In this way, Wei De was being pinned down by Qiao Nan, and in the future, he would end up in an inferior position before her.

This was what Wei De feared the most.

She came from a humble background, was young, and was without any influence or power. However, he had to put aside his pride in front of her. This was a hard blow to Wei De, who had high self-esteem.

However, at this time, he had no other choice but to beg Qiao Nan for help. Zhai Hua had told him that she was Zhai Sheng's Achilles' heel.

Unless Wei De did not want to follow in Zhai Sheng's footsteps, he had to swallow his pride in front of Qiao Nan—at least for the time being.

"So serious?" Qiao Nan pretended not to understand. "You are a soldier in the army, while I am an ordinary high school student. What is it that only I can help you with?"

"Yes, you are the only one who can help me," Wei De said with great certainty. Since he had already swallowed his pride, he must make it worthwhile. "I have told you about my situation with Hua Hua. Regiment Commander Zhai does not seem to approve of it."

Qiao Nan almost spat her tea. "Is it? Why do I feel that Brother Zhai does not object to it as well?"

Seeing that Wei De was about to say something, Qiao Nan quickly raised her hand to stop him. "You have said your situation just now. I remembered. Yes, our situations are slightly similar. Compared with the siblings in the Zhai family, we are too ordinary. If it is just this, you can rest assured that I will help with whatever I can. I also hope that Sister Zhai Hua will be happy. I will try my best to remind Brother Zhai not to judge someone based on their family background. I think he can do it. Otherwise, I will not be here today."

"It's not just this problem." Wei De's face turned red and he looked so uncomfortable that it was painful to look at. "Hua Hua feels that it will be better for us if we are together after I am promoted to company commander. It's just that there are so many people in the army. I may not get the promotion. If possible, can you… say a few good words for me in front of Regiment Commander Zhai?"

"Are you sure that it's Sister Zhai Hua who said that? I seem to have heard something different." Qiao Nan pulled down the corners of her lips, her expression turning cold. "Comrade Wei, you should know my situation at the Zhai family. Is it good for you to tell me this? Who says that you can only talk about marriage after you are promoted to company commander? I heard another version previously. As for your so-called putting in good words, I have tried and hence you are given a chance now."

However, Wei De might have felt that the mission was too difficult and dangerous, so he was not willing to take the risk in order to gain military achievements. He wanted to benefit from the hard work of other people and had planned the easy route for himself.

Wei De never imagined that Qiao Nan would know what was going on between Zhai Hua and him.

Qiao Nan exposed his lies outright, not giving any respect to his feelings.

Wei De, who was caught lying, flushed red in embarrassment. He could not bring himself to say anything.

After a while, Wei De revealed a distorted smile. "I am sorry to have wasted so much of your time today. I have to say that there is one thing that I am right today. You are indeed capable."

He had kept his relationship with Zhai Hua a secret, but Qiao Nan knew everything about them. He could not say anything that was helpful to his situation and he had become a laughingstock in front of Qiao Nan.

"Thank you for your compliments." Qiao Nan accepted Wei De's 'praise' unabashedly. "If I did not have the ability, I would not be able to go to the army camp to teach English. It's a pity that you addressed me as 'Teacher Xiao Qiao', but I don't deserve it. I have not taught you before."

Fortunately, Shi Qing had told Qiao Nan about Wei De's situation and made it clear that he never attended her class as he only went to Qiu Chenxi's class.

"Of course not. There is nothing to be undeserving of. No matter what, I have been to two of your lessons." Although these two lessons were not useful to him at all.

Qiao Nan put down the cup of tea. "I see, then it seems that I can still accept being addressed as a teacher by you. Comrade Wei, is there anything else?"

"No, I am sorry to disturb you for so long." Wei De stood up. He no longer wished to humiliate himself in front of Qiao Nan. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, you are indeed very awesome."

"That's too flattering." Qiao Nan smiled modestly. "I am not awesome. It's just that some people are used to judging people by their looks. There has to be a comparison to know whether one is awesome or not. Perhaps I am lucky and I have yet to encounter someone better than me. But there will always be people who are better than oneself. I will run into them sooner or later."

"Is that so?" Wei De sneered. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, it's getting late. I will not disturb you any further. Goodbye. I believe if there's fate, we will meet again."

Even without Qiao Nan's help, he would marry Zhai Hua and become the son-in-law of the Zhai family. By then, Qiao Nan would have to address him as 'brother-in-law'.

"I hope so." Qiao Nan took her belongings and went to the doorway, leaving some money for her own cup of tea.

When Wei De came out to pay for the tea, he was given a strange stare by the salesperson. Wei De turned green with anger when he realized that Qiao Nan had paid for half of the bill.

He might not be willing to spend his hard-earned money on Qiao Nan, who was vain, selfish, and vicious, but no matter how poor he was, he could afford to treat her to tea.

Qiao Nan did it on purpose. She wanted to embarrass him in public so that he would beat a retreat in the face of difficulties and give up on Zhai Hua.

He had schemed against Qiao Nan, but now, she gave him a taste of his own medicine. Wei De had a sullen expression on his face. He could not believe that the tables were turned on him.

However, he would not give up. He would like to know which of them would have the last laugh.

As long as he had the opportunity, he would use every means to stop such a useless person like Qiao Nan from marrying Zhai Sheng. He feared that she might bring bad influences to the Zhai family, and in turn, affect his future.

Qiao Nan was useless, yet she dared to look down on him. Wei De had a burning need to be promoted to company commander and to marry Zhai Hua.

"Qiao Nan, where have you been?" Qiao Nan had just reached her house when Shi Qing shouted out loud. She had been waiting for Qiao Nan and saw her right away from a distance.

"Let's get inside the house first." Qiao Nan opened the door. She cleaned the vegetables that she bought today while she talked to Shi Qing. "Today, I met Sister Zhai Hua's boyfriend."

"Where did you see him?!" He should be busy in the army.

"In Ping Cheng. He came to Ping Cheng today to have a 'good talk' with me."

Shi Qing widened her eyes and grabbed Qiao Nan's hands. "You… you did not agree to meet him, did you?"



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