs.

What Shi Qing thought of was related to Zhai Hua and her boyfriend.

No matter whether Zhai Hua's boyfriend was capable or not, or whether he was narrow-minded, given Zhai Sheng's relationship with Zhai Hua, it was impossible that he would refuse her upfront.

But Zhai Sheng's attitude was firm, leaving no room for discussion. Could it be due to Qiao Nan?

Shi Qing was not the only person who thought that way. Zhai Hua, who returned to the Zhai family's residence, had the same thought as well.

There was obviously room for discussion. Zhai Sheng did not need to be so firm and determined and to stick to his original decision. Zhai Hua could not help but suspect that Zhai Sheng already knew that the rare times she treated Qiao Nan with indifference were due to Wei De.

That young brat had this temper from a young age. When provoked, he would not retaliate right away. But when there was a chance, he would take his brutal revenge. He might not retaliate right away, but that didn't mean he let the other party off. Instead, he was unwilling to waste his time. When there was a chance, the vicious Zhai Sheng would never be softhearted. He would make sure that the other party paid for what they had done.

Today, Zhai Sheng used this tactic that he usually used on others on Zhai Hua. In return, Zhai Hua felt nothing but anger.



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