Zhai Sheng knew that, at times, Zhai Hua would treat Qiao Nan nicely. Similarly, she would be indifferent to her occasionally.

Even though Zhai Sheng had already fought with Zhai Hua regarding what happened with the clothes, they were siblings after all. Zhai Sheng could not possibly be ruthless toward Zhai Hua. At most, he would give her a few blows when they fought with each other.

Since all these happened after Zhai Hua started to date Wei De, he already showed due respect to her feelings by not doing anything to Wei De.

Right now, Wei De wanted to get in through the back door on account of Zhai Hua's relationship with him and to do something that the Zhai family would never do. It would be impossible for Zhai Sheng to tolerate Wei De any longer.

Zhai Sheng knew that all he had to do now was to do nothing. It was harsher than punishing Wei De to run ten laps or do a thousand sit-ups.

Corporal punishment would merely make Wei De feel embarrassed in front of his comrades.

But if he did not give Wei De any extra chances, he would only be able to watch by the side as he missed all the opportunities. In that case, those who entered the army at the same time as him or later than him would become platoon leaders, whereas he would remain a veteran in the army. This was the worst punishment for him.

Zhai Sheng could not bear to retaliate against Zhai Hua, but he went all out to deal with Wei De, who had yet to be a part of their family.

In short, as Zhai Hua's personality changed after being with Wei De, Zhai Sheng was not willing to have such a useless brother-in-law.

If he was incapable, he should have a good moral character at the very least.

On the contrary, Wei De did not have the ability and he was the one who had a bad influence on Zhai Hua. He would not tolerate Wei De and Zhai Hua for that!

"You are finally back. Have you given up?" Zhai Sheng put down his book and looked at Zhai Hua, who came into his room.

"Hehehe, Qiao Nan and you must have telepathy." It was no wonder that Zhai Sheng did not chase after her today. It turned out that he had already guessed what she was up to. "Have you told Qiao Nan in advance and forbade her from helping me?"

"Nan Nan is not your boyfriend. I don't have to tell her what should be done and what shouldn't be done. She knows what the best course of action is." The more Zhai Hua behaved in this manner, the more Zhai Sheng held Wei De in contempt.

Zhai Hua was annoyed. "Stop saying useless stuff. Tell me, what is the maximum leeway that you will allow?"

Zhai Sheng was a blockhead. If he did not agree to it, he would not change his mind no matter what she said.

If not, she would not hit her own face and asked Qiao Nan for help.

"Zhai Hua, even though you acted in that way toward Nan Nan, I have never stacked the deck against Wei De. That is his blessing and because of our family upbringing. Do you understand?" Zhai Sheng's expression darkened. Zhai Hua did not have any self-awareness even now.

Zhai Hua took a deep breath. "Is there no room for negotiation?"

Zhai Sheng turned grim. "Zhai Hua, you should be asking yourself."

Zhai Hua was speechless.

Zhai Hua's intention was for Zhai Sheng to help Wei De along the way. But Zhai Sheng was so decisive. If it was in the past, Zhai Hua would try another method after failing to seek help from her brother.

Given the Zhai family's status, she would definitely have other ways.

Honestly, Zhai Hua was at her wits' end.

In regard to Wei De's matter, Zhai Hua did not dare to ask Zhai Yaohui or Old Master Zhai for help. She did not dare to ask others for help as well.

The reason was that she knew very well that what she did was not justified. Besides, if this matter was known to others, Wei De would be looked down upon by the Zhai family. In fact, what Wei De did was indeed not glorious.

Hence, Zhai Hua dared not bring up this matter to Zhai Yaohui or Old Master Zhai.

It was possible to ask others for help. Actually, she could ask the newcomer who was there to take over Shi Peng's position for help. As long as Zhai Hua was willing to bring it up, he would definitely help her.

But Zhai Hua did not dare to do so.

Once she did, Zhai Sheng would definitely know about it. He would not feign ignorance. It was good enough if he merely put a stop to it. If he made a ruckus about it, and her father and grandpa learned about it, they would definitely have a bad impression of Wei De and would even order her to break up with him.

Zhai Hua asked Zhai Sheng to help her on account that they were siblings. But she knew that what she did was too much and it was not something that the Zhai family would do.

She understood very well that she was witless in front of others. That was why she could only seek help from her brother.

Zhai Hua asked her brother to help her and kept saying that he disregarded their relations and bullied her because he sided with Qiao Nan, who was only an outsider.

"Humph." Zhai Sheng sneered at Zhai Hua's silence. "Zhai Hua, I am not disappointed with Wei De. I am disappointed with you. It's true that our parents did not bring us up, but how did the old master teach us? Have you forgotten all his teachings? As a soldier, where's your pride and unyielding character? When we were young, what did Old Master Zhai teach us? I have no opinion that you want Wei De to be promoted so that he will be able to hold his head high in front of the Zhai family and that you can tell everyone proudly that your choice is right. But you are corrupted in your way of thinking, and you go against your principles without any limits. Zhai Hua, this is what I can't accept!"

"Even if Wei De is just an ordinary soldier, to me, he is just a mediocre person. But looking at your behavior now, do you know how I view him? He is simply a woodworm! He is incapable and so he egged you to behave in this way. Don't tell me that you came up with this plan and Wei De was against it. I'm a man. If Wei De really disagreed with you, he had his way to stop you from asking me for help. Zhai Hua, what you have done today and in the past has given me a terrible impression of Wei De. No matter how many reasons you come up with, I will not accept them and I will not help people like him!"

Zhai Sheng had the urge to use his authority to send Wei De out of the army.

As he had said, Wei De was a mediocre person. He was incapable and did not have any achievements. Hence, he could not be promoted.

But the thing about mediocre people was that they were timid and lazy. Thus, despite not having any achievements, they made no mistakes as well.

Under such a situation, given the Zhai family's usual working style, Wei De could spend his time in the army until the day he had to be discharged from the army.

The Zhai family would not abuse their authority to help a person, and neither would they make life difficult for them.

However, Zhai Hua's behavior had provoked Zhai Sheng such that he had the impulse to do otherwise.



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