"Back then, he did not have any career aspirations, but now that he is dating Sister Zhai Hua, he begins to think about his future. But he didn't do anything for two years. He is trying to drag it on. When Sister Zhai Hua is older and is in a hurry to marry, she will try means and ways for the Zhai family to let Wei De get in through the back door. Crap."

She would never believe that Sister Zhai Hua's boyfriend was a good man.

"Brother Zhai, this man does not have a good temperament. If Sister Zhai Hua is with him, she will not be happy."

If there was no problem with the man, Sister Zhai Hua would not need to go around begging for help. Moreover, nobody was willing to help her.

"Didn't you say that women in love are irrational?" Though it was plain for everyone to see that the man was not a good person, Zhai Hua was not able to see it. No matter how others tried to stop her, she would plunge headlong into it.

Qiao Nan pursed her lips. "Does that mean we are not going to do anything and simply watch as Sister Zhai Hua becomes muddleheaded for her whole life?"

Sister Zhai Hua was very obstinate. Since she could go to great lengths for this man, it meant that she had the intention to marry him.

Zhai Sheng was not anxious. "Don't be so sure. According to Zhai Hua, he will only marry her when he is promoted to company commander. Although I give him a chance this time, even if he grabs hold of the chance, he still needs a year before he will be promoted to platoon leader. It will take very long before he will be able to be promoted to company commander. Zhai Hua will definitely have the time to see through his true colors."

Although she did not say it out loud, Qiao Nan did not agree with Zhai Sheng. "Brother Zhai, she is your only sister. She may be muddleheaded, but she is a good person. You must keep a lookout for her. I fear that there will be more to come."

In the unlikely event that something happened to Sister Zhai Hua, Brother Zhai was the only person who could help her.

"Don't worry. I know what I am doing."

"Alright." Qiao Nan sighed. "Brother Zhai, I will hang up the phone. Shi Qing is staring at me."

"Qiao Nan, how can you behave in such a way…" Zhai Sheng's expression darkened at the sound of Shi Qing's displeased and flustered voice.

Shi Qing was upset. "Qiao Nan, how can you do this to me? What if Brother Zhai decides to take it out on me?" She was not Brother Zhai's opponent.

Usually, when Brother Zhai came to look for Qiao Nan, she would try her best to leave them alone, avoiding being the third wheel. Since they were on the phone, what was wrong with her doing her homework by the side?

Qiao Nan chuckled after hanging up the phone. "If you were not listening intently to the conversation, your words would be more credible."

Qiao Nan would not fall for Shi Qing's lies. Besides, Zhai Sheng would not go too hard on Shi Qing.

As she spent more time with Shi Qing, Qiao Nan realized why Zhai Sheng was not afraid that she would misunderstand the two of them when he sent Shi Qing personally to Ping Cheng High School.

Anyone who had a little understanding of Zhai Sheng and Shi Qing would know one thing for sure—Shi Qing's character was like a giant asteroid striking the earth, and Zhai Sheng would never fall for her.

"Forget it. I won't talk to you about this. I am right. I have already told you that Sister Zhai Hua's boyfriend has problems. Last summer break, he only went to Qiu Chenxi's English class. His reasoning was that Qiu Chenxi was Brother Zhai's fiancée, so he had no choice but to go to her class on account of Brother Zhai. What a load of crap! He was definitely after Qiu Chenxi's looks and felt that since Qiu Chenxi was related to Brother Zhai, he should show his support for her."

Sister Zhai Hua was so outstanding, yet he did not feel that he was unworthy of her. He waited until today to say that he wanted to buck up. Sister Zhai Hua was a fool to believe his words.

"He is indeed not a good person." Qiao Nan agreed with what Shi Qing said.

Sister Zhai Hua was devoted to that man. Although Brother Zhai gave him a chance, he might not make good use of it.

Therefore, there would be more to come in the future.

Qiao Nan had predicted that this matter would not be resolved easily, but she did not expect that she would meet the man in the near future.

"Hello, are you Qiao Nan?" Qiao Nan came back from the market and saw a tall man in military uniform. He had short-cropped hair and there was a gleam in his eyes.

Qiao Nan felt uneasy under his gaze. He seemed to be hiding a lot in his eyes.

She felt as if she was being surveyed like a piece of good that would be sold for a good price.

"You are…?" Qiao Nan lowered her face to avoid his gaze. She was about to push open the door but halted upon hearing him introduce himself.

"My surname is Wei, I am Wei De." Wei De smiled bitterly. There was evident disdain in his eyes. It was no wonder that Regiment Commander Zhai gave up Qiu Chenxi, who was beautiful and came from a good family background, for this young lady.

He did not expect that it had only been a year, but 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' had grown beautiful.

Girls usually developed into young ladies when they were in junior high school. 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' must be well-nourished to be able to undergo another phase of development and growth.

Compared with the arrogant Qiu Chenxi, men would usually prefer women who were gentle and sweet.

However, he was not so superficial. A woman had to have the temperament and character to be a good woman.

He was used to seeing women who were like 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' in the countryside.

"Hello." Wei De… She had no impression of this name.

"I am Zhai Hua's boyfriend." Wei De smiled and introduced himself.

Qiao Nan's face dropped. She felt like going into the house and close the door on him.

She did not have any good impression of Wei De. Now that he was here to look for no one else but her, she felt that he treated her as if she was easy-going and docile, one who would be easily bullied.

As Wei De was Zhai Hua's boyfriend, Qiao Nan did not feel the least surprised that he would come looking for her. After all, Zhai Hua had come looking for her a few days ago with regard to Wei De's matter.

"Is it convenient to talk?" Wei De continued on since Qiao Nan was silent.

"What's the matter? You can say it directly." She had no intention of inviting him into her house.

Wei De's smile froze. "Can we talk inside?" She could not possibly want him to talk while standing under the hot sun, could she? This would only happen when he was training in the army.

"It's inconvenient." He could go ahead and talk, but he could not enter her house.

A few days ago, Zhai Sheng had told Qiao Nan not to accede to Zhai Hua's request. She was not afraid of Wei De.

Wei De took a breath and masked the displeasure in his eyes. "Since we will be one family sooner or later, I think it is better to go inside the house to talk. In fact, I have to seek your advice on a lot of things. You are doing better than me, and you have more experience than me. When we are one family in the future, we are bound to have more contact with each other."



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