It was from the recent talk with Zhai Hua that he discovered that Chief Zhai knew that Qiao Nan was Zhai Sheng's girlfriend but did not do anything about it.

Back then, Wei De felt that Chief Zhai must be crazy to accept Qiao Nan, who came from a humble background, instead of people like Qiu Chenxi as his daughter-in-law.

Even if the Zhai family had the power and influence now, they would eventually be outshone by other more influential families if they did not build on what they had.

As long as he had the opportunity in the future, he would never allow his children to do such things.

"Is it?" Qiao Nan chuckled. She did not take Wei De's words seriously. "I am alone by myself, so it's inconvenient. If you have anything to say, just say it now. Of course, if you don't know the way to the Zhai family's residence, I can show you the way."

If Wei De really had something to say, he should not look for her but the Zhai family instead.

"Well, even if I can't enter your house, can we change a place to talk? It isn't convenient here." Wei De was quite particular, but his excuse was useless before Qiao Nan.

It was the start of 2000. There were not many shops like cafes or dessert shops, but at least, there were tea houses where the elderly would chat with each other. The two of them could sit down and have a good chat at a tea house.

"Alright, what's the matter? Just say what you are here for." Qiao Nan could not help but ask as soon as she sat down in the tea house.

She had to clean the vegetables that she just bought. Otherwise, they would not be fresh anymore.

Wei De, who seemed to be cheerful just now, looked grim and somber as if he was holding himself back. There was a chilling look about him. "First of all, congratulations to you. I heard from Hua Hua that your efforts have finally paid off. You are one step to success."

He meant that her only obstacle was Miao Jing.

"Thank you." Compared with Wei De, Qiao Nan did not deny that it was indeed the case.

Wei De smiled bitterly. "Compared to you, I am too far off. Ever since I started to date Hua Hua, I've been under a lot of pressure. I really like Hua Hua, and I want to give her happiness, and for her to be proud of me. I want to prove to everyone that Hua Hua has made the right decision to be with me. Unfortunately, I may have aspirations, but the reality is otherwise. It's a tough path. I don't know whether I will be able to persevere until the end."

Qiao Nan's face was filled with confusion. She stared at Wei De, puzzled by his words.

She was not a counselor. Was Wei De pouring out his grievances to her?

"I envy you. At least, you have made it through the tough times. Hua Hua has told me about you. She likes you very much and feels that your temperament is very good. You are just like her younger sister. As long as Regiment Commander Zhai and Hua Hua are on your side, and with Chief Zhai's tacit approval, your last obstacle will no longer be an obstacle. You will make it through." Wei De frowned, as if he was deeply troubled by matters of the heart.

Other women would deeply sympathize with Wei De's situation, but Qiao Nan turned serious at his words.

However, Wei De was happy at her reaction.

Sure enough, he and 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' belonged to the same type of people. Other people might not understand his words, but 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' understood what he meant.

Qiao Nan did not miss the flicker of smugness in Wei De's eyes. She pursed her cherry lips in displeasure. "I believe that faith will move mountains. I don't know how much Sister Zhai Hua has told you, but in fact, I have a good relationship with Auntie Miao. I've been working hard for the past two years. Brother Zhai feels that if he is to tell everyone that I am his girlfriend, Auntie Miao may not accept me right away, but she will not be averse toward me. You may not know. Auntie Miao comes to my house often, especially during the weekends. She likes to visit my house to chat with me. Compared with Brother Zhai, Auntie Miao spends more time having meals at my house. If not for Chief Zhai stopping her, Auntie Miao would treat my house as her second home. It is just that my house is too small. Otherwise, Auntie Miao would sleep over often. She has slept over in the past."

Wei De's hands which were holding a teacup shook slightly, spilling some of the tea. "Is, is that so?" Why did Hua Hua not bring this up to him?

He always thought that Chief Zhai knew of Qiao Nan's existence, but he did not object or agree to their relationship, whereas Madam Zhai was strongly against their relationship, feeling that Regiment Commander Zhai should not be with a lady of humble background. In fact, she even arranged a blind date for Regiment Commander Zhai.

Wei De had thought that Zhai Yaohui was too muddleheaded and that Miao Jing was the only one in the Zhai family who was rational and smart.

After listening to what Qiao Nan said, Wei De no longer felt that way.

Everyone was as muddleheaded as Chief Zhai!

Now that Miao Jing was on good terms with Qiao Nan, Wei De no longer posed any threat to Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan did not need to form an alliance with Zhai Hua to gain her approval. She had already established a good relationship with Miao Jing based on her own hard work.

If Qiao Nan needed Zhai Hua's help, it would mean that she needed Wei De's approval as well.

Wei De was planning to form an alliance with Qiao Nan.

However, Qiao Nan had no need for that, and the alliance that Wei De had been thinking of could no longer be formed.

Qiao Nan took a sip of her black tea. It did not taste good but it had a distinctive taste. She sat there, waiting to see Wei De's response.

Wei De looked annoyed and beads of perspiration broke out on his forehead. Qiao Nan put down the teacup. "Comrade Wei, may I ask if there's anything else? It's not early. I have to go back to prepare meals for my family."

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, it is not easy to lead a life in this harsh society. It is even more difficult to be with Hua Hua. Other people may not understand my pain and difficulties, but surely you can understand. Can I ask a favor from you?" Wei De, who was perspiring profusely, held on to the teacup, feeling uneasy. He hoped it would dispel the chill that he felt in his palms.

"You can say your request, but I may not be able to help." Seeing that Wei De was all tensed up, Qiao Nan calmed down. Wei De no longer had any advantage over her.

Wei De tightened his grip on the teacup, almost breaking it into pieces.

He had underestimated 'Teacher Xiao Qiao'. For her to be able to stay in the army for a month, earn the respect of others in the army, and to be addressed as 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' by them, she was clearly a capable woman. She was able to be in a relationship with Regiment Commander Zhai and receive the implied consent of Chief Zhai. No matter how young she was, she was no ordinary person!

Wei De took a few deep breaths and suppressed the injustice and anger that he felt. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, I hope that you can help me. Now, you are the only person who can help me."

Wei De no longer had any advantage over Qiao Nan. He could only beg for her help. It was no longer as what he envisioned—to form an alliance and to gain mutual benefits.



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