Zhai Hua might be tough, but she became teary-eyed at Zhai Sheng's lecture. "Actually, Wei De is really good. He is not as bad as you said. I don't deny that Wei De has his opinions on this, but you can't blame him for what I have done."

Zhai Hua was in a panic. She had pushed Zhai Sheng too hard and resulted in him having a bad impression of Wei De.

Zhai Hua was anxious and frustrated that her efforts turned out to be counterproductive, but she could do nothing about it.

"Please, Zhai Sheng. This is the only time that I am begging you in this life. Wei De's mom is sick and she is in serious condition. If his mom knows that Wei De has good future prospects, she will be happy and it will be good for her illness. Zhai Sheng, please help me this one time. I promise that I will treat Qiao Nan as my younger sister after this. I will treat her better than how I treat you. I can promise that this will never change no matter what happens in the future. Is that alright?"

Zhai Hua took a deep breath. This was her last-ditch effort. She did not want to give up and she could not give up as well.

Once she gave up today, she would have to give up her many years of relationship with Wei De sooner or later. She could not bear to let go.

Zhai Hua knew that Qiao Nan was Zhai Sheng's only Achilles' heel. Apart from bringing up Qiao Nan, anything else that she said would be useless. Qiao Nan was the only hope that she and Wei De had.

Zhai Hua smiled bitterly. She did so many things that had disappointed Zhai Sheng and she had been unpleasant to Qiao Nan. But at the crucial time, she could only rely on Qiao Nan when she had a favor to ask of Zhai Sheng.

Now that she thought about it, it was unnecessary for her to be indifferent and suspicious of Qiao Nan.

Zhai Hua might not have said so, but she knew that Qiao Nan would have a brighter future than Wei De.

Gender equality existed in the society they lived in. Seeing that women had better development than men, the latter would be discouraged, thinking they were worse than their female counterparts.

"Are you sure?" Zhai Sheng softened his tone since Zhai Hua had changed her attitude toward him.

One must be humble if one had a favor to ask of others.

Zhai Hua used to adopt a bossy attitude with Zhai Sheng. He was not Qiao Nan. He was not willing to accede to her request or go along with her attitude. He did not have to do this. It should be the man from the other family who had to take this attitude of Zhai Hua.

"I am sure."

"It's impossible for him to work under me. But you said that what he lacks is an opportunity. I can do something about this. Today, I received an order from the higher-ups. The mission is very dangerous. If your boyfriend is capable, this will be a great chance for him. But don't try to be individualistic and hog the credit. In the army, what matters most is teamwork. Do you understand? If the mission fails because of him, and his comrades are implicated, I do not have to remind you what the consequences are. I am sure you know there will be no place for him in the army. On the contrary, if he really has the ability, I will not stand in his way. Instead, I will be willing to go easy on him such that he can be promoted."

But what mattered most was that Wei De must have the capability and he could not make any mistakes.

If Wei De was able to do that, Zhai Sheng would be able to push for his promotion.

As for other matters, Zhai Sheng was not willing to give him any leeway.

"What is the mission?"


"Investigate drug smuggling…" Zhai Hua turned pale. She understood right away how dangerous the mission was.

"That's right. Both of you can discuss if you want this opportunity or not. But you have to remember, this is the first and the last time. You must keep your promise to me until the end." If not for Qiao Nan, Zhai Sheng would not have given Zhai Hua a single chance. He had even thought of finding out who Wei De was and kick him out of the army.

Zhai Hua sniffed. "Alright, I will discuss it with him."

"Okay." Zhai Sheng gave a faint reply. Afterward, he saw Zhai Hua left the house in her car.

There was no doubt that Zhai Hua was on her way to meet the man to have a face-to-face discussion.

If Zhai Hua used the phone at home to make the call and was overheard by someone, Zhai Hua and Wei De would lose the tiniest chance that Zhai Sheng was willing to give them.

Zhai Sheng called Qiao Nan after Zhai Hua left. "Nan Nan, if Zhai Hua bullies you again in the future, you have to tell me. I will make sure she behaves herself."

Qiao Nan remained silent for a while. "What makes you so certain? She is your sister." Was he not worried that he would cause trouble at home?

"Don't worry, she owes you."

"Brother Zhai, did you agree to her request?" And on account of her?

"Not really."

"What do you mean? Make yourself clear. If not, Sister Zhai Hua may be able to be with her boyfriend, but both of us will have to go separate ways. I don't like what you are doing." Qiao Nan was unhappy.

Back when her family was in serious arguments, she did not wish for her father to divorce her mother for her sake.

Similarly, she did not wish for Zhai Sheng to go against his principles for her sake and to help Zhai Hua's boyfriend get in through the back door.

Zhai Sheng, who was vexed, felt much better upon hearing Qiao Nan's words. "People of the same family will have similar views and thoughts. Nan Nan, you are destined to be mine." The only thing that Zhai Hua was right about today was that he and Nan Nan had telepathy.

"Don't worry. Things aren't what you thought to be. Her boyfriend wants to work under me. But I won't allow it. My men are disciplined, capable, and with high caliber. They obey orders well. Everyone is used to working and cooperating with one another in the team. Unless I need manpower or the person is very capable, I will not take in another person. Bringing a newcomer with me will only increase the difficulty of completing our task. I will give Zhai Hua the opportunity that she wants. However, it is up to them if they can utilize it or not."

The people under Zhai Sheng cooperated well with one another. If Wei De joined their team, there was simply no room for him.

It would be a great help to the team if he watched on by the side and did not hinder the team from carrying out their mission.

However, Zhai Sheng would not agree to it if Wei De's aim was to take the credit of others without contributing at all. Even if Zhai Yaohui or Old Master Zhai made the requests, he would refuse as well, let alone Zhai Hua.

"That's good." Qiao Nan sighed with relief. "Brother Zhai, when Sister Zhai Hua came looking for me just now, it was inconvenient for me to probe, and I had to reject her request. What is going on with her boyfriend?" She felt something amiss.

Zhai Sheng could not keep it a secret from Qiao Nan. He told Qiao Nan about their situation. Qiao Nan felt funny and annoyed after hearing it. "He is an ugly duckling man. He has been dating Sister Zhai Hua for a long time. Not to mention knowing Sister Zhai Hua, even without knowing her, as a man, doesn't he have any career aspirations? How could it be possible that he has been in the army for seven to eight years but doesn't have any achievements?"



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